Christmas Greetings From me2day
메리크리스마스! Merry Christmas! メリークリスマス! 圣诞快乐!
Sang Hyun wishing everyone Merry Christmas
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4 Responses to Christmas Greetings From me2day

  1. khewen says:


  2. shandy says:

    Nice to see you, Sang Hyun oppa, have lots of & lots of fun & happiness at X’mas !

  3. missing you so much..good luck to the concert event and stay healthy and happy

  4. Zsuzsanna says:

    It was nice to hear about him, at least on Xmas’ first day. I wonder if he really celebrate Xmas, or he only wants to cheer up his fans with his message. Otherwise, everyone can celebrate this festivity without any religious reason. Hopely, he has spent Xmas time with full of joy and peace, and he could have relax a little bit.

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