Special MC On MBC’s Radio Star (2019-09-18)

Sang Hyun will be appearing on tonight’s MBC Radio Star as special MC in place of Yoon Jong Shin who left the talk show for other pursuits. Tonight’s broadcast is at 11.05 pm (KST) …. http://onair.imbc.com/
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Traveller Pictorial (October 2019 Issue)

From Sang Hyun’s recent family trip to Vietnam.
Photo shoot at Phu Quoc’s La Veranda Resort for the October issue of the Traveller Pictorial.

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From Instagram (15th & 16th September 2019)

명절잘보내고 날씨도맑아지고 공기도좋아지고 기분좋은 가족나들이..ㅎ
Good holiday, the weather is clear and the air gets better. A pleasant family outing.


가족을 위해서라면..냉면배달가는 이쁜우리여보. ㅎㅎ
Ramyeon for the family …. our pretty sweetheart delivering cold noodles  
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‘You Are My Destiny’ Ep 111 (2019-09-09)

The yard might be in a mess due to the on-going rectification work but preparation for Maybee’s surprise birthday event is underway.

After putting the swing in place, Sang Hyun and his friends set up the projection screen with strips of white cloth draped over the wall scaffolding.

Testing out the video clip projection and going through a rehearsal to ensure that things will proceed smoothly.
Maybee and the kids are finally home from their trip to Grandma’s place. As they settle down to enjoy the roast chicken he had prepared earlier, he waits for the right moment to put his plan into action.

On the pretext that he needs to get something from the car, he hurries out to where his friends are waiting. After a quick change of clothes he gives Maybee a call to lure her out, telling her that someone had dumped trash into their yard.

Not suspecting anything, Maybee looks for him in the yard and is startled to hear his voice from the video projection all of a sudden. She did not notice the screen image at first as it was behind her.

He apologizes for not having a proper birthday celebration for her since they got married and makes a promise to always celebrate it from now on. He knows it has not been easy for her all this time they were together. He might not know how to express his feelings well but there is never a day he is not grateful that she’s his wife. He’s thankful for her care, concern, understanding and respect for him, and for loving him abundantly despite his inadequacies.

Sang Hyun becomes emotional as he watches the replay of this moment. It makes me tear up too. 

The spotlights come on next to set the stage for the song he’s going to sing for her. Sang Hyun had earlier made a request to a drama crew to help with the lights installation. The effect would have been even better if not for the rectification work.

Sang Hyun finally emerges from his hiding place as the music begins. He starts singing as he walks towards her but unfortunately the music stops abruptly. There seems to be some connection problem as the music keeps going off as he tries to complete the song. 

It’s really unfortunate that the music is interrupted again just as his singing reaches a crescendo.
I was enjoying this part, thinking what a great voice he has. Miss his singing.

Feeling frustrated that he did not manage to sing the song properly but Maybee reassures him that it’s alright. His heartfelt message has touched her.

Time to unveil his special birthday gift for her …  something she had wanted in their yard.

Finally the birthday cake and celebrating with friends.

Sang Hyun can’t seem to resist getting colourful attire for Maybee despite her preference for neutral colours and simple designs. Happy birthday Maybee.

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Special MC On MBC’s ‘Radio Star’

News source: http://www.theceluv.com/article.php?aid=1568166365278370010#rs
Sang Hyun will be appearing as special MC on MBC’s ‘Radio Star’ on 18th September with the other MCs Kim Kuk-jin, Kim Gu-ra, and Ahn Young-mi. The regular MC Yoon Jong Shin is leaving the show for other music activities. Hope they will keep Sang Hyun on as special MC until they find a replacement. 
The show is broadcast every Wednesday night @11.05. 
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Vietnam Trip Commemorative Shots

The kids are so cute with their Vietnam hats.

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‘You Are My Destiny’ Ep 110 (2019-09-02)

Sang Hyun is making a swing as a surprise birthday gift for Maybee. He completes the sketch and proceeds
to trim the wood pieces to the required length with the assistance of the workshop staff.

Receiving instructions on the measurement setting and safe operation of the large rotary table saw.

After getting the hang of it, cutting the wood pieces becomes easier. The dust mask and ear muff he had initially donned feels too restrictive so he decides to do away with them.
Ear plugs are necessary if the noise level is high. Another protective gear which should also be donned is safety eye wear. Protective gear is essential when working in a hazardous environment.

Maybee and the kids are at grandma’s house in Paju to get away from the dusty rectification work on their house. He could not let her know he’s working on the swing so resorts to telling a little white lie that he’s supervising the rectification work. 

Not noticing the beam already fixed to the top of the frame, Sang Hyun bumps his head hard on it while picking up something off the floor …. ouch!

All smiles with the completed seat finally in place. He is certain Maybee will like it and can visualize her beside him while they enjoy their morning coffee together.

Unfortunately that idyllic scene will have to wait until the rectification work is completed and the yard is

Discussing the logistics of the surprise birthday party with some of his close friends. 

After mulling over what to write on the birthday cake, he decides to make it simple.
‘My love Maybee, with gratitude and thanks. Hubby’

With their help, the swing is placed in a corner of the yard. It’s unfortunate that the place is rather messy at the moment.

The projection screen is to be placed on the scaffold, right across from where the swing is facing. 

Seems the long piece of cloth is more like a banner than a projection screen.

Setting up the projector and going through a chaotic rehearsal.

Will the surprise party be a success? Tune in to the next episode to find out.
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