Black Dog Campaign
Sang Hyun and other celebrities takes part in a campaign by an animal rights group Coexistence of Animal Rights on Earth (CARE) to highlight the prejudice black dogs face when it comes to adoption. They are usually overlooked as the preference is on those with light colour fur. President Moon Jae In has set a good example by adopting Tori, a mixed breed rescue dog with black fur. Bless him.
The video below produced by CARE and INNOCEAN Worldwide shows a touching short story as told from a black dog’s perspective.
Part of the message from CARE:
색은 중요하지 않습니다.
검은 개에 대한 편견을 버려주세요
그리고, 차별과 편견없는 세상을 입양하세요.
Color is not important.
Drop the prejudice against the black dog.
And adopt a world without discrimination and prejudice.
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‘손 꼭 잡고, 지는 석양을 바라보자’ Episode 17-18 Stills


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From Instagram (2018-04-19)
영원히 기억할께요..사랑합니다
I will remember forever …. I love you
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From Instagram (2018-04-18)
A wonderful buffet treat from Japanese fans
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‘손 꼭 잡고, 지는 석양을 바라보자’ Episode 17-18 Preview

Preview from this week’s episode 17-18
Do Young finally finds out about Hyun Joo’s illness while Dr Jang confesses his feelings for her.
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‘손 꼭 잡고, 지는 석양을 바라보자’ Episode 15 & 16

Viewer ratings (Nielsen Korea)
Ep 1 & 2       (2018-03-21)    2.1% & 3.4%
Ep 3 & 4      (2018-03-22)    2.7% & 3.0%
Ep 5 & 6      (2018-03-28)    2.7% & 3.3%
Ep 7 & 8      (2018-03-29)    3.3% & 4.1%
Ep 9 & 10    (2018-04-04)    3.4% & 4.2%
Ep 11 & 12   (2018-04-05)    3.8% & 4.2%
Ep 13 & 14  (2018-04-11)      2.9% & 3.7%
Ep 15 & 16  (2018-04-12)     3.4% & 4.2%
I don’t like the direction the drama is going at this point. It feel weird to me that Hyun Joo is falling for Dr Jang (?) though we are to believe she loves Do Young so much. Is it just an emotional connection she has with the doctor because he can identify with what she is going through and is there for her at this difficult time? Since she has always felt that Do Young did not marry her for love, is this what she wants to experience in her dying moments?
I guess I’m a romantic who believes in being steadfast in love so I’m disappointed with where the plot is heading. I would stop watching if Sang Hyun is not acting in this drama. One’s dying moments should be filled with worthwhile memories with loved ones with whom one should cherish the remaining time. Even if Hyun Joo’s decision to hide her sickness from Do Young is done with ‘good’ intention, I don’t think it’s fair to him. I know I should feel sorry for Hyun Joo, but I’m starting to feel disengaged because there’s just too much negativity around her.
Something about Da Hye doesn’t feel right either. The veiled threats she keeps making to Do Young creeps me out. If she really loves him as much as she says, why is she breaking up his family and acting like she owns him? She’s another weird one. The character who has touched my heart in these 2 episodes is Saet Byeol. That scene of her with Do Young in the subway station makes my heart bleed. I feel so sorry for her that Do Young is unable to spend more time with her while Hyun Joo seems too wrapped up in misery and preoccupied with the doctor.


Do Young had spent the night at Da Hye’s place after he had witnessed the upsetting scene of Hyun Joo in Dr Jang’s embrace. He probably needed someone to confide in.
When Da Hye asked if he had rushed off because Hyun Joo was sick, Do Young’s expression hardened as it reminded him of what he had witnessed the previous night. 

Saet Byeol gives Do Young one of the phones from a couple set which she had cajoled grandpa to buy for her. She shows him the quick dial connection she had set to herself, mum and grandpa and tells him never to change the call list order. She should always remain as daddy’s No 1.

Saet Byeol asks to be dropped off at the subway station since Do Young is on his way to an appointment (with Da Hye). Though she might have appeared outwardly cheerful, he could tell from her phone message that she misses him. He decides to turn the car around to get back to her.
Thinking that she hears Do Young call her name, Saet Byeol scans the station crowd hopefully but he’s not there. That crestfallen look on her face makes me teary.

She hears him calling out to her again, surely she can’t be mistaken this time.
The sight of Do Young waiting for her with out-stretched arms makes her burst into tears and she runs to him.

A mystery man turns up at Da Hye’s place but it’s not explained how he is related to her. From her mention of their blood ties, he could be her sibling or cousin. Or could he be the Raymond she had spoken to on the phone in an earlier episode? The latter is likely her ex-husband’s son since she had mentioned she could be his mother (??).
Hyun Joo and Dr Jang seems to be getting closer. He is probably what she needs now since he understands what she is going through and is there to offer her a comforting shoulder. I wonder if he is drawn to Hyun Joo because she reminds him of his late wife and his promise to her.

