From Instagram (2018-05-24)
혜진이와 오랜만에 찰칵찰칵..ㅎ
It’s been a while, taking a quick shot with Hye Jin.
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From Instagram (2018-05-21)
나겸아 한번만 딱 한번만..ㅎㅎ
Na Gyeom, just once …
이쁘게 걸어요..ㅎ
Walk prettily ….
우리 윤나온 생일축하해요..사랑해 우리딸들!
Yoon Na-On, Happy Birthday ….  love you, our daughters!
아름다운 우리아이들..오늘 수고했어 요..사랑해요!
Our beautiful children … well done today …..  love you!
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‘손 꼭 잡고, 지는 석양을 바라보자’ Episode 31 & 32 (Final)

Viewer ratings (Nielsen Korea)
Ep 1 & 2      (2018-03-21)    2.1% & 3.4%                     Ep 17 & 18   (2018-04-18)   3.2% & 4.0%
Ep 3 & 4     (2018-03-22)    2.7% & 3.0%                     Ep 19 & 20  (2018-04-19)   3.5% & 4.5%
Ep 5 & 6     (2018-03-28)    2.7% & 3.3%                     Ep 21 & 22   (2018-04-25)   3.2% & 3.6%
Ep 7 & 8     (2018-03-29)    3.3% & 4.1%                     Ep 23 & 24   (2018-04-26)   3.2% & 3.3%
Ep 9 & 10   (2018-04-04)    3.4% & 4.2%                    Ep 25 & 26   (2018-05-02)   2.8% & 3.6%
Ep 11 & 12  (2018-04-05)    3.8% & 4.2%                    Ep 27 & 28   (2018-05-03)   3.2% & 3.4%
Ep 13 & 14  (2018-04-11)    2.9% & 3.7%                     Ep 29 & 30   (2018-05-09)   3.0% & 3.8%
Ep 15 & 16  (2018-04-12)    3.4% & 4.2%                    Ep 31 & 32    (2018-05-10)    2.8% & 3.8%
The storm has finally abated, leaving a sort of happy ending for Do Young and Hyun Joo. Though a miracle seems unlikely for Hyun Joo’s illness at this point, I’m glad we are spared the details. There might be no certainty but at least they can now cherish their remaining time together as a family.

Do Young rushes to the airport but did not manage to catch Da Hye. He is unaware she would be taking a flight to Canada instead of to the US.

I’m still wondering what he had intended to say to Da Hye before she leaves. His downcast expression makes me think it could be either he’s feeling guilty that she ended up this way or he’s sad to see her leave. So what is Da Hye to him?

Dr Jang finally tells Hyun Joo about the tickets to Bali which Do Young had previously given to him. He would let her decide whether to go on the trip with Do Young or with him.

Hyun Joo’s dad hopes that Do Young can return to see Hyun Joo before she leaves for Bali the next day. He tells Do Young not to live with regrets like him.

Do Young is hesitant as he does not wish to add on to Hyun Joo’s burden now that she’s unwell. He has come to realize his shortcoming as a husband who had neglected her emotional needs. How could he ask her to take him back?
Fortunately Do Young did return to their house that night or they would have missed out on their heart to heart talk with each other. He would like them to be together no matter where they might go but she tells him that dying is something one is unable to share. She would like to leave alone with peace of mind. 

With so much still left unspoken, Do Young finally bares his heart to her. He admits to being tempted when Da Hye came back for him, thinking he still have feelings for her but soon realized he is mistaken. He is certain now Hyun Joo is the one he loves.

And finally he tells her what she has been waiting for all these years …..  “I love you”

Hyun Joo feels so sorry to Dr Jang that she’s not going with him to Bali after all. He has planned this trip because of her but if she were to leave Do Young, she knows she will regret it at the end of her life.

I’m a bit puzzled though why Dr Jang has decided to settle down and work in Bali. Isn’t this trip with Hyun Joo meant to be merely a vacation to fulfill her dying wish to watch the beautiful sunset there? Why would he want to stay there for good? Could it be because it would be a place with special significance for him, being the last place they were together if they did go on this trip?
Hyun Joo’s family is worried when they could not find her that morning. Saet Byul lets on that she has already gone to the airport but it’s strange that she did not take her phone or passport. She couldn’t fly off without the latter so where could she be?
Saet Byul seems to know Hyun Joo’s whereabouts but she wants Do Young to figure it out for himself. If he loves her, surely he should know. 
After some prompting, it suddenly dawns on Do Young that Hyun Joo must have gone to the place which is special to both of them. He promises Saet Byul he will bring mum home. 

