‘Law Of The Jungle In Yap’ Episode 5 (2015-06-26)

I had really enjoyed watching this episode, especially the hilarious part of Sang Hyun, Ji Won and Han Byeol trying to capture the large coconut crab they had found. While the crab was just sitting immobile on top of the net and not making any attempt to escape, the nervous trio were scrambling to stuff it into the plastic bag. This scene certainly had me in stitches and is best watched from the clip itself.
5-1Trying to get the coconut crab out from its hiding place.
5-2Sang Hyun finally managed to push the crab on to the net and excitedly calls out to Han Byeol to bring over the plastic bag.
Han Byeol freaks out at the sight of the large crab up close and drops the bag instead.
I could not help laughing out loud at this part when Sang Hyun recoiled each time Ji Won pushed the net towards him.
At one point the net fell out as it did not completely go into the bag but they finally managed to stuff it in.
Though they had a good catch of a few fishes, crabs and a big scallop, they had to give up half the amount to the filming crew according to their prior agreement with the PD.  What they had left was certainly insufficient for 7 people. Crabs have little meat and even that scallop shell contained only a small amount of edible flesh.


Let’s share that piece of crab meat …..



5-10Still hungry after sharing what they had, Su Bin got upset which made the others feel a bit awkward. 
5-11Sang Hyun was asked to say something in view of the sombre mood …… “We have made a promise ….”
I suppose what he meant is that they were committed to the show in spite of the difficulties they have to face.




Sang Hyun covered up his face with a gauze type material to prevent mosquito bites while sleeping, but had left his hands bare. He could not sleep well, perhaps due to the uncomfortable environment. When asked by the crew, he said that looking up at the moon while sleeping made him think about his wife. He must have missed her.
In the middle of the night, they were woken up by sudden strong winds.
Sang Hyun sits next to the fireplace as he felt cold.
In response to the very sour mangoes he tasted but which Su Bin seemed to have no problem eating.
Their new challenges were to find the Manta rays and catch fishes which were more than 30 cm in size. If they succeed, they would receive stone money. Byeong Man takes Su Bin and Han Byeol with him for the first task while the rest would go fishing. It was also Su Bin’s dream to see the Manta Rays but unfortunately the worsening weather was not conducive. The team was disappointed and had to give up after waiting underwater for 30 minutes.
5-19While Ryu Dam and Jeong Jin set up a trap for the wild chickens, Sang Hyun and Ji Won repaired the raft.
5-20The discomfort from his knee problem was obvious this time.
He had earlier put on his knee protective gear as the rainy weather made his knees ache.




With the raft successfully repaired with reinforced binding, Sang Hyun and Ji Won takes it for a ride. The raft was a bit submerged with their combined weight but they managed to keep it balanced. Ji Won was nervous and a bit worried about them becoming food for the sharks.
Contrary to our earlier guess that the raft was attached to some piling, the things sticking up at the corners were actually their cameras.  But I think they were never in any great danger while in the water as a couple of boats with the filming crew and others could be seen nearby.  I’m sure the PD would have also ensured that their safety would never be compromised, especially with the members who cannot swim.
5-25Feeling the exhilaration of their raft being pulled along by the wind. Just look at that happy smile.
Ji Won joins Ryu Dam and Jeong Jin on the boat
while Sang Hyun enjoys fishing from his raft.
Just not their lucky day as they did not manage to catch any fishes and the Manta ray sighting was also unsuccessful.




5-30aEveryone was delighted to see the kite flying high up in the air but unfortunately the string broke and they lost it.
At that moment, it started to rain heavily and they were told by the PD that the local weather had forecast a typhoon the next day. If the weather were to worsen, they would have to withdraw but fortunately the rain stopped after some time.
No success with the wild chickens which eluded them by perching high up on the trunk and flying off into the nearby trees.


