‘Human Condition 2′ Episode 6 (English Subs)

Episode 6 (2015.02.07) ratings @ 4.7%
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‘Human Condition 2′ Episode 8 Highlights (2015.02.28)

Some of the highlights from episode 8 of ‘Human Condition 2′ broadcast on 28th February.
ep 8a
In this episode, the members go on a collection drive for 100 kg of used clothes.
When Tae Gyu meets up again with Sang Hyun the first time since his wedding,
he made a joke that it seems rather dramatic that Sang Hyun had lost much weight.
ep 8b
When Sang Hyun, Tae Gyu and Tae Hui go to his house to collect the donated clothes from Maybee,
they were not allowed to enter as she was embarrassed.  So they had to collect the clothes left outside and talk through the slightly opened door. Besides some fruits for them, she had prepared handmade Valentine chocolates and a hand-written letter for Sang Hyun.
ep 8c ep 8d
Letter from Maybee:
Dear Honey,
I tried making this when you went to the shooting set.
Today the house is a mess again. I’m sorry. Oppa.
I will clean everything up before you come back.
Melting chocolate is more difficult than I thought.
I’m going to miss you. I love you.
Have one before the sugar falls off.
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For The Members Of Human Condition 2

snacks 1Some local snacks and letters we sent today.
Hope they will enjoy these in spite of the additional product wrappers which we cannot remove.

Perhaps next time we’ll just send a letter ……
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‘Human Condition 2′ Episode 8

Ep 8-2

Last Saturday’s special broadcast was a re-cap of some of the scenes from the previous episodes.
In the coming episode 8 on this Saturday 28th February, the members participate in a worthy cause of collecting used clothing for donation to the children of 3rd world countries.
The members were divided into 2 teams and Sang Hyun with Tae Hui and Tae Gyu were in charge of contacting their acquaintances for donation of used clothing. They had to travel until late into the night to find their houses to collect the donated clothing and attracted much attention walking around the fashionable area of Hongdae in their yellow suits.  Tae Gyu had a surprise for the members when he unveiled his wardrobe with his jeans clothing collection from the 1960s.
If I’m not mistaken, Sang Hyun’s wife Maybee might make an appearance in this episode as she helps in donated clothes collection.

ep 8-3

Ep 8-1

Without a cell phone, the members had to use a public phone to make calls to their acquaintances.
Sang Hyun had only memorized the phone numbers of his mum and Maybee but the first call he made was to his wife.  Though he was very happy to hear her voice over the line, he seemed to be at a loss and thought that her voice sounded strange. But he did feel that it was better to call using the public phone than through text messaging.
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Sang Hyun & Maybee (Instagram) 2015.02.20

Sang Hyun and Maybee with mum during the new year celebration.  I wonder if the lady is Maybee or Sang Hyun’s mum. It’s nice to see them wearing hanbok and makes me think of sageuk dramas.
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Letter To Sang Hyun

letter 280215Sending to you soon …..
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My 2015 Calender

Jan 2015

Feb 2015

Looking back on the recent events as they unfold
So much seems to have been
Merely able to gaze from a distance
Clouded with mixed feelings
But with hope that the best is yet to be
A path on which you will never walk alone
To never give up on a dream
That the days ahead be filled with hope anew
A new life and new joy awaits
For you ……
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