From Instagram (2017-06-25)
From Maybee’s instagram
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From Instagram (2017-06-22)
즐거운 아쿠아리움..😊
Fun aquarium
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2017 Birthday Fan Meeting

Fans who would like to share another memorable time with Sang Hyun can look forward to his coming birthday fan meeting to be held in Osaka this September.  Even for those who are not official fan club members, I expect it is possible for them to participate if seats are available after the members priority booking period. 
From the announcement at MGB Japan’s site, with more confirmed details at a later date.
Event: 2017 Yoon Sang Hyun Birthday Fan Meeting (tentative)
Date:   24th September 2017
Venue:  El Theatre, Osaka
Osaka Prefectural Labour Centre
Stage view of the performance hall which has a capacity of around 800 seats


Getting there: nearest stations – Temmabashi & Kitahama
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From Instagram (2017-05-29)
더위를 피해 키즈카페 고고씽..😊
To avoid the heat, let’s go to the kids cafe
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Baby No 2, Congratulations!
우리 둘째 공주님이 세상에 나오셨네요..😊 😁😁😁😁😁!
Our second princess is born!
According to media updates, the baby was born this morning at 8.55 am and weighs 3.16 kg. Both mother and baby are well. Sang Hyun and Maybee would like to thank everyone for their blessings and commented that with greater responsibilities as parents of 2 daughters, they will strive to build a happy family. 
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From Instagram (2017-05-20)
처음으로 딸과함께한 시 소! ㅎ
First time on the seesaw together with my daughter!
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From Instagram (2017-05-17)
Cake for the casts and filming crew during the closing celebration of the drama ‘Perfect Wife’.
From WithSangHyun with the message ‘To all the actors and staff, you did a really great job’
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