Believe In Your Dreams (Dedication)

A Goose’s Dream (Insooni)
I came across this song which seems rather familiar and was wondering where I had heard it before. Titled A Goose’s Dream by veteran singer Insooni, it turns out to be the OST for the Kdrama Beethoven Virus which I had not watched. I had probably heard it somewhere and it had stuck with me. I like it, even more so because of its meaningful lyrics. A song of encouragement to those who have dreams, to believe in yourself and hold on to them in spite of setbacks.
From part of the lyrics:
Yes I have a dream.
I believe in that dream
Please watch over me
Standing in front of that cold wall called fate
I can firmly face it
One day I will pass over that wall
And be able to fly
As high as the sky
Specially dedicated to Sang Hyun, and to those who has a dream ……
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Re-watching Gapdong (Episodes 9 & 10)

With their failure to prevent the 5th murder at the nursery, Mu Yeom’s frustration turns into fury.
He vows to get Tae Oh even if he had to die in order to kill him.


But even though Tae Oh was arrested for kidnapping Ma Ji-ul, they did not have enough evidence to charge him with murder.




9-9After all the intense scenes, it’s certainly good to see him smile when he’s with Ma Ji-ul and Oh Maria.


A tender moment with Oh Maria as Mu Yeom secures the repaired whistle around her neck.



9-16With the telephone number which an inmate had passed to Oh Maria before he committed suicide, Mu Yeom managed to locate the phone booth where Tae Oh had communicated with the other copycat Gapdong in the detention centre.  They had yet to find out that he’s just a fake.



Mu Yeom finally figured out who the suspected copycat Gapdong in the detention centre is but unfortunately the inmate had been released. 
Mu Yeom tries to figure out from the vicinity map where the copycat Gapdong might be. With the impending date of the 6th murder, it’s a race against time to find him.  Even more alarming was the sudden disappearance of Ma Ji-ul’s mum (the potential 6th victim) but fortunately Mu Yeom arrives in the nick of time to save her from getting her head smashed in by fake Gapdong.
Now that we’re halfway through the drama, it would not be long before the real Gapdong is revealed.
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Re-watching Gapdong (Episode 7)

During Mu Yeom’s tense face-off with Tae Oh on the roof top, he was accidentally hit by a ricocheting bullet which Chul Gon had fired when trying to disarm him. 











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Re-watching Gapdong (Episode 7 & 8)

I missed half of episode 7 on Monday but will re-watch its repeat this weekend.
Episode 7 is where Mu Yeom was hit by a bullet from Chul Gon’s gun when he was playing Russian roulette with psycho Ryu Tae Oh. As it was too risky to remove the bullet from his head, Mu Yeom would occasionally suffer intense headaches.








As Mu Yeom goes through the past murder cases, he feels a deep sadness for the helpless victims.




8-12Even as he feels relieved that Ma Ji-eul is safe, he’s furious with her for not heeding his advice to stay away from Tae Oh.
8-13Filled with remorse that he was unable to stop the murder of the 5th victim in the nursery
8-14Vowing to get Tae Oh.
Another instance of great acting in this scene.
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Singles Life (Love Lost)

Are relationships dependent on fate or simply because of one’s choice? Or perhaps it was just not meant to be. I might have felt a little sad that Ji Hyun and Jung Won broke up in end but I am not sorry it happened. 
Captures from episode 12 – 14 ….. my focus is mainly on Sang Hyun as usual.
















14-8The last straw for Ji Hyun was watching Jung Won’s farewell embrace with Hyun Su.








14-16Jung Won finds an MP3 player which Ji Hyun had left in her letter box.
He had recorded a voice message to her but she probably did not find out until later.


Ji Hyun would be flying off the next day and he had intended to see her for the last time.


14-20Gazing sadly at Jung Won as she walks off into the distance.
And this is where I get a lump in my throat as well. 



14-23Jung Won discovers the recorded message from Ji Hyun …… his parting words as he left for the airport.
You have asked me why I have committed to remaining single.
There was no answer at that time but I can tell you now.