It did not matter that the road was blocked due to an accident. With happiness in his heart, he starts running to where she must be waiting for him.

It is not a matter of where one might be, it is the love you share that makes life beautiful …..
My thoughts:
What I love about this drama is its great visuals, especially the beautiful scenery.
I had half expected a similar ending scenario for Do Young and Hyun Joo, that they would watch the sunset together in Bali during her last moments. That would be rather depressing so I’m glad the script has left it as an open ending. It would be totally wrong if Hyun Joo had gone to Bali with Dr Jang. But what’s this obsession about going to Bali anyway?
Each of the 4 characters have weaknesses that makes them human perhaps but some of these seems a bit overly exaggerated that it becomes irritating to me.
Do Young … since he is played by Sang Hyun, of course I’m a bit biased. What I do not like most is his affair with Da Hye. He should work hard to achieve success on his own, without having to be maneuvered by the ladies. Even if he were to accomplish this project for JQ, the achievement is marred by the fact that the contract signing was forged. It is good that he did not accept the fees in the end. Still the JQ project has helped put him in the spotlight and bring him more opportunities for success.
Hyun Joo ….. I am sorry she has to suffer the same illness as her late mother. I try to empathize with her emotional trauma of watching her mum die and which has shaped her conviction not to share her pain with those she loves. But then it becomes irritating when it gets replayed over and over. The way she is pushing Do Young out of her life is hurting him just as much. Even if she thinks she is doing this for his sake, it is unfair to him. 
So what’s this fixation with falling in love before one dies. What kind of love can one find and experience within 3 months or less? Most likely an affair which would bring no emotional fulfillment either. Even if Do Young might not have married her for love, surely they have grown to love each other during their 10 years together. It’s not just about the exhilaration of first falling in love but learning to love and care for each other. Would leaving the family to die in some god forsaken place make it any less painful for her loved ones?
Da Hye …. my least favourite character in this drama. An obsessive, controlling and selfish woman out to take what she believes to be rightly hers. No matter what might have been between her and Do Young in the past, he’s married now. What rights does she think she has to ‘take’ him away? Just because she prefers Do Young to all the other men she could have, does that mean he owe her for being the chosen one? Doesn’t everyone have freedom of choice? So what is this talk of Do Young abandoning her for another woman whom she deems unworthy? That’s a mighty warped notion of self importance. 
I don’t know what to say about her obsession to resort to illegal means and giving up her shares in exchange for the contract. Perhaps the idea is for viewers to think she’s willing to give up her all for Do Young because of love, but her character makes me uncomfortable. She does all of this on her own accord but her ‘sacrifice’ becomes a weight around Do Young’s neck …. this is something he owes her as he is the reason she lost everything. 
And of course my pet gripe is her way of taking/borrowing Do Young and then returning him when she has enough. You cannot treat another person like an object my dear. If you really love him, you should love him unconditionally. You want him to be successful, please pave the way by all means. Don’t be the third party that breaks up his family so that you can have him for yourself.
It seems she did not take that flight after all but remained in Seoul. I hope she does not appear before Do Young and make life miserable for him again.
Dr Jang / Seok Jun …. a promising neurosurgeon from the beginning but who ends up being obsessed with his patient. I’m sorry but that is totally unprofessional. It becomes a bit bizarre that he cannot function as his only thought is on Hyun Joo. By then he didn’t seem like a doctor to me anymore. It makes me mighty uncomfortable that he even wants to go to Bali with Hyun Joo when this place is special for her and Do Young.
As his father-in-law advises him, he should first heal himself before he can think of healing his patient. Hope he will get back his passion as a doctor when he settles in Bali.
The end …..
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‘손 꼭 잡고, 지는 석양을 바라보자’ Episode 29 & 30

