New Family Member

27th August 2014
새로운 가족이 된 만석이와 함께^^ 귀엽죠?

With the new family member Man Seok  ^ ^
Cute right?
Sang Hyun’s new pet?
Not sure about the breed but it resembles a black & white border collie or black & white Australian Shepherd.
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Remembering Oska (Final Episode)

Though Secret Garden may be a re-watch on our local TV channel, I’m enjoying it just as much.  After having watched a tough Ha Mu Yeom on Gapdongi, it’s nice to meet the adorable Oska again.  And he still makes me laugh.  Couldn’t wait for the final episode next week so I re-watched it from the clips. 
 Feeling happy to be appointed as representative for the Stop Smoking campaign.
How handsome he looks in that smart suit.

ep 19 (1)

ep 19 (2)

ep 19 (3)

Pairing a bow tie with a leopard print bath robe …… Oska’s unique fashion sense which looks great on him.
Presenting Yoon Seul with his appetizer chestnut before he pops the question with the real thing.
ep 20-5
ep 20-6
And the answer is of course ….. yes, yes, yes !!
Singing Parabonda and Constellation of Tears at his concert.
Wonderful to listen to Sang Hyun singing these songs again ……. I have missed his singing. 

ep 20-1

ep 20-2

ep 20-3

ep 20-4

Constellation of Tears (눈물자리)
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Message On Weibo (4)

weibo 25-08-2014
This photo is inverted here as Sang Hyun’s selfies are usually saved in reverse.
25th August 2014
삼림욕으로 피톤치드 효과 느끼며 에너지 충전 했어요^^
The feeling of being charged with energy from the phytoncide effects of forest bathing ^ ^

Forest bathing or taking a walk through the forest is a well known health practice in Japan.  It is believed that the forest scents have a healing effect as the essential wood oils (phytoncides) emitted by the plants enhances the immume system.  In other words, it’s natural aromatherapy.  As Sang Hyun loves nature, it’s not surprising that he follows in this practice too.
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Ice Bucket Challenge

Ice bucket challenge 2
The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to promote awareness of the motor neuron disease Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis and to raise donations for its research has gone viral and has been spreading very quickly.  The challenge is to be filmed being drenched with a bucket of icy water and then pass on the challenge to 3 other nominees who have 24 hours to comply or else make a charitable financial donation.
We had actually been hoping that someone would issue the challenge to Sang Hyun.  Thanks to Kim Min Jung who had her icy drenching today and her nomination of both PD Jo Su Won and Sang Hyun, we hope to see Sang Hyun with his ice bucket soon. 
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Autograph Signing Event In Shanghai (3)

ZC poster 1
Great news for our foreign fans who might have difficulty figuring out how to participate in next Saturday’s autograph signing event in Shanghai.  You can now send an email directly to to find out about the registration details for participation tickets. 
Deadline is 25th August @ 18:00 which is tomorrow!  So hurry, there is still time.
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Remembering Oska (Episode 17 & 18)

Secret Garden on the local Channel U.  With 2 episodes shown per weekend, it will be ending next week.
A couple of favorite scenes taken from the clips instead of the screen.
ep 17bOska taking a nap as his cousin Joo Won looks at him with sadness, with the thought that this would probably be their last time together. 
ep 18
Oska in tears as he stands over a comatose Ra Im (with Joo Won’s soul) and berates his cousin for sacrificing himself.
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2014 Birthday Fan Meeting Tour

bday 2014
Details of the birthday fan meeting tour are out and application is now open for the lucky fans who are able to participate.  Sang Hyun looks great in this photo ……. with his cheerful smile, one can’t help but be moved.  Happy are those who can look forward to sharing this special occasion with Sang Hyun. 
Our thoughts will be with you too.  Hope you will have a wonderful birthday …..
Tour dates:  20th – 22nd September 2014
Birthday fan meeting: 21st September
Venue: Seoul
(Location & time to be determined)
* Personal photo with Sang Hyun
* Handshake
* 3 souvenir items
* Dinner at the hotel (on day of fan meeting)
* Fan meeting at hotel venue
Special event ….. 10 members will be selected by lottery to meet Sang Hyun in the dressing room.
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