‘You Are My Destiny’ Ep 119 (2019-11-04)

The Yoon family is my reason for watching ‘You Are My Destiny 2’ so it’s unlikely that I will continue now that they will not be in it. A bit unfortunate as I’ve really enjoyed watching the family since they first appeared in ep 85 (March 2019). Having shared their daily life over the past 8 months of screen time and watching the kids grow has left a lasting impression on me. Seems Sang Hyun will be resuming his acting activities soon. So far there has been no update on a new drama, perhaps after the official confirmation?
Monday’s ep 119 was hilarious. As the kindergarten’s field day was cancelled due to the African swine fever outbreak, Sang Hyun decides to organize one for the kids with participation from the families of his 5th uncle and Maybee’s former manager. Though not always playing by the rules, everyone had fun and lots of laughs.
Somewhere in Gimpo …

Though each family is supposed to be dressed in a similar colour, Sang Hyun prefers to wear something different as the top is too plain for his liking.
Challenge between the different generations
Starting off with the 3-legged race in which the winning team would be the first to return to the
starting point with the flag.

While the other couples race ahead, Sang Hyun and Maybee takes a tumble right from the start.
The orange team wins in this round.

Second game in which the kids throw bean bags into the basket on their daddy’s head. Na On is reluctant to take part so her sister takes her place, an unequal match between 3 year old Woo Joo and 5 year old Na Gyeom.

Daddy cheats a little by adding the bean bags which did not make it into the basket.

The roles are reversed with the dads throwing the bean bags into the basket.

Cheating again by scooping up and throwing a handful of the bean bags instead of one at a time.

The force of the bean bags hitting the basket sends it tumbling

Third game in which the kids try to eat the suspended chips without using their hands

Seeing that Na Gyeom is upset when told not to use her hands, Sang Hyun makes an exception for her.

The final game is the family obstacle relay race in which the kids go through the inflatable platform, collect the baton from their dad and pass it to mum. The ladies go through the the same route to reach their spouse, pops a balloon between them and the men do 10 spins before racing to the other side of the field to grab the flag.

Though Maybee has a head start, Woo Joo’s mum quickly catches up.

Woo Joo’s dad completes his 10th spin while Sang Hyun is still at his 6th. The spinning makes both of them dizzy, resulting in the comical sight of them running around haphazardly. It is too much for Sang Hyun who loses his balance once again. 

The orange team is the overall winner.

Back at the studio, Sang Hyun talks about leaving the show as he will be filming soon but hopes to be back when it’s over. 
Flashbacks as the episode draws to a close ……

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Farewell For Now

그동안 윤비가족 사랑해주셔서 감사합니다.ㅎ
Thank you for loving the Yoon-Bee familly
Sad that we will not be seeing the Yoon family on ‘You Are My Destiny 2’ as last night’s episode 119 was their last appearance. Sang Hyun had mentioned resuming his acting activities so hope to see him soon in a new drama. Am definitely looking forward to seeing the family back on this show in the near future. Will miss them much.
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Taking A Break From ‘You Are My Destiny’

Media source: http://www.theceluv.com/article.php?aid=1572400901287081010
The Yoon family will be taking a break from ‘You Are My Destiny’ with their last episode on 4th November 2019. According to the SBS official, it is due to Sang Hyun’s acting activities but the possibility of the family rejoining the show remains open.
It’s sad news for those of us who enjoy watching the Yoon family and their adorable kids. We got to know more about the family, share their laughter and tears and watch their kids grow. Thank you for sharing these moments with us. Hope they will be back on the show in the near future.
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From Instagram (2019-10-28)

아빠는 우리나온이한테 반했어요!💕

나온아! 아빠가 고백하잖아요! ㅎ
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‘You Are My Destiny’ Ep 116 (2019-10-14)

Sang Hyun and Maybee decides on an activity which is not only fun for the kids but would leave them with a unique keepsake. They will create their own storybook based on the fairy tale Snow White and be the characters in it. Even mum and dad would get to play dress up.

While Maybee’s former manager helps them rent the costumes, Sang Hyun prepares a sketch and Maybee takes care of the script. 

Cute little house for the seven dwarfs.  Since Hee Sung likes watching TV, Sang Hyun includes a satellite antennae.

The huntsman and evil witch.

Shots of Hee Sung in various poses to represent the 7 dwarfs.

Na Gyeom is to play Snow White but changes her mind all of a sudden. She does not want to wear the costume so Na On will take on the role instead.

Such a cutie

The ex-manager’s son Woo Joo will play the role of the Prince who wakes Snow White with a kiss

The witch entices Snow White with the poisoned apple

 Recording the audio narration next.

Sang Hyun thinks it would be more appealing to young readers if the narration has varied vocal pitch. 

Sang Hyun feels that Maybee’s undulating pitch sounds sexy rather than witch-like.

This scene of him imitating her tone is hilarious.

They finally decide to do the narration together

The completed version of the Yoon family’s fairy tale …..

Once upon a time in a kingdom far away ….. Snow White is born

The witch is unhappy when the magic mirror tells her she’s no longer the prettiest. 
Tempting Snow White with the poisoned apple

The 7 dwarfs keep Snow White in a glass coffin and watches over her

The Prince comes upon Snow White and brings her back to life with a kiss

Snow White marries the Prince and they live happily ever after

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From Instagram (2019-10-21)

이렇게 그네가 잘어울릴줄이야..역시 마당엔 그네하나..ㅎ
The swing is befitting like this … after all, there is one swing in the yard …
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From Instagram (2019-10-18)

루니.코코 나들이가자!
Coco Runi let’s go out!
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