‘Perfect Wife’ – Jung Hee’s Past

With 2 more episodes to go, I hope we can find the missing piece in Jung Hee’s past. Moon Eun Kyung was his nightmare and whatever she had done had been so traumatic for him. What was so terrible to have caused his mental breakdown and memory loss?
As I look back on the previous episodes, certain scenes make me wonder what was really in Jung Hee’s mind when he regained his memory of her. He wills himself to overcome his fear even as the thought of her fills him with loathing. He tells himself he is no longer who he used to be and now he has something he must achieve. Is it solely the thought of success that drives him or something else he is looking for?

I must overcome it. I can’t stop here.

I will go up, I will climb up as much as I can. I am no longer the man I used to be.

That horrible woman is back. How can he live with her when he feared her so much then?

I’m going to endure it and hang in there. I’ll marry her and establish a position for myself. We used to live so well, we were so happy. I’m going to find wealth and honor again. Just trust me and wait a year.

These are Ms Lee Eun Hee’s assets.

Does this represent something we can expect when the storm is over?
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‘Perfect Wife’ Episode 18 (2017-04-25)

Viewer ratings (Nielsen)
Episode 1   @3.9%            Episode 11 @5.3%
Episode 2   @4.9%           Episode 12 @5.6%
Episode 3   @5.1%            Episode 13 @4.8%
Episode 4   @4.9%           Episode 14 @5.4%
Episode 5   @3.5%           Episode 15 @5.0%
Episode 6   @4.7%           Episode 16 @5.7%
Episode 7   @3.5%           Episode 17 @4.8%
Episode 8   @4.4%          Episode 18 @4.9%
Episode 9   @6.4%           
Episode 10 @6.1%
As I had been expecting more dark deeds from Eun Hee, this episode is a bit of an anti-climax. I even thought she might be driven to hurt Jung Hee or the children and is prepared to die with him if she could not have him. Hence the abrupt ending left me puzzled. Is that it? Everything seems nicely wrapped up now for everyone except for Jung Hee who might lose everything while Jae Bok finds her happily-ever-after with Bong Gu.
For a moment I was unsure whether the drama has been cut short due to the low ratings and perhaps episode 18 is meant to be the final. But then there are still unanswered questions circling in my head ….. what really happened between Jung Hee and Eun Hee in the past that had left him so traumatized? Is there something he is trying to regain even if he has to endure his tormentor and marry her? Is Jung Hee so hungry for success that nothing else really matter anymore? With Eun Hee safely locked away, are there any surprises left in the final 2 episodes?

Jae Bok is horrified to find herself locked up in a mental hospital. It’s a good thing that she had the presence of mind to make an attempt to escape.
Side note: In this drama, Lee Yu Ri plays a cameo role as a divorce client (episode 1), as Jae Bok’s former classmate Lee Eun Kyung who was obsessed with her (episode 12) and the mental patient she’s now locked up with (episode 18).
Eun Hee had intentionally sent Jung Hee away on an overseas business trip when she schemed to have Jae Bok kidnapped. He finds out from Bong Gu that Jae Bok is missing. 

As Brian seems to be the best person who could stop Eun Hee, Bong Gu tries to get his help to locate Jae Bok before it’s too late. Brian is at first reluctant as he could not possibly report his sister but perhaps Na Mi’s death had made him realize the seriousness of Eun Hee’s mental condition.  

To make her escape from the mental hospital, Jae Bok masquerades as the other patient who is brought out for a check-up. She dashes out through an open door and hides in the back of a truck leaving the facility. When the driver stops for a toilet break, she makes a run for it into the forested area.

Bong Gu finally finds Jae Bok when he catches up with the truck driver. It is fortunate that he was at that moment checking out the mental hospital where she is confined. From Brian’s conversation with Eun Hee earlier, it seems most likely that her plan is to lock Jae Bok up in such a facility.
Bong Gu is relieved that Jae Bok is safe. Having lost Na Mi, the thought that Jae Bok could have met the same mishap made him realize that she is someone who matters to him. 

Could their relationship be moving onto a new level or is it just that they treasure their friendship so much more? Bong Gu’s previous relationship with women had always been rather shallow but Jae Bok made him realize he is capable of really caring for someone.
Jung Hee finds out that Jae Bok was confined to a mental hospital and is filled with remorse that she could have been hurt because of him.

He overhears Eun Hee’s conversation with his office assistant which confirms that she is responsible for Jae Bok’s disappearance. As she had listened in on his earlier phone conversation with Jin Wook and knows that he is thinking of getting back with his family, Jae Bok has become a threat to her. She had bribed his assistant to arrange for Jae Bok’s kidnapping and to put the blame on him should there be an investigation.
Knowing that Eun Hee had planned to set him up to take the blame for being her alibi during Na Mi’s murder and Jae Bok’s kidnapping fills him with horror. Is he in too deep and unable to get out of the trap she has set for him? Eun Hee might be a mental case but she’s certainly devious. 
Jung Hee seems on the verge of a breakdown. Is this reminiscent of what he had gone through in the past?

Perhaps Jung Hee has thought through on a way to handle her threat as he appears nonchalant the next morning. His apology and unexpected cheerfulness makes her wary.

