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Website for Korean male nominees
In case die-hard supporters of your favourite stars have not heard, currently the Yahoo Asia Buzz Award is on from November 16th – December 4th for you to cast your votes for your idols from Hong Kong, Taiwan & South Korea.  The awards ceremony will be held on December 11.  In order to vote, you will need a Yahoo account and do remember to enable pop-ups on your browser.  Each Yahoo account allows a daily maximum of 10 votes and if that is too little for you, use multiple accounts and get your family and friends to join in. 
The website is in Korean so here’s how to vote:
 1)  Go to above website (Korean male nominees)
Moving cursor over your favourite star enlarges his image. 
Clicking on image will give his current position and total number of cast votes. 

My choice star Yoon Sang Hyun at no. 11 with 9,697 votes.
 2)  Click on the small white box below the total votes.
 3)  A pop-up as shown below appears (step 3), clicking on purple box brings up the Yahoo log-in box (step 4).  Enter user ID & password and click on white box at bottom to log in.
Images below taken from this link 
4)  This will bring you back to the Buzz page, click on image and white box (below total votes) to add on your vote.
5)  Each time you vote, the pop-up below (step 5) shows your current vote cast (number on left) and remaining eligible votes (number on right).  Once you’ve reached your maximum of 10 votes, you will get the message as shown in step 6 if you continue to click to vote.  To continue voting, repeat the above the following day.  If that’s not fast enough, create multiple accounts.  To those using multiple accounts, please remember to go to to log-out before using another account.
(Please take note that if you vote continuously with multiple accounts, you might be blocked from the Buzz page and receive an ISP message in Korean and have a hard time getting back to the Buzz page. To avoid this, please do not use multiple accounts continuously but stagger with a break of at least 30 minutes).   
Website for choice Taiwan stars at this link
Another 9 more days before the poll closes so hurry and cast your votes.
To Yoon Sang Hyun fans out there, let’s push up his votes as much as possible and place him in the Top 10.  Kamsahamnida Red heartRed heartRed heart
27th Nov @ 7.05pm  ……. YSH’s votes at 13,315, a jump of around 3,600 votes from the 9,697 votes as captured in the vote count pic above. Thanks to all of you who voted …. please keep voting.
28th Nov @ 11.09am …… To those using multiple accounts for voting, please close your browser after 10 votes and go to to log-out.  Should you be blocked by an ISP warning in Korean and unable to access the Buzz website, clear your Internet cache under tools>internet options>delete temporary files & cookies.  YSH’s votes now at 14,957 and still going up, yay!  Keep voting.
29th Nov @ 12.32pm …… so happy that YSH’s vote now stands at 17,446 and gone up to no. 10.  I’ve been trying hard to add on to his votes and was blocked by the ISP page twice, but have somehow managed to get back in.  To YSH fans, let’s try our best to keep him above 10.
30th Nov @ 11.38am …… YSH @ no. 9 and just past 21,000 votes, thanks YSH fans.  Next target, to catch up with No 8 …. we need another 5000+ votes. 
1st Dec @ 10.37am ……. thanks to all the fans who have been voting hard, YSH has just crossed into 24,000 and the gap with No. 8 is now about 4000 votes.  Hope we’ll manage to narrow it even further by day’s end to 3000 or less. 
2nd Dec @ 11.14am …… YSH with 27,184 votes, we’re now just short of a bit over 2000 votes to catch up to no. 8.  Thanks to our devoted YSHers, we’re gradually narrowing the gap.  2 more days to closing.
3rd Dec @ 11.35am …… YSH just gone into same 30,000 region as no. 8, at this minute just with a difference of 448 votes.  YSHers, we can do it! ….. still 1 more day to go.  So nerve-wrecking right now.
@ around 2..45pm ……. we did it YSHers!!  We have finally reached THE MOMENT we’ve all been fighting so hard to achieve for the past 3 days ….. YSH at no. 8!!  We got to keep him up there until the very last moment tomorrow when the polls finally closes.  Thanks so much to all of you.
4th Dec @ 5pm …….. this is it, the final day of the Buzz polls which should end around 11pm Singapore time (@ midnight South Korea).  Our devoted YSHers will try their utmost to keep increasing their votes and keep him safe …… so close now to the final hour. 
1 sec into 5th Dec (South Korean time) …….. we did it, final closing of Buzz polls and YSH officially #8 with 34,955 votes.  A big big thank you to all YSHers who made this happen. 
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