Woman Of His Heart

Of course this is not official, just something I’m thinking about.  In one of Sang Hyun’s past interviews in a clip I was editing, he was asked about the kind of woman he likes.  I’m not sure whether his ideal remains the same today, but this was what he would like in a woman …… cheerful personality, elegant, not too tall and a little fleshy (not too skinny).   
Here are 4 ladies from his more recent dramas.  Do any of them meet the description?
Is there any other lady that comes to mind?  Who would you like to be the lady in his heart?
For me, it is any woman who loves Sang Hyun for who he is ….. who will always be there for him and
stay true to him ….. and most importantly, a woman who can move his heart. 
I hope she’s already in there right now.

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25 Responses to Woman Of His Heart

  1. Zsuzsanna says:

    It’s me! The portraiture is perfectly me. Although, I like the casual clothes, but for SH everything! But if the criterions are not these, again it’s me! hahaha Naturally, it was only a joke! 😀

    From the 3 ladies my favorite is Yoon Eun Hye, even their names are the same! She is lovely, pretty, funny and intelligent. So, she is perfect. Otherwise, they were together for a long time during the shooting, but I haven’t heard that they were more than friends for each other.

    The perfect person is a fan of him in a good sense and accept him unconditionally. For me intellingence and sparkling wit are very important beside the cheerful and lovely personality, as the two persons have to talk about many things after the big love! and not just sitting together hands in hand and looking at each other without a word.

    I’m sure that SH knows very well who the person is whom he loves and who his partner in life will be. If not yet (I don’t believe it) then good luck to find her soon and I wish a long happiness together!

  2. sam says:

    praying for his right partner… he deserves to have a good partner in life… i really hope he finds one soon…

  3. gilda says:

    personally i like yoon eun hye for sang hyun. but of course it’s up to him to choose his real love. hoping and praying that he makes the right choice…… Gambatte!!!!!

  4. Glo says:

    Have you watched the interview of YSH by MBC for Can’t Lose? I think this is the latest one he had recently (with some questions all about him and about his ideal type). He had been asked about his ideal type in the video, and he answered he has no special type for ideal girl. He likes the girl who can communicate with him mentally, who has same values with him, who can get along well with him, then it will be ok for living together. He wants himself and his ideal girl can be good friends. Also he mentioned he doesn’t want a girlfriend who is much younger than him, He likes his girl friend’s ages is similar with him.
    All above went into my mind and become one name: Choi Ji Woo.
    YSH is too damn cute, adorable, smart and humorous, I believe he’ll find the one perfectly!

    • juleecwk says:

      Yes, I have watched that interview for CL so that description you mentioned about his ideal partner is the more recent one. I think he had also said he would like her to be like a friend that he could do things together with (hiking)

    • waishanho says:

      Hi Glo, this is Shan from http://www.facebook.com/YoonSangHyunInternationalFansClubHongKong. Maybe you haven’t paid much attention to our Eng-subbed clips yet. Let me introduce to you: Julee is the editor of all of our Eng-subbed clips.
      Hi Julee, Glo is an avid supporter of Hyuniwoo like our April ^^

      • juleecwk says:

        Thanks for the introduction shan ^ ^
        Nice to meet you Glo

      • Glo says:

        Don’t know how to reply Julee’s reply so I write it here. Thank you Shan for your information, I nearly forgot haha! Julee is already famous among SH’s fans.
        So glad to meet you too Julee, and thank you very much for what you have done for all of us SH fans! 🙂

  5. shandy says:

    No, Zsuz, I’m sorry, it’s me, it must be me, haha !
    Allow me to be indulged in a fancy of Yoon’s sweetie.
    I’ve a lot of luxurious hope, if I’re Yoon, Yoon Eu Hye, Choi Ji Woo
    & Ho Ji Won will be on the list.

    Somehow the legislative society allows only one man versus one
    woman under a legal marriage, I’ll integrate the strength of each unique
    temperament : YEH’s cuteness & intelligence, CJW’s elegance &
    seraphic heart and HJW’s sweetness & sportiness.