A rare tender moment for Jung Hee as Jae Bok expresses her concern for him. Knowing that they are being watched, this is probably Jae Bok’s ploy to use him as a bait to draw Eun Hee out..

Jae Bok is non-committal to Jung Hee’s wish for them to reconcile but since she did not reject him either, it gives him hope that they could get back together.

Jung Hee and Jae Bok goes on a dinner date on occasion of their wedding anniversary. He is unaware that this is merely part of Jae Bok’s plan to make Eun Hee show up as she surely would.

Jung Hee expresses his regret and hopes to be given another chance but Jae Bok tells him that she has not really forgiven him for everything he did.

As expected Eun Hee turns up and almost rams them down, but thankfully she stops short of hitting them.

Brian had probably realized by now that Eun Hee is a danger to herself and those around her. With his permission, Jae Bok and Bong Gu had made use of this date with Jung Hee to draw her out.
A thought which comes to mind is why do they need to do it in this manner when Brian could have simply sent those people to Eun Hee’s house to get her. Is it because they need to catch her in the act of causing harm to others? If she had not stopped the car, Jung Hee and Jae Bok could have been badly hurt. How would this plan have guaranteed their safety?

For the sake of their children, Jung Hee hopes Jae Bok will give him another chance but she is unable to forgive him right now. Even if he might lose everything, she hopes he can make a fresh start.

Eun Hee is finally committed to the mental hospital. It is doubtful if she can ever get over her obsession with Jung Hee but as long as she is confined here, she will not be able to torment him further. Hope she is not going to escape and get to him again or do something much worse.
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With Daddy’s Little Girl

효녀 우리딸!😁😁😁
My filial daughter!
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‘Perfect Wife’ Episode 17 (2017-04-24)

Viewer ratings (Nielsen)
Episode 1   @3.9%             Episode 11 @5.3%
Episode 2   @4.9%            Episode 12 @5.6%
Episode 3   @5.1%             Episode 13 @4.8%
Episode 4   @4.9%            Episode 14 @5.4%
Episode 5   @3.5%            Episode 15 @5.0%
Episode 6   @4.7%            Episode 16 @5.7%
Episode 7   @3.5%            Episode 17 @4.8%
Episode 8   @4.4%
Episode 9   @6.4%
Episode 10 @6.1%
I can’t help it, I’m really disappointed with you Gu Jung Hee. I thought something good would finally happen but no, you are still doing what you should not. Why are you still sticking with Eun Hee despite knowing she killed someone you had once loved? I was hoping you would turn around but guess I got my theory all wrong. This drama is seriously messing with my heart.
Jung Hee is aghast to learn that Eun Hee has killed Na Mi. He wants to report her but hesitates when she reminds him everything would be over for him too if anything happens to her. I’m really amazed that Jung Hee still allows himself to be controlled by this woman after all that she has done.

Eun Hee uses Jung Hee as her alibi, claiming they were together at the time Na Mi was found dead. 

Jae Bok is totally disappointed with Jung Hee that he would still side with Eun Hee despite knowing who killed Na Mi. 
Where is your conscience?
Bong Gu loses it and screams at Eun Hee for killing Na Mi.
With Jae Bok in detention, Jung Hee brings the kids back to stay with him temporarily.
In the same house with Eun Hee despite knowing she just killed someone? 

This time it’s hands-off with the children. Jung Hee tells his mum to keep a close watch over them.
Wouldn’t it be safer for them not to be here at all?

Jae Bok is horrified that Jung Hee would bring the children to stay with him, and with Eun Hee in the same house.

On a hunch that Na Mi’s photos from her mobile might have been uploaded to her cloud storage, Bong Gu and Sam Kyu checks for any possible clues. They found a photo of someone but unfortunately her face could not be seen.
On a side note, photos taken on my mobile are automatically uploaded to my Dropbox.

This particular scene of Jung Hee’s mum checking out the food before letting the children eat it is comical, especially with that incredulous look on Eun Hee’s face. 
The investigators turn up to arrest Eun Hee for suspected murder but her mum takes the rap, claiming she is the one who killed Na Mi. A misplaced kind of maternal love and to make amends for having mistreated Eun Hee and Brian when they were younger.
Eun Hee’s mum has altered the CCTV details to make it look like she had gone out that night Na Mi was killed, wearing the dress captured in the photo in Na Mi’s phone.
With Eun Hee’s mum arrested for the murder, Jae Bok is released. Frantic with worry that the children are in Eun Hee’s house, she becomes hysterical when she could not get in. Jung Hee thinks it would be better that the children do not see her in that state and reassures her that he is only keeping them with him for a few days.

Jae Bok is relieved to be finally reunited with the children. As they leave, the kids remind Jung Hee of his promise to go to the amusement park with them and their mum.

On the phone with Jin Wook later that night, Jung Hee reveals his desire to get back together with them as a family. He is unaware that Eun Hee is outside listening in to his conversation.

Fearing that Jung Hee would really leave her, Eun Hee decides that Jae Bok will have to disappear.

Jae Bok is kidnapped while on her way to work and forcefully brought to a mental hospital.
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‘Perfect Wife’ Episode 15-16 BTS

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‘Perfect Wife’ Episode 13-14 BTS

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‘Perfect Wife’ Episode 18 Teaser

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