In this week’s episode 6, the typhoon strikes ……



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Sang Hyun In ‘너를 사랑한 시간’ (Cameo)

Sang Hyun’s cameo role in episode 2 (watch from 7:30)
While going through a heartbreak over a colleague who had married another woman, Oh Ha Na fantasizes over some of her ideal dating partners.  Sang Hyun appears as himself and as a composer who sings to her.

cameo 2

cameo 2a

cameo 3
Oh Ha Na “Ah, Yoon Sang Hyun, a composer and romanticist ……
cameo 4“But he’s popular with so many women and already married ….. eliminate!”

cameo 5

The other men who were also eliminated

cameo csh

cameo ojw

cameo L

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Sang Hyun in ‘너를 사랑한 시간’ (Group Photo)

Sang Hyun with Ha Ji Won, Chu Seong Hoon, On Ju Wan and Kim Myung Soo (aka Infinite’s L)
Sang Hyun, Chu Seong Hoon and On Ju Wan would be making a cameo appearance in the SBS romantic comedy drama ‘너를 사랑한 시간’ (The Time I Have Loved You) which had its first episode last night (27th June). I did not see them in episode 1, perhaps Sang Hyun and the other 2 men would be appearing in tonight’s episode 2.
Sang Hyun’s shirt with polka dot scarf is the same as what he was wearing in the photo updated on Weibo so probably it was taken on the same day as the shooting for his cameo appearance. Could his role be as a singer in Oh Ha Na’s fantasy? Even if it might be just for a brief appearance, hope he would be shown singing to her. Would love to hear that.
‘너를 사랑한 시간’ is shown every Saturday and Sunday @ 21:55
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From Weibo (2015-06-26)

지금 한국엔 반가운 비가 내립니다. 건강 유의하시기 바랄게요^^
It’s raining now in Korea. Please be mindful of your health  ^ ^

Hope he’s in good health too.
Something about this photo tugs at my heart, guess I did not realize how much I’ve missed him …….
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2015 Yoon Sang Hyun Summer Fan Meeting (2)

Pre-sale booking for the summer fan meeting starts today 26th June for the fan club members, after which the booking will be opened for general sales. Please refer to above link for booking.
Pre-sale: 26th June (18:00) to 29th June (12:00)
General sale:  29th June (12:00) to 3rd July (12:00)
Event:  2015 Yoon Sang Hyun Summer Fan Meeting
Date:    25th July 2015 (Saturday)
Time:   17:00 (Admission)    17:30 (Start)
Venue: Prince Hall, Grand Prince Tanakawa Hotel, Tokyo
Benefits: Handshake & 2 shot photo with Sang Hyun and 2 commemorative memorabilia.
prince hall
Prince Hall
The hotel venue is the same as for the White Dinner Show held last December.
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2015 Yoon Sang Hyun Summer Fan Meeting

Hotel Grand Prince Tanakawa
Grand Prince Tanakawa Hotel
The summer fan meeting has been confirmed to be held in July and priority booking will be opened to fan club members this week. More details should be in later for general booking.
Event: 2015 Yoon Sang Hyun Summer Fan Meeting
Date: 25th July 2015 (Saturday)
Venue: Grand Prince Tanakawa Hotel, Tokyo

Shinagawa stn

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‘Law Of The Jungle In Yap’ Episode 4 (2015-06-19)

I had been wondering earlier about the large group with 12 members for this season of jungle survival in Yap as the groups for the past seasons were much smaller. With the departure of Seong Su, Yi Gyeong and Kang Nam and arrival of 3 new members, it’s now clear that not all members would be staying for the entire duration of filming on Yap. A small group would be easier to manage as not everyone can endure the rough living conditions.
4-1Sang Hyun, Ji Won and Su Bin were probably looking forward to their adventure on paradise island.
It was certainly unexpected to have to alight a short distance from shore and wade over the uneven seabed.


