2014 Yoon Sang Hyun Dinner Show

grand prince hotel
The December live event which was mentioned during the recent fan meeting in Yamanashi has been confirmed by MGBent Japan in an update today.  More details to be announced at a later date.
Event:  2014 Yoon Sang Hyun Dinner Show
Date:    14th December 2014 (Sun)
Venue: Tokyo Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa
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5 Siblings Of Deoksuri (Premiere)

Finally after almost a year since the filming of this movie had wrapped up last December, it’s release is scheduled on 4th December 2014.  This comedy thriller is about 5 siblings in the village of Deoksuri who are always fighting when they meet but come together to investigate their parent’s disappearance.  Since Sang Hyun had mentioned about the warmth of family in this movie, my guess is the siblings would finally reconcile with each other. 

deoksuri 5-1
deoksuri 5-2

Deoksuri 5-3
I thought it was mentioned in the earlier announcement that Chan Seong would be the main lead but as listed in this site, it seems both Sang Hyun and Song Sae Byeog are the lead actors while the the rest are supporting casts. That’s great. Looking forward to the movie.
Update from media news:

Among the 5 siblings, Su Kyo (Sang Hyun) is the eldest and his character is that of a disciplined but inflexible man. He is serious and respectful, unlike the humorous and lively characters in Sang Hyun’s previous roles. 2nd sibling Dong Su (Song Sae Byeog) is comparable to a gangster but is sensitive like a woman. 3rd sibling Hyun Jeong (I-Ai) is proud but has an innocent mind.  4th sibling is Su Guen (Chan Seong) and the youngest  Su Jeong (Kim Min Ji).
  Park Sun Gyeong (Lee Kwang Su) is a naive policeman.
A recap of their relationship:
Su Kyo & Su Geun ……. blood brothers (same parents)
Dong Su & Hyun Jeong ……  step siblings to the 2 brothers (through their parent’s re-marriage)
Su Jeong …….. their step sister and child of their re-married parents.
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Fan Meeting In Yamanashi 2014 (MGBent)

Sang Hyun at the fan meeting in Yamanashi on 19th October 2014.
Thanks to MGBent for the update.

mgb 1 mgb 2 mgb 3 mgb 4a mgb 5a

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Media Interview (Wstar News)

There had been a number of media articles on the recent BNT pictorial shoot which included an interview with Sang Hyun.  Though there were certain points which he had mentioned before such as his ideal partner and his idea on life, there are some parts which are new to me.  On his thoughts about marriage, I get the feeling he is serious about it and perhaps that day might not be too far away?
My translated version of the media article from the following link:

media interview

Now that Sang Hyun has reached his 40s, he has been doing a lot of thinking. Of course he has concerns about acting but he has increased worries about how to live his life.  Since he started hiking as a hobby, it has led him to think of how to live a better life. Climbing a mountain has changed his view of life and the idea is to live a meaningful life. There has been much mention of marriage around him and since he’s growing older, he has to also think of managing his home.
How Sang Hyun the actor sees himself as an ordinary person.
Actually I’m just mediocre. I do not wish to have a gorgeous and great external packaging, not even naturally. I am saving up money for marriage and I live alone, but most parents would regard me as an ordinary person.
How is Sang Hyun’s normal life?
Sincerity is important to me. I like the challenge when I want something that moves me. Life is like flowing water. I’m moving forward to achieve my goals and commitment. I think direction is more important than speed. Rather than advancing quickly, it is important to move in the right direction. Whether in acting or living life, I would like to live a simple life on gentle flowing waves rather than on a high wave.
The wonder he feels about his fellow artistes.
I do not have many celebrity friends. Many of my friends are from childhood.  It just feels like my colleagues are celebrities. Though I am an artiste too, my colleagues seem amazing. During the shooting of ‘Queen of Housewives’, I was surprised when I first saw Oh Ji Ho. Very handsome. Though Tae Bong received a lot of interest, to me Oh Ji Ho is a wonderful actor.

I have worked with Lee Jong Suk twice and he’s been a star for a period of 2 years. Though I know him like a younger brother, conversation seems awkward. Lee Bo Young too acts very well and is a thoughtful actress but I was puzzled when I was with her. During filming, they would be calling me ‘Oppa. Hyeong’ and it seems strange coming from a celebrity.
The public see Sang Hyun as a celebrity too. How were the several blind dates?
Only celebrities who know and look at my mediocrity would be disappointed. Hobbies of hiking, fishing and camping. Not many women would like to do these together with me. Not even those women who can do it.
What about living alone? It seems he has a wish to get married.
I have been living alone for several years but I’m still not used to it. At this age, living apart by myself makes me feel at ease but still it would be better for me to live with family. I have thought about marriage. I am also making preparation for marriage, saving money and making provision for a house.
What is your ideal?
A chubby person would be good. It would better if the person shares my hobbies too. Nowadays women are too skinny so there is no one close to my ideal.


