Saigo No Ame (最後の雨) by Yoon Sang Hyun

[Saigo No Ame (最後の雨) by Yoon Sang Hyun (ユン・サンヒョン)

This song originally sung by Japanese balladeer Nakanishi Yasushi, is one of the songs in the soon to be released Yoon Sang Hyun album at the end of March.  From some of the clips I’ve watched on his recent trip to Japan, this should have been recorded there last December. 
Here are the the links:  
Saigo No Ame part 1
Saigo No Ame part 2
Saigo No Ame part 3
This is definitely my favourite song of the moment …. love his voice. He’s the best.
Romanized Japanese lyrics:                                      English translation (from Kouda Kumi)
Sayonara tsubuyaku kimi ga                                          You mutter goodbye                    
Boku no kasa nokoshite kakedashite yuku                   And run away, leaving my umbrella behind
Kanashimi furidasu machijuu ga giniro ni kemutte        Sadness rains down, covering the town in a silver fog
Kimi dake kesenai                                                                But it can’t erase you
Saigo no ame ni nurenai you ni                                      I ran after you and just held you
Oikakete tada dakiyose                                                      So you wouldn’t get wet in the final rain
Hitomi tojita                                                                         And closed my eyes
Honki de wasureru kurai nara                                       I’m not going to love someone so much, it brings me to tears
Nakeru hodo ai shitari shinai                                         If it’ll just be forgotten
Dareka ni torareru kurai nara                                       If you’re under someone’s spell
Tsuyoku daite kimi wo kowashitai                                I want to hold you so tight that I’ll crush you
Hodoita kami wo hirogete                                                You spread out your loose hair
Boku no yoru tsutsunda yasashii hito sa…                 And wrapped my night in it, you’re such a sweet guy
Fuan na nami ni sarawareru suna no shiro kowakute       When a wave of anxiety carried you away like a sandcastle 
Dareka wo motometa no?                                                 Did you wish someone was there?    
Honki de wasureru kurai nara                                        I’m not going to love someone so much it brings me to tears
Nakeru hodo ai shitari shinai                                          If it’ll just be forgotten
Sayonara wo itta kuchibiru mo                                      Even your lips as they say goodbye
Boku no mono sa kimi wo wasurenai                             Are mine, I won’t forget you         
Tsuyogari dake wo oboesaseta ne                                    All I taught you was how to pretend to be strong
Hohoemi wa mou futari no yume wo minai                Your smile no longer holds a dream we share
Ashita no kimi wo sukueru ai wa                                     Even though the love that can save you tomorrow
Boku ja nai demo                                                                   Isn’t mine
Kono mama mitsumete iru                                                I’ll still keep gazing at you like this
Kotoba ni dekinai no ga ai sa                                             I can’t put my love into words
Kotoba dewa kimi wo tsunagenai                                    I can’t connect to you with words
Yukiba nai ai ga tomaranai                                               My love for you has nowhere to go, but it won’t stop 
Kasa wo sutete ame wo miageteta                                    I threw away my umbrella and looked up at the rain
Honki de wasureru kurai nara                                          I’m not going to love someone so much it brings me to tears
Nakeru hodo ai shitari shinai                                             If it’ll just be forgotten
Dareka ni torareru kurai nara                                           If you’re under someone’s spell
Tsuyoku daite kimi wo kowashitai                                    I want to hold you so tight that I can crush you
Broken heart Broken heart Broken heart
Album release date 31st March 2010

1、最後の雨(作詞:夏目純 作曲:都志見隆 編曲:中西亮輔)
2、このまま気持ちさえ告げずに(作詞・作曲:都志見隆 編曲:中野定博)
3、Never Ending Story(韓国語)(作詞・作曲:キム・テウォン 編曲:中野定博)
4、最後の雨 inst.
5、このまま気持ちさえ告げずに inst.
6、Never Ending Story inst.
*初回限定盤のみDVD(「最後の雨」Video Clip)付き
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3 Responses to Saigo No Ame (最後の雨) by Yoon Sang Hyun

  1. shandy says:

    I was appealed to his ‘ Helpless Love’ initially.
    He has overcome me with his sonorous & good
    singing voice in his ‘ Never Ending Story’.
    Then comes the third song ‘ Saigo No Ame’.
    Oww….I love his image in Japan, entirely
    smart & chic.
    I’s totally defenceless against his charm at this

  2. Sam Chavez says:

    love those eyes in these pics ^_^

  3. Sam Chavez says:

    those lips, too! ^0^

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