Viewer ratings (Nielsen Korea)
Ep 1 & 2     (2018-03-21)    2.1% & 3.4%                  Ep 17 & 18  (2018-04-18)   3.2% & 4.0%
Ep 3 & 4     (2018-03-22)   2.7% & 3.0%                 Ep 19 & 20  (2018-04-19)   3.5% & 4.5%
Ep 5 & 6     (2018-03-28)   2.7% & 3.3%                 Ep 21 & 22   (2018-04-25)   3.2% & 3.6%
Ep 7 & 8     (2018-03-29)   3.3% & 4.1%                 Ep 23 & 24   (2018-04-26)   3.2% & 3.3%
Ep 9 & 10   (2018-04-04)   3.4% & 4.2%                Ep 25 & 26   (2018-05-02)   2.8% & 3.6%
Ep 11 & 12  (2018-04-05)   3.8% & 4.2%                Ep 27 & 28   (2018-05-03)   3.2% & 3.4%
Ep 13 & 14  (2018-04-11)   2.9% & 3.7%                 Ep 29 & 30   (2018-05-09)   3.0% & 3.8%
Ep 15 & 16  (2018-04-12)   3.4% & 4.2%

Seeing Do Young in this miserable state of despair seems to bring Da Hye to her senses. Perhaps she finally realizes that her dream of being with Do Young is just an illusion all along.

Do Young returns to the office to complete the JQ building design. He does not want Da Hye to lose everything because of him.

Meanwhile Da Hye has made up her mind to leave. She hands over her house registration papers to Hyun Pil and packs up Do Young’s clothes.

Dr Jang brings Hyun Joo to the place where the ashes of his late wife Hye Kyung was scattered. He wants to share his past with her before they leave for Bali but Hyun Joo does not seem happy about it though.
Hyun Joo is upset thinking he is still living in the past but then realizes she has misunderstood his intention. Sharing his past is his way of telling her that she has helped him get over his painful memories and re-opened his heart.

As the building design will be completed soon, Do Young tells Da Hye she does not have to leave until then. He intends to give her the money he will be receiving as he feels responsible for her present financial situation.
From my interpretation of this scene after re-watching it a number of times, I get the feeling Da Hye is upset that what Do Young feels for her is merely concern. He tells her to follow her dream of setting up a design centre but it is never about their future together.  

Da Hye cannot understand why Do Young has always chosen Hyun Joo over her. She tells him she does not need his pity as she will survive just like how she had done so in the past. 

Da Hye meets up with Hyun Joo to let her know she’s returning Do Young to her. It might have been her intention to steal him away but she has not succeeded. Whether in the past or present, it is Hyun Joo he has chosen. It is really for Hyun Joo and not for her sake that he had worked so hard on the building design.

Da Hye has decided to end it with Do Young for good and hopes that Hyun Joo can give him a chance to return. 
As I’ve said before in an earlier episode, Da Hye (and the script) is being absurd. This talk of taking Do Young and returning him is akin to treating him as an object. ‘Returning’ him is not going to undo all the damage and hurt.
It’s too late for me to believe Da Hye’s decision is made out of ‘true’ love for him. In my opinion, she’s just a self-absorbed person to which everything is about ‘me, me, me’ …. I have come to take Do Young because he is supposed to be mine. Why did he not choose me when I have chosen him? Since I am investing so much in him, I don’t care that he has to leave his family. This last sentence is from my impression of her.
What really bugs me about the script is not giving us a clear idea of what really happened between Do Young and Da Hye in the past. Da Hye is always saying that he abandoned her but did he really? Were they even seriously dating in the past? Or is it just her wounded pride that Do Young should choose that insignificant Hyun Joo when he should have chosen her, a desirable woman who could have any man she wanted? And so she has returned to prove a point, that he has made a mistake and he will choose her this time.

Do Young returns home to collect his books. The familiar sight of Hyun Joo in the kitchen brings on a sudden rush of sadness.

Do Young probably wants to ask Hyun Joo to go with him to Bali but he just could not bring himself to say it. After much hesitation, he could only promise to tell her another time. 

It makes Hyun Joo sad that Do Young is unable to tell her what he really feels.

Do Young learns that Da Hye is leaving and is certain she will not be coming back. I wonder what he would like to say to her as he frantically tries to get hold of her.

She finally replies to his text message while on the way to the airport. She wants him to know it is alright that he does not love her. Though the time they had shared together is brief, it is enough for her.

So what is it that Do Young wants to tell her? 
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From Instagram (2018-05-13)
아빠가 널 지켜줄께..사랑해!
Daddy will protect you … I love you!
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‘손 꼭 잡고, 지는 석양을 바라보자’ Episode 32 Stills

Final scene from last episode of the drama ‘Hand In Hand, Let’s Watch The Sunset’


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‘손 꼭 잡고, 지는 석양을 바라보자’ End Of Filming Celebration (Clip)
Lovely cake for the celebration, from fan group WithSangHyun
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