Filming Of Gapdongi BTS (8)

Sang Hyun with Kim Ji Won and Lee Jun filming at a cafe in Songdo last Sunday and Wednesday.
The scene in episode 2 with Lee Jun at the cafe counter serving Lee Min Jung and giving her a stamped card was also shot at this outlet.
cafe tiamoSang Hyun with the cafe staff

cafe tiamo2

cafe tiamo3

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Gapdongi Episode 2

While the confrontation scene between Mu Yeom and Yang Cheol Gon was what stood out for me in episode 1, it was Mu Yeom’s re-enactment of the murder scene which got to me in episode 2.  Though this may be the first time I see Sang Hyun acting out as a cold blooded killer but that ruthless look on his face in that scene gave me the chills. 




snowman5Finding that cake box confirms his suspicion that history is repeating itself with the present killer.
Re-enactment of the murder in his mind …..

re-enactment 2


re-enactment 3

re-enactment 4


Once again Mu Yeom demonstrates his Bruce Lee’s move as he prepares to do battle with Yang Cheol Gon.
More sketches by Mathilda of Mu Yeom and the killer in her webtoon Path of the Beast ….





And the cliffhanger when Mu Yeom was knocked unconscious by Ryu Tae Oh at the telephone booth.

ep 2

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Gapdongi Episodes 3 & 4 Postponed

Due to the tragic accident of the Sewol ferry in South Korea on the 16th, CJnDrama has announced that Episode 3 and 4 for Gapdongi will not be aired this weekend. 
We are deeply saddened over the still unknown fate of the many school children and the loss of lives.
Our prayers are with them and their loved ones at this difficult time.
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Gapdongi Episode 1

Some memorable scenes from episode 1 which lingers in my mind …….
The first meeting between Mu Yeom and Oh Maria which gives a sense of intimacy and tension.

prison 2 prison 3 prison 4 prison 4a prison 5 prison 6 prison 7

The confrontation between Mu Yeom and Yang Cheol Gon with its intense and palpable animosity between them.  I like how Mu Yeom channeled his anger, from almost hitting the man in the face to grabbing his hand and claiming that finger as his.
stn stn2b stn4 stn5 stn6 stn7 stn8b
The roof top scene with its sense of danger and yet made us smile with Mu Yeom’s cute imitation of Bruce Lee.  I hope they used safety wire for this dangerous scene.

rooftop3 rooftop5 rooftop7 rooftop7a rooftop8rooftop rooftop9a rooftop11 rooftop10 rooftop11-1 rooftop11b rooftop12a rooftop13a rooftop14a rooftop15a

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Sang Hyun’s Pledge

pledge 3
On the premiere of Gapdongi on 11th April, Sang Hyun had made a pledge of 50 kisses for fans at Hongdae should the drama ratings achieve 5%.  I’m not sure whether he meant the ratings for the first episode or average for the whole drama.  
I finally managed to watch the clip in which Sang Hyun and the other casts made their pledges.  It’s only available on the mobile ‘tvN go’ app but not on the PC.  To locate the clip on the app, please refer to pic below and click on the 2 circled links.  Scroll down for the clip with Lee Jun’s image.
tvN go 2
Sang Hyun seemed embarrassed when he mentioned the kisses and that made him so much more endearing. 

SH's pledge

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Sketches Of Mu Yeom

ep 3
ep 3-1Taken from the preview of episode 3, nice sketches of Mu Yeom by Mathilda.
ep 3-2
ep 1-7aFrom episode 1 when Mu Yeom was meditating in the temple and Mathilda sneaked a sketch.
sketch 1-2a

sketch 1-3b

sketch 1a

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Gapdongi BTS (7)

ep 1-1a
What a lovely smile
ep 1-2a
ep 1-3a
Absorbed with the script
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