From Instagram (2019-07-22)
어이구 우리아들 넘 이뿌네.ㅎㅎ 엄마는 더 이뿌고..ㅎ
Oh our son is so beautiful …. mum is more beautiful ….
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From Instagram (2019-07-21)
아빠 회전목마 무서워요..ㅎㅎ 나겸아 아빠가 지켜줄께!
Dad, the carousel is scary …. Na Gyeom, dad will protect you!
나겸아 행복하게해줘서 고마워..사랑해요 우리딸!
Na Gyeom, thank you for making me happy ….. love you my daughter!
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From Instagram (2019-07-20)
가족들과 경순왕릉! 제가 젤좋아하고 젤많이와본왕릉..올때마다 왠지 서글픈느낌..자주올께요!
With the family at King Gyeonsun’s tomb! It is the tomb I like the most and is one I have visited most.
Every time I come, somehow it feels sad …. I’ll come often!
* King Gyeongsun was the final ruler of the kingdom of Silla who reigned from 927-935.
More photos of the tomb located in Yeoncheon @
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Happiness is …… (12)
여보 이런게 행복아닐까..ㅎ
Honey, isn’t this happiness?
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From Instagram (2019-07-12)
잠깐 강화도..하늘이 아름다워!
Ganghwa Island for a while ….. the sky is beautiful!
This is the island with the Jeondeungsa Temple where Sang Hyun and Maybee had visited in episode 93 of ‘You Are My Destiny’.
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From Instagram (2019-07-09)
Cutting grass in the yard
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‘You Are My Destiny’ Ep 101 (2019-07-01)

The Yoon family visits Sang Hyun’s mum in Paju. His dad passed away in April 2018.

Sang Hyun resembles his mum

Looking through the family album

Sang Hyun’s mum during her younger days and his dad in grey jacket.
At the time they were dating, his dad was enlisted and stationed in Pohang. It was a long way from Paju and his mum had to travel overnight in order to visit him at his army camp. With no direct transport, she had to make the long trip first on foot to Geumchon train station and changed trains at Noryangjin station to get to Pohang. On arrival she had to further take a bus to the army camp. It was meant to be a brief visit but she ended up staying there for a month with his dad’s relative living in that area.

Having a good laugh looking at old photos of Sang Hyun when he was 16 years old, judging from the date 1989 indicated in the album.

Sang Hyun acknowledges that even back then he had his own fashion sense and strove to be trendy.

The tall white building in the background (lower half hidden) is the house which Sang Hyun’s parents built in 1995. When it needed to be refurbished at the time Sang Hyun was acting in the drama Queen of Housewives (2009), he personally helped to renovate its interior.

While Sang Hyun is busy in the yard, the ladies have a heart to heart chat. Maybee is curious about his mum’s impression of her when they first met.
His mum thought Maybee is pretty but had been a bit doubtful about her ability to have kids since Maybee was very slender at that time. With Sang Hyun being an only son, Maybee thought his mum would have wanted a grandson. His mum reassures her that she’s already contented with 2 beautiful grand-daughters and had even advised Maybee to continue with her career. Being a mum to 3 children herself, she understands how tough it can be to bring them up.

Sang Hyun’s mum can identify with Maybee’s experience of growing up lonely as she herself had lost her parents during the war and with her older siblings married off early, she had lived alone. Sang Hyun’s dad came from a big family so it had a positive impact on her when they got married.

Heartfelt words which made Maybee tearful …. when I look at you, it’s like I’m seeing myself.
Maybee feels bad that she is unable to help out much during their many family gatherings but Sang Hyun’s mum tells her all she wants is for them to be happy and to focus on bringing up their kids.  
Because Sang Hyun was not close to his parents while growing up, he did not talk to them a lot. He’s grateful that Maybee is able to connect and communicate with his mum.
Various types of vegetables grown in the family’s yard

Sang Hyun constructs a platform bench for his mum as she had always wanted one in their yard.

The family can now enjoy dinner with home grown vegetables on the completed bench

An awkward moment between Sang Hyun and his mum who wants to thank him for making the bench for her. Maybee finds it amusing that they cannot even look at each other.

As Sang Hyun is not used to expressing his inner feelings to his parents, his way of showing concern comes across a little rough. Maybee tells him to try being more gentle when talking to his mum.

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