Return To Seoul

I had expected that Sang Hyun would be staying on in Shanghai for a couple of days to visit the place but he has already flown back to Seoul on 31st August.  Thanks again to some of the fans who shared their photos of him at the airport.

shanghai 1

shanghai 2

shanghai 3

shanghai 4

shanghai 5

shanghai 6

shanghai 7


Shanghai 8 Shanghai 9 Shanghai 10


Shanghai 11 Shanghai 12 Shanghai 13 Shanghai 14


Shanghai 15


gimpo 31-08-2014
Sang Hun arriving at Gimpo

Welcome home ……

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Message On Weibo (6)

weibo 310814
Updated 31-08-2014
6시 비행기로 한국으로 돌아갑니다! 헤어질 생각을 하니 아쉽고 보고싶을거에요…
니하오! 중국팬분들 덕분에 좋은 시간보내고 갑니다. 다음에 또 빨리뵙길 바랍니다…^^
Returning to Korea on the 6 o’clock flight.
(Unsure of the 2nd sentence which seems to be about the thought of separation
which will make him miss them).
Hello! I had a good time, thanks to the Chinese fans.
Hope to see you again soon next time …. ^ ^
The panda and Astro Boy ……. farewell gifts from fans or souvenirs he got for himself?
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Autograph Signing @ Shanghai BenQ Plaza (Interview)


In an interview during the autograph signing event in Shanghai, Sang Hyun says he has an interest in Chinese period dramas and should he get a chance to act in one, he would like to take on the role of Justice Bao.  The Chinese actress he would like to work with is Gong Li.
We have yet to see Sang Hyun in a Korean period drama though we can imagine how he would look like as a king from the Busan Milk CF.  Can we imagine him as Justice Bao, the legendary official in China’s Song Dynasty and the Chinese symbol of justice? Though I’m not very familiar with Justice Bao, I can remember him as the fierce black face judge. It seems his black face and crescent shape scar on his forehead is used as a symbol of impartially and uprightness of a Chinese official.
I couldn’t help smiling at his attempt with a greeting in Chinese in the first clip “How are you, do you love me?” which carried his Korean accent.
gongli justice bao
Chinese actress Gong Li in ‘Curse of the Golden Flower’ (2006) and Chinese actor Jin Chaoqun in Justice Bao (2008)
busan milk
King Sang Hyun
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Autograph Signing @ Shanghai BenQ Plaza (2)

More beautiful pics at the autograph signing event in Shanghai. According to a post by one of the staff, there were more than 300 fans and the event lasted about 2 hours.  Even if it might have been brief, it would surely have been a memorable moment for each of them to meet him up close, get his autograph and take a photo together ……. and who could forget that wonderful smile?
ZC 16
ZC 17
ZC 18
ZC 19
Love this pic, such a cute smile
ZC 20
ZC 21
ZC 22
ZC 23
ZC 24
ZC 25
ZC 26
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Autograph Signing @ Shanghai BenQ Plaza

Many thanks to all who updated on the autograph signing event held at BenQ mall on 30th August and for sharing them with those who couldn’t be there.
Early morning shooting of Zoo Coffee CF with the Bund in the background.
ZC CF 300814

ZC CF 300814b
Thanks to Tinyfrog from Baidu @
1st bouquet from fans of Hong Kong, Taiwan & Thailand

2nd bouquet from Baidu
3rd bouquet is ours from Singapore
From Anna from Baidu @
From Anna from Baidu @
From Anna from Baidu @
weibo 300814
Updated on Sang Hyun’s Weibo
기분 좋은 만남과 행복한 추억을 만들었어요~ 보내주신 사랑과 뜨거운 응원 감사합니다^^
Pleasant meeting and happy memories made.
Thank you for sending your love and warm support ^ ^

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Message On Weibo (5)

weibo 300814
Update 30-08-2014
멋진 와이탄을 배경으로 ‘주커피’ 광고 촬영 했어요!
The ‘Zoo Coffee’ ad was shot with the nice background of the Bund!

The Bund is the waterfront area in central Shanghai and one of its famous tourists destination.

The autograph signing  event is just a few hours away!
Looking forward to more updates and photos of today’s event.
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Sang Hyun’s Trip To Shanghai

Sang Hyun has arrived in Shanghai for tomorrow’s autograph signing event at BenQ Mall.  Thanks to those who updated some pics of him at both Gimpo and Shanghai’s Hongqiao Airport.  Judging from the time of the updates, he had taken a late afternoon flight, arriving in Shanghai at around 19:00.


gimpo 29-08-2014
Updated @ 15:07  29-08-2014
Sang Hyun at Gimpo Airport playing with a toy dog which belongs to the lady who updated this photo.  She’s probably a staff who is also making the trip to Shanghai with him as she mentions the autograph signing event. 


weibo 29-08-2014
Updated on Sang Hyun’s Weibo @ 18:49  29-08-2014
저 중국 도착했어요^^
I have arrived in China ^ ^
Sang Hyun arriving at Shanghai’s Hongqiao Airport.
Updated @ 19:00  29-08-2014
The fan who posted these photos had wanted to record a video but unfortunately had forgotten to press the start switch.  She was upset that she had missed the opportunity.  But someone in her group managed to hand over a bouquet.  Thanks to fans WX水泽木兰, Vanilla and Anna from Baidu YSH Bar for sharing these photos.

shanghai 29-08-2014

shanghai 29-08-2014 (2)

shanghai 28-08-2014 (6)

shanghai 29-08-2014 (7)

shanghai 29-08-2014 (3)

Watch clip (from Mikiko) of Sang Hyun’s arrival at Hongqiao Airport
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