Minoxyl CF (2)

Sang Hyun in the full Minoxyl CF
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From Instagram (2018-01-06)

여긴 창원 K-WILL 콘서트! 와이프와함께..간만에 데이트!
At K-Will’s concert in Changwon! Together with wife …. on a date!
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New MBC Drama ‘손 꼭잡고, 지는 석양을 바라보자’

Some happy news for the new year which we have been waiting for. If confirmed, Sang Hyun will be in an upcoming MBC drama ‘손 꼭잡고, 지는 석양을 바라보자’ (Hand in hand, let’s watch the setting sun) scheduled for March 2018, after the current drama ‘I’m Not A Robot’.
Sang Hyun takes on the lead role as talented architect Kim Do Young who runs an office with the support of his devoted wife Nam Hyun Joo (Han Hye Jin). In the face of a death crisis, they rediscover the importance of family and their love for each other.
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From Instagram (2017-12-29)

우리둘째 집중력! 대단해요!
Our second one concentrating! Amazing!
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A Blessed Christmas & New Year

How quickly time has flown or is it just a perception brought on by age? There was a time we could not wait to grow up but now we wish time could slow down a little. There is still so much to do.
As I look back on this year, there is much to be thankful for even amidst a time filled with much unease and uncertainty. We can only hope that sanity will prevail among certain people who are acting like little kids. They need to grow up and put aside their egos. Life is difficult enough as it is for so many. 
My wish this Christmas is for everyone to have a blessed year, have good health and more joyful moments. To Sang Hyun, may 2018 be an amazing year for you and your loved ones. Hope to see you in a new drama soon.
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Playing In The Snow

여러분 눈이와요..(딸) 신 난 당!
It’s snowing, everyone …. (daughter) excited!
How lovely, but must be so cold.
Great to see Sang Hyun with Na Gyeom (in full view).
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From Instagram (2017-12-16)

닭다리 귀신..ㅎㅎ
Chicken feet cuisine (?)
I was checking out this update on my phone and the first thought which popped into mind was ‘is that a white mouse?’ Thought the 2 bony protrusion on top looked like little paws.
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