2019 SORIBADA Best K-Music Awards (2019-08-22)

Sang Hyun as one of the award presenters at the 2019 SORIBADA Best K-Music Awards held this afternoon at the Olympic Park gymnasium.


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‘You Are My Destiny’ Ep 107 (2019-08-12)

The Yoon family is having a hard time with the summer heat and high humidity as the air conditioner is not working.  

What is of greater concern are the multiple cracks which have formed on the exterior walls of their house.
Would these have an effect on the structural safety?

It would be best to get someone qualified to check it out. Hope it is nothing serious that requires costly rectification work.

Little Na-On surprises mum and dad by running in topless. The heat is getting to the kids too.  

Sang Hyun decides to set up a wading pool on the rooftop deck for the kids to cool off in.

Not a good idea to use a manual pump to inflate the pool. Not only would it take a long time but it’s energy sapping to do so in such warm weather.

Finally it’s done but to his dismay there’s no tap on the rooftop deck. Probably a detail which was overlooked during the design and construction of the house.  

How frustrating ……

No choice but to make multiple trips down to the second level to get water for the pool. 
Meanwhile mum has to contend with the sisters fighting over a toy

With peace restored, the sisters enjoy their rooftop pool. Would be more fun though to add in some toys.

Sang Hyun is busy in the kitchen preparing watermelon juice for the family. He uses the hollowed out shell as a receptacle and even adds in a tap …. nice. The kids would surely love it.

Finally after all the hard work, dad can take a breather and enjoy a refreshing drink.

As they were about to finish up all the juice, Na-On unexpectedly pours her remaining juice into the pool and asks for apple juice.

Thinking it might help to cool the house down, Sang Hyun sprays water all around its exterior.
Unfortunately that only brings up the humidity.
Maybee is concerned that all this exertion in the heat is not good for him and prefers that he takes it easy.
In addition to the air conditioner breakdown and wall cracks, rain water leaks into some parts of the house.
Hope all these issues can be fixed soon.
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‘You Are My Destiny’ Ep 106 (2019-08-05)

Sang Hyun drops by to visit the site where his mum is working part-time. She had told him that they were doing some cleaning work in the shade but what he sees on arrival gives him a bad feeling.   

Excavation work for historical artifacts is being carried out at a site from the Three Kingdoms era. 

If the women are merely doing cleaning work under the shade, then who does the hard excavation work under the hot sun? His aunt reassures him that it’s the men who do this but Sang Hyun is not convinced.

He’s upset that his mum had told him a white lie and it breaks his heart to see her working in this condition. It feels hot even under the shade so how much worse is it out there in the open area?

He tells his mum to stop doing such hard work and go traveling instead. She reassures him that the work will be ending soon.

Back at the studio, special guest veteran actress Kim Young Ok advises Sang Hyun to be more understanding towards his mum. She can relate to why his mum would prefer to remain active and adds that even menial work can give the elders a sense of accomplishment. 
Sang Hyun has often asked his mum to stop doing part-time work and suggested that she stays with him but she does not want to do that. 

Sang Hyun’s paternal uncle joins them for a meal. 12 years older than Sang Hyun and having been taken care of by Sang Hyun’s mum since his childhood days, both men have grown up like brothers. 
Maybee wonders if his uncle might have been better looking than Sang Hyun during their younger days. When his aunt agrees with Sang Hyun that he’s better looking than his uncle, the latter appears a bit miffed. 

Their friendly banter culminates in a singing contest with Sang Hyun and Maybee in one team and his mum and uncle in the other. 

Grooving to the beat and showing off his moves, his uncle scores 95 points.

Despite Maybee’s error of not having the microphone on at the start, she receives a perfect score of 100 points. 

Sang Hyun’s mum has a strong voice and good rhythm. With the same score as his uncle, their total is 190 points.

With Maybee’s score of 100 points, Sang Hyun only needs to score above 90 points for a win. The song he picks is an easy one so it should not be a problem …. or is it?

He starts out strong but to everyone’s surprise seems to falter midway. Because of that, he ends up with only 87 points and the win goes to his mum and uncle.

I believe it is Sang Hyun’s deliberate move to score low. With himself and Maybee being singers, it is already an uneven contest. And why would he want to win over his mum?
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Our Happy Family (2)

Very good ….
Looks like this sketch is done by someone as it differs from Sang Hyun’s usual drawing and also labelled in English. Cute and nice that Koko and Runi is included as well. 
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‘You Are My Destiny’ Ep 105 (2019-07-29)

The Yoon family’s vegetable garden now filled with a variety of fresh greens.
What a contrast from the bare plot 2 months ago.  

