Sang Hyun’s Facial Analysis

Besides the much anticipated confession by Sang Hyun on Healing Camp, another interesting segment was when the face reading expert Park Sung Jun gave a face reading analysis on Sang Hyun’s personality and prediction.
2aSang Hyun’s personality …… a loyal person, does not like interference and control especially in marriage, and has a strong sense of pride.
Women are ‘hidden’ and it takes a long time to find them.  His ability to control women is slightly weak.
3aNevertheless, this year and next year is a good time to find a mate. But if he misses it this time, it may go away.  Among the 3 men, Sang Hyun will be the first to marry.
4Well, it certainly looks like his prediction is true as Sang Hyun will be getting married soon.
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SBS One Night Of Entertainment (English Subs)

Sang Hyun with Song Sae Byeog, Chan Seong and Lee Kwang Su on SBS One Night Of Entertainment fast ball interview which was shown on 12th November 2014.  He seems to enjoy teasing Lee Kwang Su.
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Sang Hyun & Maybee With Manseok

sh mb 25-11-2014
Finally we get to see a photo of Sang Hyun and Maybee together with Manseok.
Just what we had been waiting for.
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Sang Hyun’s Confession On Healing Camp

While watching this episode of Healing Camp, I was simultaneously trying to take some shots of the priceless moments when Sang Hyun made his confession about his relationship.  Here are some of them with my translated dialogue.
I could see that Sang Hyun was nervous throughout, right until the moment when he decided to share his love story. Hope to re-watch this episode again.













The day he made his proposal ….. one day his girlfriend was at his house and cooking in the kitchen.
When he was looking at her from the back, she reminded him of his mum cooking. 












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Deoksuri Sticker & Magazine

Sang Hyun with the movie’s sticker on his phone (what model?).
Would be nice if we can get these stickers.
Love this photo in the December issue of 韓流ぴあ.
That smile always brightens up my day.
Looking at this magazine, I’m reminded of some of the past issues with articles and photos of Sang Hyun in them. I had made a special order for these issues through the local Kinokuniya bookstore.  Though it’s lovely to have the magazines, it’s usually just a couple of pages with his photos and article unfortunately.
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Sang Hyun & Maybee’s Wedding Date Confirmed

Sang Hyun and Maybee’s wedding date to be on 8th of February 2015. 
Sang Hyun’s agency MGBent has confirmed the wedding date to be 8th of February next year.  Acquaintances had also revealed the wedding date on today’s SBS Power FM radio show with DJ Jung Chan-Woo and Kim Tae-Kyun.  As they were announcing the good news of guest Jo Jae  Yoon’s wedding date on 7th February next year, they then added that 8th February would be Sang Hyun’s wedding. 
That’s certainly fast as all the announcement was made within a week.
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Cosmopolitan December Pictorial

Cosmo Dec 2
Another photo from the Cosmopolitan December pictorial.
Sang Hyun looks so different here.
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