Cosmopolitan December Pictorial

Cosmo Dec 2
Another photo from the Cosmopolitan December pictorial.
Sang Hyun looks so different here.
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5 Siblings Of Deoksuri Trailer (8 mins)











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SBS Healing Camp (2)

healing camp 9The happy face of a man in love ……..

healing camp-5

Don’t miss Healing Camp tomorrow 24th @ 23:15 (KST)
To watch Live On Air requires login.
For those who might need help on how to watch on SBS or to register/login, please leave a comment.
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5 Siblings Of Deoksuri Trailer (7 mins)

More choice footage from the movie


4bThese cuties should be the 5th sibling Su Jung as she’s growing up.
4Having to keep the peace whether it’s at home or in school.
So Hyun Jung is a pole dancer.  No wonder I-Ai had pledged to do the pole dance if the movie achieves the target audience of 3 million.
Su Jung crying over the phone, saying Mum and Dad is very sick and to please hurry back.
Could mum and dad be faking their disappearance to bring the siblings together?






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SBS Healing Camp Preview

Preview of the coming episode of SBS Healing Camp broadcast on 24th November @ 11:15 pm.
With Sang Hyun, Kim Kwang Gyu, Joo Sang Wook and Baek Jong Wan.

healing camp-1
healing camp-2Question: Is there anyone you’ve met?
healing camp-3
Confesssion: Actually ……


Pics from the media of Sang Hyun taking selfies with Joo Sang Wook and Kim Kwang Gyu

healing camp 8 healing camp 7 healing camp 6

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SNL Parody Poster

SNL poster
A parody poster by SNL Korea on Sang Hyun and Maybee using the poster of Gapdong.
Sang Hyun will be appearing as host on the final episode of TVN Saturday Night Live Korea
on 29th November @ 9.50pm.
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Sang Hyun & Maybee

SH & MB 4
Updated photo of Maybee taken in March 2014
Sang Hyun’s bride-to-be is finally revealed and she’s none other than singer-song writer and radio DJ Maybee (Kim Eun Ji).  Not only is she beautiful but she’s talented and has a great voice too.  Would love to hear Sang Hyun and Maybee sing a duet together.
Sang Hyun’s agency MGBent has revealed that the couple first met through acquaintances in April and had started dating seriously in July.  Though the wedding date has yet to be determined, they are now making preparation for marriage next year.  The couple have also recently met up with both their parents.
Here are a couple of her MVs.
Maybee (메이비) – 못난이(ugly) 2007
메이비(MayBee)_잘 지내니(feat.넋업샨)_MV 2013
Related news:


Updated with more recent photos taken in 2014
Radio showcase
Maybee hosting a radio show in Yeouido in March 2014
June 2014
At the KBS quiz show ‘The 4 Musketeers’ in June 2014
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