You Are My Destiny Ep 86 (2019-03-18)

I had a good laugh watching this episode as the producer had hilariously added in Sang Hyun’s drama character Oska (from Secret Garden) in parts which matched the narrative. This episode is on Sang Hyun and Maybee’s relationship which progressed very quickly from a blind date to marriage within 2 months and being blessed with 3 kids within a span of 5 years. 

Projected images of a grinning Oska (first meeting Gil Ra Im) and shy Maybee (introduction on a program) as Sang Hyun talks about their first meeting on a blind date. Even Sang Hyun could not help laughing.

When an acquaintance first mentioned Maybee to him for the blind date, her name had sounded strange.
He found her too slim for his liking so did not have a strong impression of her from their first date. But strangely he kept thinking of her so they went out again. On their third date, there was something about her which moved him. It was raining heavily and they had a long chat in the car until the wee hours. On their 4th date as she was preparing Vietnamese wraps for him, he made up his mind to propose to her. 
Sang Hyun explained that he had intended to settle down in his 30s. As he was already reaching his 40s, he did not want to waste time hence the speedy courtship – marriage timeline. Maybee had found him interesting and it amused her that he could talk for 5 hours about an ex-girlfriend on their first date.

Sang Hyun’s reaction to Seo Jang Hoon’s cheeky question regarding the couple’s first kiss

Another hilarious similarity of Sang Hyun and Oska drinking coffee as they moved around

A heart to heart talk on how little couple time they have shared. With a brief courtship of only 2 months and the pregnancy one month after the wedding, the number of dates they had were only a handful …. 4 dates during courtship and only 2 since her first pregnancy. 
When the kids arrive, there is a tendency to mainly focus on them. Couples have to make an effort to spend time together and not neglect each other without realizing it. Though Maybee might like staying at home, there were times she had wanted to go out. There is a difference between not wanting to go out and not being able to do so. It’s fortunate that she did not suffer from post-partum depression or feel frustrated to look after the kids.

It’s never too late to bring back the romance ……

Too bad the mood was broken when Na On spilled her snack onto the floor ….

Sang Hyun had received a request from his gym manager to sing at the latter’s wedding. In the music room, he picks a few songs which are familiar to us …..
Helpless Love (OST from 2009 Kdrama My Fair Lady)
Never Ending Story (OST from 2009 Kdrama Queen Of Housewives)
Not A Flashy Confession …. his proposal song for Maybee on Saturday Night Live (2014)
Balsam Stained ….. their wedding duet, lyrics written by Maybee
Marry Me …. a song which Maybee sang at their wedding

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From Instagram (2019-03-20)
Having fun with his kids and getting a workout at the same time
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You Are My Destiny Ep 87 Preview

Maybee’s ‘final’ broadcast as a radio DJ makes Sang Hyun emotional too.
I hope when the kids are older, she can resume what she loves doing.
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You Are My Destiny Ep 86 – Never Ending Story

Wonderful voice, makes me miss Tae Bong ……
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You Are My Destiny Ep 86 Preview (2019-03-18)

Sang Hyun and Maybee will be singing a duet ‘Balsam Stained’ (봉숭아 물들다) in tonight’s episode of You Are My Destiny. This ballad with lyrics composed by Maybee herself, was released as a digital single in February 2015 in commemoration of their wedding.
Don’t forget to tune in for tonight’s episode at 23:10 (KST)
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From Instagram (2019-03-18)
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From Instagram (2019-03-16)
5년만에 경조사 외출! ㅎㅎ 여기는 날씨맑은 강릉 설렌다!
Outing to celebrate 5 years! Enjoying the clear weather here in Gangneung!
Sang Hyun and Maybee should be celebrating their wedding anniversary.
They were married in February 2015.
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