Yoon Sang Hyun MV 2 & 3

Chanced upon another Yoon Sang Hyun MV but did not have much information on this clip except that it had something to do with 20th anniversary: A WAlk To Remember (from the words projected in the clip).  Not sure what that was about (perhaps a dedication?) but no matter, we get to watch YSH in it.  The singer is Lee Seung Chul, who also sang in the other YSH MV Love Is So Difficult  as well as the original version of Never Ending Story.

This is another MV featuring YSH, a creepy one for a change.  Perhaps they could even use this as some horror movie ….. mentally unbalanced and extremely upset jilted girlfriend stalker.  I couldn’t find much information related to this MV but looks like it was made some years ago (2005?)

Please note that the 2nd MV contains gory and bloody scenes which might be unsuitable for some to view.  
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2 Responses to Yoon Sang Hyun MV 2 & 3

  1. shandy says:

    The song of the first mv is sentimental & soupy, the plot’s too
    heartaching.Thou it’s mv, I try to control myself but just too
    easy to be lachrymose.
    Feel like a nauseating smell billowing in the air. I wouldnt like
    to see Yoon being an unfeeling & fickle husband on screen too.
    The two plots are polarized.

  2. juleecwk says:

    The current 2nd MV was a replacement for the previous clip which had been removed by YT. This current MV had additional gory footage which the previous clip did not include.

    So sorry about that, I do think it’s a bit hard for some to watch. Might decide to have it removed. Will try to look for another version.

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