Here I Am by Oska

Love this version as sung by Oska in ep 7
Uploaded by YSHIFCwwwysh0921com

Love his voice which touches me so much more than anyone else does ….. 사랑해
Romanized Hangul lyrics 
 Translated by Julee, Hangul lyrics source from

Here I am여기Here I am           
Here I am, yeogi, Here I am

Here I am 내가 여기에 여기 있는데      
Here I am, naega yeogie yeogi itnunde

Here I am지금Here I am
Here I am, jigeum Here I am

Here I am지금 여기에 내가 있는데
Here I am, jigeum yeogie naega itnunde

Nalta jwodo mojara nalpeoryeo tomojara

내가 널 얼마만큼 사랑하는지를
Naega neol eolmamankkeum sarang hanun jireul

모를거야 아마 넌Here I am
Moreul geoya ama neon, Here I am

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12 Responses to Here I Am by Oska

  1. shandy says:

    Listening to his song is an undescribable kind of feeling.
    I can be immersed myself in his song of this the whole night.
    His voice is so irresistible and it is just similar to a magnetic
    field that keeps on pulling you towards it.

  2. Juwita indrawan says:

    i fell in love with this song the first time i heard it. he has amazing voice. i can hear this over and over again, very touching. Love it ❤

  3. khaishandra says:

    Hi! I wonder if you have a video clip from the series that is not in youtube? I love the way he sang it 🙂

  4. jen says:

    I’ll feel good when I’m listening with this song

  5. Xiyas Hisen says:

    His voice is fleshing out the feelings and meanings included in the song, especially when one hears him sing it in the romantic soap opera ”Secret Garden”.

  6. kassou says:

    i watched Secret Garden , and i wasn’t sure if am going to like it , but “here i am” now becoming fan of all it’s actors…and this song is one of the best songs in it…even though i don’t understand a word since am arabic but i can definitely feel it ❤

  7. mayumi says:


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