About his role of Tae Bong
Some of my roles are similar to the cheerful character of Tae Bong. I believe there are people around me who have expressed concern that I continue to maintain a successful image. But if my work is interesting, I have confidence there would be no such concerns.
It is true that Sang Hyun’s bright and cheerful character were in a few more of his works. However with concerns that his acting would become bland, he had widened his spectrum of acting. His confidence is apparent and can be seen in the different genres. Rather than the past he looks forward to the time ahead. How does the future look like to him?
Which film gave him the deepest impression?
It was ‘Memories of Murder’ and especially senior Song Kang Ho’s acting which had left me with a deep impression. While watching senior Song Kang Ho’s acting, I had envisaged taking on the role of a detective. Since watching ‘Memories of Murder’, I had an interest in detective roles and this had been instrumental in putting my thoughts into action, hence ‘Gapdongi’.
Does he have any genre?
I would like to take on all genres, from comedy to dark melodramas. Taking on the challenges of comedy movies such as ‘Shaolin Soccer’ & dark movies like ‘Lust Caution’, not to mention detective roles in ‘Gapdongi’ & ‘Police Story’.
There are many actresses I would like to work with. I would like to act with Kim Nam Joo again. There were many memories of the shooting. I would also like to work with younger actresses who acts seriously, Shim Eun Kyung and Song Hye Gyo. A question was asked during the fan meeting in China as to which Chinese actress I would like to work with. My answer was Gong Li, my favourite Chinese actress.
On the movie which will be released during the 2nd half of the year
It is a human comedy movie which you can enjoy with the family. It was wrapped up at the end of last year after much hard work. About 2 years after Tone Deaf Clinic, I am able to make an appearance on screen. It was a film done together with Song Sae Byeog, Lee Kwang Su and Chan Seong. It’s laughter inducing just by looking at the cast combination of comic actors. The movie shows what happens when 5 siblings are caught up in events in the village of Deoksuri. It is a movie which gives a warm family feeling and it would be good for many to watch the movie together with family.
About the future
Because of my late debut, I was greedy and wanted to work continuously. In the past, I did not think of acting as a livelihood but now it’s not the case. I love being an actor and want to repay the public. Over time, the roles I am able to take on will change. But I will develop my acting and scope further, and master all my roles with good performance.
The kind of actor he would like to be and his ultimate goal
I want to be an actor who is consistent in acting well, to receive the respect of my juniors eventually and that my name as an actor will remain for a long time. My ultimate goal is to live a joyful life as I continue acting, not as the actor Yoon Sang Hyun but as Yoon Sang Hyun the person.


bnt 3

Dear Sang Hyun,
You are not mediocre.  To me and many others, you are unique and have your own special qualities that make you who you are.  You have a great voice and and your acting touches me.  Don’t ever think of yourself as any less because you are special in so many ways.
I hope you will achieve all that you’ve set your mind on, and that you will find that special lady who shares your ideals and loves you as you are.  May you both climb up that mountain of life and reach the peak together with your little ones.
My wish for you ……. to continue doing what you love, to find what you seek and live the kind of life that makes you happiest, whether as Sang Hyun the actor or Sang Hyun the person.  And always remember that you too are special and that we love you just the way you are. 
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Message On Weibo (24th October 2014)

weibo 24-10-2014
bnt 화보 찍었습니다. ^^
I did the BNT pictorial photo shoot ^ ^
Another new look for 2014.  When I first saw this series of photos, I was like ‘wow!’.  Love that intense don’t-mess-with-me look.  Sang Hyun looks great in this outfit which brings to mind the 50s.  He would make a very dashing figure from that era.
Dear PD-nim, does it give you an idea for the next drama? 
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BNT Pictorial (2)

More photos from the BNT fashion pictorial.

bnt bnt-1
bnt-1a bnt-2 bnt-4 bnt-5  bnt-7bnt-6 bnt-8
bnt-8abnt-9 bnt-10 bnt-11

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BNT Pictorial

Shooting for a pictorial ….. wow!

bnt 22bnt 18 bnt 16 bnt 17 bnt 1a bnt 3 bnt 4 bnt 2a bnt 6 bnt 5 bnt 21 bnt 20bnt 24 bnt 23 bnt 7 bnt 8 bnt 9 bnt 13a  bnt 10
bnt 14a

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