Do Young wonders if Hyun Joo really has someone else and would like her dad to tell him what he knows. But dad cannot tell him what Hyun Joo does not want to be revealed.

With no clear answers from her dad, he leaves with a heavy heart. Saet Byeol’s cheerful goodbye message on his phone only serves to increase his heartache.

Do Young makes his way to Da Hye’s house to apologize for missing their appointment. She’s upset he did not turn up, more so because she’s fearful of losing him.

The senior doctor is most likely Dr Jang’s father-in-law. He agrees that the tumor should not be operated on so they can only hope for a miracle. A patient’s will to live can sometimes prolong their life, even if for a short time.

Do Young finally gets his inspiration back and presents his latest design to his team. He is especially thankful to his loyal assistant Hee Jun who has stayed by him.

To make up for all the birthday celebration Da Hye had missed, Do Young proposes that they have a monthly celebration. That’s a nice gesture.
Hyun Joo turns up at Dr Jang’s house but can’t bring herself to ring the door bell. She seems to be torn by something. 

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‘손 꼭 잡고, 지는 석양을 바라보자’ Episode 13 & 14

Viewer ratings (Nielsen Korea)
Ep 1 & 2     (2018-03-21)   2.1% & 3.4%
Ep 3 & 4    (2018-03-22)   2.7% & 3.0%
Ep 5 & 6    (2018-03-28)   2.7% & 3.3%
Ep 7 & 8    (2018-03-29)   3.3% & 4.1%
Ep 9 & 10  (2018-04-04)   3.4% & 4.2%
Ep 11 &12  (2018-04-05)   3.8% & 4.2%
Ep 13 &14  (2018-04-11)   2.9% & 3.7%
Do Young’s misunderstanding towards Hyun Joo  deepens as he witnesses her in Dr Jang’s embrace. The rift between them has widened another notch. Do Young too seems to have given up the thought of a reconciliation as he begins anew with Da Hye.
Hyun Joo finds out that she had misunderstood her dad all along as it was her mum who had insisted on going through with the surgery. She herself is now willing to undergo surgery for Saet Byeol’s sake. 

Do Young resolves to regain his self-worth. He has come to realize that he cannot remain forever fixed in his ways so he will do his best to work with Choi Joon on the project.

Hyun Joo admits herself into the hospital but Dr Jang does not want to proceed with the surgery. Her MRI shows that the tumour has not grown so there’s a possibility her condition could have been misdiagnosed. If she still insists on going ahead with the surgery, she will have to get Do Young’s consent. That puts her in a bind as she cannot let him know.
Choi Joon receives a large sum of money from Da Hye for signing up with JQ. Though she had told Do Young that Choi Joon had been JQ’s choice for the project, it seems she is the one manipulating the situation. Could this be her way of spurring Do Young on by bringing in a competitor or is there some other intent yet to be revealed?

Do Young feels a wave of sadness as he looks at the family photo kept in his office drawer. Even if he might seem fine outwardly and has been too busy to brood over his split with Hyun Joo, the heartache is ever present. 

Hyun Joo feels unwell as she makes her way home from the hospital.

Do Young has been waiting for Hyun Joo outside their home. Her stagger fills him with concern but just as he’s about to rush over, the sight of Dr Jang running to her stops him in his tracks. 

It pains him to see them in an intimate embrace. For Do Young, it would appear that this must be the man Hyun Joo says she is in love with.

As he drives away, his mind is flooded by the memory of her hurtful confession that she has met someone else and no longer loves him.
After having spent time with Saet Byeol the next day, Do Young returns home to look for Hyun Joo. 

A feeling of sadness wells up in him as he gazes at her.

The tension between them eases up as Do Young tells Hyun Joo he’s doing well at work. 

Hyun Joo seems to be taking a step towards reconciling with Do Young. Making it seem as if she’s teasing him, she expresses regret for breaking up with him. Do Young’s reply that she can reverse it leaves her flustered and she has to step away to compose herself. 

Do Young stops short of calling out to her as the memory of Hyun Joo in Dr Jang’s embrace stabs at his heart. 
Hyun Joo must have made up her mind as she steps out but Do Young is nowhere in sight. It suddenly dawns on her that he had witnessed her with Dr Jang the previous night and must have misunderstood the situation. In her hazy state of pain, she had noticed him driving away. 

She rushes out but could only watch forlornly as Do Young’s car disappears from sight. 

Is there no turning back now?
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