It is not because I have not met someone I love.
It’s because of love lost.
That is my answer.
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Singles Life (Pairing)

I finally managed to finish this drama after struggling with the frustrating blank screens and repeated commercials on each browser reloading.  Skipping some episodes, returning to watch them later and then jumping to the final episode is of course not a good way to watch a drama. Watching it raw had also left me with parts that I do not understand.
My personal take on the characters pairing:
Ji Hyun  Yoo Mi
Yoon Ji Hyun (Sang Hyun) and Nam Jung Won (Kim Yoo Mi) 
I’m not sure why but their pairing up is not something I would root for, and I still do not understand why he likes her. Perhaps it was her indifference to him initially which piqued his interest and he saw something in her as he got to know her better. Ji Hyun was never serious in his relationship with women but he fell in love with her.  She could have been the one he was willing to commit to but unfortunately it did not work out for them.
One thing which I find rather annoying and which had upset Ji Hyun as well, is her lingering feelings for Hyun Woo and inability to let go. Enough of her woeful expression. I don’t blame Ji Hyun for giving up on her after witnessing her farewell hug with Hyun Woo. If I were in his shoes, I would probably have done the same.
JH  Moon Jung Hee 3
Yoon Ji Hyun and Seo Hye Jin (Moon Jung Hee)
She found him attractive and was the one who made the first move to get his attention. Though they did get together for a while, their relationship did not progress beyond a few dates. I thought she was more suited to Ji Hyun.
Lee Hyun Woo 5  Yoo Mi 2
Jang Hyun Soo (Lee Hyun Woo) and Nam Jung Won
From what I could conclude, their break-up was perhaps due to her reluctance to fully commit to their relationship and she was too caught up with work to have time for him. But what puzzles me is why they did not just reconcile since they obviously love each other.
Lee Hyun Woo 6  Yoo Seun 3
Jang Hyun Soo and Han Young Eun (Yoo Sun)

Young Eun is the most tortured character where her heart is concerned. Though she had a mighty crush on Hyun Soo, she would not allow herself to show her feelings despite her constant longing and heartache. Even after Hyun Soo and Jung Won’s break-up, she still believed it was not right for her to go for him. Despite everything, they do end up as a couple in the end.
kang ji sub 3  Yoo Seun 4
Kang Ji Sub (Kang Woo Hyuk) and Han Young Eun 
I find this pairing rather cute. Even though Young Eun only has eyes for Hyun Soo, Ji Sub is persistent in his affection for her. I feel sorry for him that they did not end up together. But just as it is with Jung Won, Young Eun’s constant on-the-verge-of-tears expression over Hyun Soo got on my nerves. What’s with these women?
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Singles Life (2)

Casts from left to right:
Sang Hyun  ….. Yoon Ji Hyun, owner of an upper class fitness center
Yoo Seun ……… Han Young Eun, ex-teacher who has a crush on Hyun Su
Kim Yu Mi …… Nam Jung Won, drama script writer in a relationship with Hyun Su
Lee Yoon Woo ….. Jang Hyun Su, doctor
Moon Jung Hee ….. Seo Hye Jin, dating agency executive
Kang Ji Sub …….. Kang Woo Hyeok, fitness center instructor who’s interested in Young Eun
It’s so frustrating trying to watch this drama on the SBS site. I am able to watch a number of the episodes in full but would get that endless circling within a blank screen for the other episodes. Sometimes I would have to refresh the browser a few times before the clips play but it does not always work.
I can only get the gist of this drama as I’m watching it raw so will only summarize with the above description of the casts.  The 2 women involved with Ji Hyun are Hye Jin and Jung Won. If I can get the screen to work again, I will jump to the final episode to find out who Ji Hyun ends up with or would it be with neither since his character is said to be committed to staying single.
4Seems I had misread the media article about this scene in episode 4 as the lady above is not Hye Jin (Moon Jung Hee) but someone Ji Hyun met in a club (in 5th picture below)
Some of the screen shots from episodes 5 – 10. 




6bAnother kissing scene, this time with Hye Jin


7aBungee jumping with a terrified Jung Won






Ji Hyun comforting a heartbroken Jung Won, after her break-up with Hyun Su



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