Saturday Night Live Korea (Episode 35)

Full episode of Saturday Night Live Korea, episode 35.
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Media Interview Photos (16th December 2014)

16-12-14 (1) 16-12-14 (4) 16-12-14 (3) 16-12-14 (5) 16-12-14 (6) 16-12-14 (2) 16-12-14 (7)a

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Guest Appearance In ‘Pinocchio’ (2)

Pinocchio  (2) Pinocchio  (3) Pinocchio  (1)

Sang Hyun’s gift of ‘midnight snack car’ for the entire staff and actors who had to endure the cold weather for the shooting of the drama ‘Pinocchio’.  He will be making a cameo appearance on the 12th episode which will be broadcast on SBS this Thursday 18th December at 22:00 KST.  Filming was carried out on the 15th.
I like him with these glasses.
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2014 White Dinner Show (2)

white dinner show (keiko)
Grand Prince Hotel New Tanakawa banquet hall in Tokyo
Pic from Keiko
White Dinner Show on 14th December 2014
Contents of event and some pics are taken from Chocolatier’s blog:
List of 17 songs highlighted in purple.
Just wanted to say thank you to some of the Japanese fans such as Chocolatier who always make a special effort to share their experiences at Sang Hyun’s events. This Dinner Show held last Sunday seems to have been a very emotional one due to the recent unexpected announcements which had surprised many and had unfortunately led to much cancellation for participation.
As I read through Chocolatier’s account, it left me in tears and with a heavy heart.  It was as if I too were in the audience, looking at Sang Hyun up there on stage
There must have been about 500 people present as there were 50 round tables with 10 seats each. Dinner was served prior to the concert which began at around 18:30.  The first song was Christmas Eve and as Sang Hyun was singing, his eyes gradually filled with tears. Then hesitantly, he began to speak.
Sang Hyun: This time as I was making my preparation in Korea, it was with the thought of returning to first principles. A significant amount of time had passed since the first live performance in Japan and with age, it becomes difficult to sing and act …. a dream ….. even when I thought I was dreaming, maybe I did not have to give up ……
And suddenly, a lot of tears were flowing from Sang Hyun’s eyes. He was unable to speak as he tried hard to hold back the tears. After regaining his composure, he continued.
Sang Hyun: Truthfully I’m very nervous to be up on stage and worried to be standing here before you.
In Korea, while preparing for the show and the thought that I was wrong, I feel you have reminded me what is the way to go from now. So in future, I will not give up that dream or my passion for singing and will work hard and put in my best efforts.
Warm applause followed as he finished speaking. Singing resumed with 3 songs in succession ….. Oath, Constellation of Tears & Romance. He then tried to lighten the mood by making some jokes.
Sang Hyun: I have never sung continuously like this, so it’s a bit tough. But today, like the time when I had started singing, I have selected a conservative suit to return to first principles. So far, I would use a throat spray after a song has ended and wear flashy costumes. But I think it’s slightly different this time and will show you an appearance with a clean singing style. (laughs)
White dinner show (2)
Following 2 songs ……
7 In The Morning
Sang Hyun: Recently I have not been hiking. I love hiking, but the left knee felt painful when descending from the mountains. I went to hospital and it was found to be worn out cartilage. I don’t know when it started. When I stand up and sing, I feel pain in the knees. I do not go hiking now but cycling at Hangang. Today I’m going to show off a dance and for that reason, I’m sitting and singing (laughs)
As Seung Chul is having a performance in Korea, he was unable to come together with Sang Hyun.
Next 4 Korean songs were sung consecutively:
지난 날 (Bygone Days) – original by 유재하 (Yu Jae Ha)
물어본다 (Ask) – original by 이승환 (Lee Seung Hwan)
Back To The Real Life – original by 윤상 (Yun Sang)
사랑했어셔 (Sarang Haess-eosyeo) – OST from Princess Lulu, sung by Sang Hyun when he was with X5
Followed by In This Wide World.
Sang Hyun: The first time I sang in Japan was at Shibuya Box in 2009. Whatever the songs I had sung,
I finally had that opportunity to sing in front of you. Day to day I could feel the happiness when I was singing. Even when I sang several songs in succession, I did not feel the fatigue.
In that way, when I’m on the stage in Japan and being able to sing in front of many fans, I am able to find my strength and weakness. So for me who had never sang in Korea, every fan who comes to the event in Japan is a very important presence.
Each one of the fans in Japan who cheers with a smile, gives me the energy which is entirely different from what I get when I’m practicing in Korea. And when I’m singing on stage, I can rediscover the meaning of singing. All the fans in Japan are like sisters and being with friends. It is a source of energy and I can feel it all over again. Thus from now, I would like to do my best to sing in front of you.
Next 2 songs …..
Mimicry – original by Mr Children
Last Rain
Sang Hyun: I use abdominal breathing when I sing, but excuse me as I’ve gained weight recently and the pants are small (laughs). So far I’ve gone hiking 5 times a week and even though the amount eaten does not change, I gained weight. And because the pants were not so small originally, the stomach is sore (laughs).
Last few songs …
그게 나야 (That’s me)original by Kim Dong Ryul (김동률)
And for the encore ….. Liar & Summer Story of 2 People
For Liar, Sang Hyun surprised everyone by re-appearing in shorts with flashy tee and the Afro wig and danced as he sang. That must have been fun to watch.
White dinner show (6)
Finally the event ended at around 20:30, after around 2 hours and they had the 2 shot photos in the lobby. Sang Hyun’s parting words: Let’s meet again in summer next year. And promised to brush up on his Japanese.


white dinner show (8)a

white dinner show (10)a

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Special Guest Appearance On ‘Pinocchio’

As reported in the media today, Sang Hyun will be making a guest appearance on the drama ‘Pinocchio’ with shooting carried out this afternoon.  This drama which stars Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye and directed by Jo Soo Won, is currently shown on SBS every Wednesday and Thursday.  Looks like a mini reunion from ‘I Hear Your Voice’.
Sang Hyun is going to make a guest appearance as Lawyer Cha Kwan Woo?  That’s interesting. I also see Lee Bo Young and Kim Min Jung mentioned in the cameo appearances. 
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That’s Me …..

Thanks to Eri’s account of the White Dinner Show, it seems this is one of the Korean songs which Sang Hyun had sung at the event and at one point, she had noticed that he had tears in his eyes …… which brings a lump to my throat.  It must have been difficult.  I feel as if I can visualize that moment.
For more pics of the venue:
그게 나야 (That’s me) by Kim Dong Ryul
If the english subs are not visible, click on the subtitle icon (4th from bottom right corner) at the bottom bar.

그게 나야

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White Dinner Show (14th December 2014)

Sang Hyun at the White Dinner Show held earlier this afternoon at Grand Prince Hotel New Tanakawa in Tokyo.

White dinner show (1) White dinner show (2)
White dinner show (6) White dinner show (3)

White dinner show (4) White dinner show (5)

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