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나온아 이쁜드레스..잘어울리네..ㅎㅎ
Na-On’s pretty dress …. suits her well

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ㅎㅎ 동심으로 돌아가기..ㅎㅎ

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우리가족에게 마당이 있어야하는 이유…ㅎ

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‘걸캅스’ (Girl Cops) Movie Trailer

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From Instagram (2019-05-22)
나온아 우리이쁜 나온아! ㅎㅎ
Na-On our pretty Na-On!
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‘You Are My Destiny’ Ep 94 (2019-05-13)

Maybee will be attending the movie preview of ‘걸캅스’ (Girl Cops) with Sang Hyun but she cannot help being nervous as it’s been quite a while since she had been to such formal events. Sang Hyun reassures her that there is nothing to worry about as he will be there with her.

He still remembers what she had worn when she attended the preview of his previous movie ‘덕수리 5형제’
(5 Deoksuri Brothers) back in 2014. It was also the first time they had appeared together in public as a couple officially. 

Sang Hyun with the other casts at the preview of the movie ‘5 Deoksuri Brothers’ in 2014.

At the beauty salon to get a makeover on the day of the movie preview. Maybee relates how childbirth had an effect on her hair loss and since she’s been busy taking care of the kids, she’s no longer confident about good makeup. 

Though Maybee looks great in the outfit which Sang Hyun had requested his stylist to pick for her, he still prefers her in one-piece dresses.
Introducing Maybee to director Jung Da Won and the casts Lee Sung Kyung, Soo Young and Yeon Hye Ran.

Ra Mi Ran who plays Sang Hyun’s on-screen wife Mi Young is unaware of Maybee’s presence when she finally arrives and loudly calls him ‘Honey!’ in jest as they greet each other warmly.

A scene from the movie in which Sang Hyun plays Mi Ran’s stay-at-home husband Ji Chul

Everyone had a good laugh at Mi Ran’s flustered reaction when she finally spots Maybee. 

Still in a jovial mood, Sang Hyun introduces Mi Ran to Na Gyeom as dad’s second wife. Na Gyeom seems a little perplexed even if she did not get daddy’s little joke. Some jokes might not be so appropriate for the little ones though.

Lee Sung Kyung relates how Sang Hyun would often talk to them about his wife and kids and would exit their private group chat room when he goes to sleep as he did not know how to turn off the chat notification instead. 

When asked whether the couple would be staying for the celebration dinner after the movie preview, Sang Hyun explains that they are unable to as their friend is helping to babysit the other two younger kids. Since he’s driving, he is also unable to join in the drinking.

The scene from the movie which made Maybee cry is when his character is being beaten up by Lee Sung Kyung. The weather at that time was also very hot so they had a tough time doing outdoor shooting. Sang Hyun’s role might not be a leading one in the movie but it seems he had a number of tough scenes.

This scene in which his character falls hard onto his back looks painful. Hope they had taken the necessary precautions to prevent injury. 

Finally it’s time for the director and casts to make their appearance for the stage greeting.

Sang Hyun scans the audience to see where Maybee is seated

When it’s time for Sang Hyun to speak, he introduces himself and hopes the audience will enjoy the movie.
His unexpected heartfelt declaration to Maybee in closing obviously moves her. 

My wife who came with me today …. I love you

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From Instagram (12th & 13th May 2019)
아빠 아빠 아이언맨 사주세요..ㅎ 아이언맨을 너무사랑하는 우리딸!
Dad dad please buy Ironman ….. my daughter really loves Ironman!
지금처럼만 이쁘게 자라다오..사랑하는 딸들아!
Grow up pretty just like you are now …. dear daughters!


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''아빠 사랑해요, ,나도 나도 사랑해요!!

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‘You Are My Destiny’ Ep 93 (2019-05-06)

The Kim couple who had dropped in for a visit are Sung Eun and Bo Ram, close friends of theirs staying in the neighbourhood and who used to be Maybee’s former managers. They suggested to Sang Hyun and Maybee to take a quick day trip together since they are around to look after the kids. The Yoon couple can always return the favour later and look after their son Woo Ju should the need arise. 
Bo Ram suggested the nearby Ganghwa Island but the Yoon couple will have to make it back by 7 pm. They have around four and a half hours which is still manageable if they leave now since traffic is light at this time.

Though in a hurry to set out, Sang Hyun would first like to have their hair styled to get some volume into it.

Ready to set out finally. Living in Gimpo is convenient as it’s usually a short drive to places like the airport, the seaside and Seoul. Sang Hyun reveals that before they were married, he used to listen to his own songs but now he would listen to her songs instead. She could not help smiling at his sweet remark that listening to her songs gives him the feeling she’s right there beside him.

Their destination is the ancient Jeondeungsa temple which was founded in the Goryeo period (381 AD) and listed as a national treasure. Going through its fortress gate feels like stepping back into the past.

The temple grounds decorated with colourful lanterns as it happens to be the Lotus Lantern Festival (April/May). 

Finally reaching the main Buddha hall.

Praying for good health for their family

Filled with awe at the beautiful and detailed carvings which adorn the temple interior, Sang Hyun is reluctant to leave. With only a little over 2 hours left, they have to make a move but first, they will write down their wishes.

The top half consists of the names of their family members ….  (left to right) Sang Hyun, Eun Ji (Maybee’s actual name), Na Gyeom, Na On and Hee Sung. The bottom half is their wish for good health and happiness for the family. 

Even though time is limited, they have to try the Ganghwa Island’s specialty which is eel roasted on hot stones. The couple got a shock when the cut up eel pieces started to wriggle when placed on the heated stones. 

Sang Hyun picks the tail pieces saying that he will eat them. Eel tails are reputed to be good for men as they contain many nutrients which are beneficial for stamina and vitality.  
Maybee feeling embarrassed by Sang Hyun’s cheeky remark that he’s fine even if he does not eat them. 

Spicy ramen to complete the meal but with just half an hour left, they have to eat it up really fast.
Still they did manage to reach home by 7 pm as promised.

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From Instagram (2019-05-08)
우리딸 아프지마요..아빠가 기도할께!
Our daughter, don’t be sick ….. dad will pray for you!
Hope Na Gyeom gets well soon.
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