Time For Play

Thanks to Sang Hyun’s buddy Seung Chul, we get to share in some of Sang Hyun’s personal moments.
A time for work and a time to play …….
Sang Hyun with one of his favorite toys, a remote control helicopter.
Thanks Seung Chul.

nsc 210714c

nsc 210714d

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Sang Hyun In Brazil (Showbiz Korea)

Showbiz Korea’s highlight on Sang Hyun’s visit to Brazil back in June.


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You Took My Heart Away

Song: You Took My Heart Away
Artiste: Michael Learns To Rock
My simple dedication to Mu Yeom, a character who remains close to my heart.
Images are from the various episodes of Gapdongi as well as from CJ E&M Drama photo gallery.
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Seoul International Drama Awards 2014

SDA popularity
Voting is now open for the the People’s Choice actors and actresses as well as Korean Drama OST at the above site.  Organized by Nate and Seoul International Drama Awards, the selection is for outstanding actors and actresses from among the dramas recommended by the various broadcasters such as KBS, MBC and SBS for their high export revenue.
Event:  Seoul International Drama Awards 2014
: People’s Choice Actors & Actresses & Korean Drama OST
Voting period: 14th July – 3rd August 2014
Award ceremony: 4th September 2014
Venue: Main Hall, National Theatre (Live broadcast on SBS)
Those who wish to vote are required to login at Nate and daily voting is limited to one vote per ID.  As the votes are automatically updated every 5 minutes, the vote results for each artiste will be constantly changing.  At time of writing, Sang Hyun (Gapdongi) is at number 20 with 2% votes.


SH @ 20

There was some confusion with some of the previous steps, which I have amended.
How to register @ Nate




nate 1a
Step 1)  Check box at top to auto check the remaining boxes for acceptance of terms of service and collection of personal information.  Click on orange button (consent) at bottom to continue.


nate 2bStep 2)  Create your Nate account.
User ID is case sensitive, with 6 – 40 characters which can be a mix of alphabets / numbers / special characters such as * # @ ? ^   Password cannot be similar to your ID or have more than 3 identical characters, and do not use any spacing.  When done, click on orange button at bottom right.


nate 3cStep 3)  Select email option for receiving the activation link for your Nate account.  The option at left is for activation link for mobile.  Fill in your email address and the given code.  If this code is unclear, click on the small box beside the sound icon to regenerate a new code.  Click on orange button to submit.  An activation link will be sent to your email.


nate 4c
Step 4)  You should get something like the above in your email.  The long link inside the box is your account activation link.  You can click on either this link or on the orange ‘Sign up complete’ button.  This will complete your registration.


Registration complete
You will then get this welcome page to confirm that your registration is completed.
Just close it and proceed to the voting page in step 5.


Step 5)  Go to login page for votingLogin with your userid@nate.com


logout 2
Step 6)  Voting is for 3 categories for People’s choice Actors, Actresses and Korean Drama OST.

You have to select 3 each for both actors and actresses and 1 for drama OST.  Click on the heart icons to vote. 
When voting is complete, you will be able to view positions for all candidates in the 3 categories by clicking the forward/backward button at bottom.  Logout button is as indicated at top of page.



Update 23rd July ……. Sang Hyun @ 8th place with 3.6%.
Double yay, he’s moving up.  Thanks everyone.
As percentage is calculated based on total votes for all artistes, it will not change much unless a large number of votes is received.  Please continue to vote, hope we can help to push Sang Hyun’s position further up.
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Here I Am – Remembering Oska

It was a pleasant surprise that Secret Garden was recently being broadcast every weekend over our local TV channel U.  I had missed some of the repeat episodes but managed to catch a few of them.  Oska is just as funny and adorable as ever.
What is even better is listening to him sing ‘Here I Am’ in episode 7 this evening.  A beautiful song which tugs at my heart all over again …… and made me realize how much I’ve missed listening to Sang Hyun’s wonderful voice.
SG ep 7 (1)
Ep 7  Here I am ….. 여기 here I am ….. 
SG ep 7 (2)
Ep 7  Reminiscing on happier times with Yeun Seul (Kim Sa Rang)

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Meeting Up With A Good Friend

12-07-2014 hangang
I’m not sure if Sang Hyun heard us but his buddy Seung Chul has just updated in his Facebook a photo of them taking a break by the Han river after riding their bikes and had also mentioned that they might go camping next week.  Though he’s in the shadows, it does look like Sang Hyun. 
Though this might not be his own update but at least we know he’s safely back home after his recent trip to Brazil.  Thanks Seung Chul ……. you are a good friend, hope you’ll both have a great time catching up with each other. 
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Chasecult Autograph Signing @ Incheon (4)

Lovely closeups of Sang Hyun at the Chasecult autograph signing event at Incheon on 21st June 2014.
From WithSangHyun Facebook

CC autograph 21-06-2014 (1)a

CC autograph 21-06-2014 (3)a

CC autograph 21-06-2014 (2)a

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