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ユン・サンヒョン Blog (30th May 2011)

Original blog site: Translated source/copyright: Please indicate source should you wish to reproduce it. Translator:  waishanho Edited by:    Julee 2011-05-30 09:04:05 A good week! Subject: Blog Everyone, a new week has started again. What’s more, June will arrive … Continue reading

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Between Oska & Dong Chan

Clever editing of scenes from both of Sang Hyun’s drama My Fair Lady and Secret Garden which tells the story of a love triangle between HyeNa (Yoon Eun Hye), Dong Chan and Oska.  We love both men but for this made-up story … Continue reading

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Sang Hyun In Taxi Live (2009)

English translated clips of Sang Hyun in the Taxi Live Talk Show filmed in June 2009 after his drama Queen Of Housewives.  This is a fun talk show where the guest is interviewed and driven around in a taxi by … Continue reading

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Concert in Nagoya (12th June 2011)

Info from In addition to the fan meet to be held in Akasaka Sacas Square on 10th June 2011, there will also be a concert in Nagoya on the 12th.  This time, Sang Hyun will be singing to a … Continue reading

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Windows ToThe Heart

I had started out writing a dedication but somehow words eluded me this time.  As I looked at this photo, all I could think about and see was this pair of eyes.  So full of gentleness, warmth and sincerity ….. … Continue reading

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Secret Garden DVD

After a 4 months wait, I finally got my Secret Garden DVD set.  Last year during my impatient wait for the My Fair Lady DVD, I was often popping into the stores to check them out.  Expecting that it would take just as long … Continue reading

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What is it about this photo that gives me that warm feeling and makes me want to keep looking at you?  Could it be your eyes and sincere smile that seems to say you’re happy to see me?  Or simply because I know this is who … Continue reading

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