Holding on to each other as they carefully made their way in. Ji Won seemed rather fearful of what was in the water so the other two decided to tease him by picking something up and throwing it in his direction. 
Byeong Man welcomes the new members and to let them know what to expect, had Ryu Dam show them his leg which was covered with insect bites.  They would have to be prepared for the constant attacks from the many mosquitoes and sand flies.
The group was amused that Ji Won had brought along kimchi in a cold pack which he managed to get through immigration. At first I had thought that he should have known they could not possibly bring it into the jungle and then realized that he had brought them as a gift for the filming crew. 
Okeefe’s Island, also known as Tarang
The team would be heading to the southeast tip of the island where they would find stone money that faces the sky.
No proper walking path and they would have to rely on a compass to find their way.
They would also have to be careful of the spiky Pandanus leaves.
“This is the first time in my life coming like this, not knowing where the path is and just going in the direction as Kim Byeong Man. Moving just a little would bring on cold sweat, and the bugs are attacking.”
Tightening the straps of his knee protective gear.
The problem mentioned is that of worn down knee cartilage (osteoarthritis).
It must be tough to trudge up the slopes with his problem knees. I was a bit concerned to see him like this but glad that he did not seem to be hurting much. I got a bit worried when I did not see him with Byeong Man’s group in front, or with Ji Won’s group at the back. Surely they would not have left him on his own so it was a relief to see him catch up with the first group. He was probably a bit behind them.
Checking the compass often for direction and keeping to the southeast.
Though Byeong Man had walked ahead quickly, Ryu Dam had probably been instructed to stay with the slower ones trudging behind.
4-8aFinally reaching their destination and locating the stone money which faces the sky.
4-9This was the site where David Okeefe had used to live on this island in 1871 and he had made this table in a similar shape as stone money.
For their second survival challenge, they would not be able to use a knife but to rely on whatever is available in nature. As some of them were wondering how they were going to catch and clean fishes or cut fruits without a knife, Byeong Man asked them to look around for sharp pieces of stones which they could use in place of knives. He also showed them how to break the tip of a bamboo stem into sharp strips to use as a hunting tool.
Ji Won found a piece of wood with a sharp tip which he could use for fishing.
He probably cannot swim as he keeps to shallow water
and has difficulty using the snorkel piece.
4-12Sang Hyun’s DIY net made with of a piece of flexible branch and strips of bark.
Sang Hyun felt a bit piqued by Ji Won’s comment that the fish would go through the big holes of the net as he had spent an hour working on it. Probably he was using more bark strips to go across the frame. While looking at Sang Hyun’s vest Ji Won got the idea of using it as netting. He is certainly another resourceful person with creative ideas.
4-14aHaving fun with their DIY net and shouting with excitement when they caught a tropical fish in the shallow water.
According to Su Bin, it’s a triggerfish which has sharp dorsal spine. He is quite knowledgeable about the various species as he loves the sea and look upon the fishes as his children.
4-16Sang Hyun had wanted to keep the fish in the enclosure which he made with some rocks but it managed to slip through the cracks.
4-17Sang Hyun’s next DIY project ……. a bamboo raft.
“It is my dream to build a raft and take it out to sea. To build a wooden house and take the raft down the Mississippi River with my friends. It had been my dream since young, building this raft brings me back to my childhood.”
4-18Sang Hyun to the PD “Really?!”
Sang Hyun was telling the PD that if he could take the raft out there (pointing into the distance), then he would not need to do filming. To his surprise, the PD replied that if he can do that, he will consider it as a termination of his survival challenge. That certainly spurred him on to complete his raft.


Sang Hyun testing his raft which floated successfully much to his and everyone’s delight. As he paddled away happily, Ji Won shouted that they should go together and splashed him with water when he did not stop. These 2 are so cute sometimes, just like big kids.


I’m Yoon Sawyer and this is my dream come true ……
For a moment, half of the raft was submerged when Sang Hyun shifted his balance.
Calling out to Ji Won that they would need to tie up the raft again.
Probably the binding was not strong enough.
4-24Getting ready for some underwater viewing from on top the raft.
4-27Using a bait to catch the many fishes among the reef but without success.
The team did not get a good catch for the day and had only a small fish to share during dinner. Since everyone was hungry, Byeong Man negotiated with the PD that they be allowed to use a fishing net and in return, they would give some of what they catch to the filming crew. Though the PD relented, it was with the condition that they would have to give up half their catch to the crew.
While Byeong Man and Su Bin headed out for some offshore fishing, the rest tried to catch fish in shallow water near to shore.  Sang Hyun got to stay on land, probably being the oldest in the group and due to his fear of water. In the previous episode, Seong Su had also stayed behind while the rest of the members went hunting.
Ji Won “What red fish?!”
Ji Won was scared when the cameraman mentioned a red fish which had passed him in the water.
Sang Hyun probably wanted to tease him as he added that the fish bites people.
In next week’s episode ……. the typhoon strikes





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