Maybee is dismayed to see Sang Hyun returning with a camper van which she’s not in favour of them purchasing. Did he really go ahead and buy it?

Maybee might be impressed with the well furnished interior equipped with various amenities but is adamant that they are not getting the camper van. 

She is relieved to know that Sang Hyun is merely doing a test drive of the camper van.
He suggests that they might as well go on a camping trip.

The van is equipped with an extendable awning to provide much needed shade on a hot day like this.
It would be much better to go camping during the cooler seasons. 

It has been a long time since Maybee had tried fishing so she did not manage to cast the line well.
Instead of a distant throw, the lure slams into the water.  

It’s Sang Hyun’s turn next but his throw did not go far either.

While mum and dad is busy fishing, the girls are enjoying a messy sand bath.

Maybee’s close friend Jin Young and Sang Hyun’s previous co-star Yoo In Young joins them on their camping trip. 

In Young had acted as Sang Hyun’s ex-girlfriend in the 2018 drama ‘Hand in Hand, Let’s Watch The Sunset’. In one of the scenes, she had to slap him hard but unfortunately it had to be repeated. The first slap hurt so much that he had involuntarily flinched during the second take. 

Sang Hyun grumbles that In Young had continued with the first slap despite the PD’s call for a cut.

Sang Hyun makes a last attempt to change Maybee’s mind regarding the camper van but it’s still a negative.

Hye Jin relates an emotional scene from the above mentioned drama which Sang Hyun had associated with Maybee. She had wondered why he was crying more than was required in the script when she remembered that the sight of Maybee’s back view while cooking in the kitchen had prompted Sang Hyun to propose to her. So he was in fact reminded of Maybee in that scene.

Scene from episode 14 of the drama where
Do Young gazes tearfully at ex-wife Hyun Joo as she makes him a cup of tea in the kitchen.

To test if Sang Hyun is similarly affected by the back view of other woman, MC Kim Sook turns her back to him. Apparently not.

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From Instagram (2019-08-02)

암마 기다리는중..어서가요 아빠!.!
Waiting for mum …. come on dad!
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‘You Are My Destiny’ Ep 104 (2019-07-22)

Sang Hyun was not in episodes 102 and 103 as previous couples were featured in celebration of the show’s 100th episode. He’s back in this week’s episode with guests who were his previous co-stars … Han Hye Jin who acted as his wife Hyun Ju in the drama ‘Hand in Hand, Let’s Watch The Sunset’ (2018) and Jo Hyun Jae (below group photo, top left) who was one of the casts in the drama ‘3 Dads 1 Mum’ (2008). 

Maybee will be standing in as guest DJ on the SBS radio show ‘Choi Hwa Jung Power Time FM’ in place of the regular DJ who is away on vacation. 

She feels a little anxious as it has been 9 years since her previous stint as DJ and is also concerned about being out of touch with current trends. Being on an upbeat noon time radio show is also quite different from her previous evening shows. Sang Hyun suggests that she should just present it according to her own style.

Arriving at the studio shortly before the start of the noon broadcast. 

Sang Hyun is excited to finally see Maybee appear live on screen but is nervous for her. 
Despite her nervousness, Maybee’s presentation is flawless. One of the listeners commented that Maybee sounds just like a regular DJ and not one who has been away from the station for a long time. 

Sang Hyun is very much relieved and moved to post her an on-line message of encouragement. 

Sang Hyun tears up as Maybee reads out his message on air

Maybee announces that a mystery guest will be joining her later on in the studio. She has no idea who it is but she expects the guest to be someone she knows. She thinks it’s unlikely to be Sang Hyun since he has to look after the kids. 

But the mystery guest turns out to be Sang Hyun after all. Their close friend is helping to mind the kids while he’s out. 

Though he tries to hide from her view, Maybee spots him through the glass window as he makes his way in.

Sang Hyun is nervous as they go back live on air and did not realize he has forgotten to wear the headphones. For a moment he’s at a loss of words and also answers off the point regarding plans for his next acting project.   

Some of the on-line comments from listeners were not very positive for Sang Hyun though as they felt he was a boring guest.
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