    Let’s take a good note of YEH & CJW, both are caring to certain extent
    make one feel comfortable enou, but I’m afraid CJW’s superior bearing
    could be undermined a bit due to her height that might be betraying her.
    HJW steals some limelight as she may constitute her activeness by
    coupling with her mr Rite ( in case ) in mountain hiking.
    Another crucial pt is CJW’s to be confronted with her disinclination to
    cooking, while YEH & HJW are rolling the dice well most probably may
    even whet a good appetite fr their mr Rite.

    Kim Sa Rang’s biographical details are not within the scope of my
    knowledge, further more she’s engaged to her mr. Rite. Since Yoon
    once mentioned he’ll never lose his heart to any gal attached to
    someone else, so am sorry she’s not in my account.

    Unfortunately falling in love is not a subject of sorting out arithmetic
    progression, it may involve a mental calculating process, yet there
    might be something amiss in the course of outcome.
    So, in the end, it’s Yoon himself decides his cutie pie with his direct

    Yoon’s a penchant for a wavelength of passional shocking.
    When the rite feeling comes at the rite time in the rite position with
    his rite angel who’s the rite feeling too, any formulae of luv process
    can be head over heels, & the likeliness of digesting each others’
    flaws may take place any time.

    At last, I voice the same tone as Julee, the ms Rite for our fav man
    must luv him with body & soul, appreciating his versatility & his good
    pts, sharing his ups & downs & vice versa for mutual understanding &
    commitment, less weighing too many pluses & minuses, Yoon’s
    happiness finally turns out to be our earnest & greatest wishes.
    We may love our man & at the same time love his woman too, haha !

  6. Lyn says:

    Based on Julee’s report on SH’s ideal type, many Korean female celebrities fit in that mold.
    Based on CL MBC interview, his description of ideal type fits one particular woman in my mind, and we know who that woman is. His ideal type has became narrower. Based on personality compatibility and chemistry, my vote also goes to the same woman. Whom I’d like to see him with? whoever has captured his heart, I believe it’s CJW. But another wish that I have for his woman is someone who is decent and pure hearted. Is it possible in the showbiz?

    When asked about ideal woman he said “rather than saying specifying who my type is….”. he went on describing the characteristics of his ideal. A ha! that means there’s a who! bwaha

    Beauty is only skin deep, especially when you are an actor and often are surrounded by gorgeous & sexy women. too much temptation. I heard it’s common for newbie actors to fall in love on the set, especially when they get into their character. Just look at Lee Hyori and her current bf. People were shocked why would the hottest woman in korea go out with a plain , some called him ugly guy. I don’t think he’s ugly. I am sure appearance wise, her bf wouldn’t fit into her ideal type but personality wise, he probably does. She looks into the heart , and not appearance.
    No news about SH and his gf means good news to me:))))

    • juleecwk says:

      I’m curious about that ‘plain’ bf you mentioned here so took a look on google. I think it’s human nature to judge on appearance at first sight. It is only when one gets to know someone better that one discovers that the person is beautiful inside and looks then becomes secondary.

      It’s interesting to read the various comments by all our ladies who each have their personal fav woman for SH. I think many of his fans too would love to be that special lady in his heart ^ ^

      • Zsuzsanna says:

        Julee, YES, YOU ARE RIGHT! 😀
        But unfortunately, he would decide, and we really don’t know what kind of features magnetize him, as I think he is just joking with the fans and reporters telling always other types in every interview. And for fans, mainly who are living very far away, have no chance as the radiation of personality or the pheromones are useless things from a distance. So, we should support and love him without hope, but for a real fan it’s enough! Or not? 😀

      • juleecwk says:

        ‘radiation of personality or the pheromones are useless things from a distance’ … hahaha, you’re so funny Zsuz, you’re giving me a tummyache.

        I think this theory somehow isn’t true when it’s SH. We can’t help but love him no matter where we are or how far away he is …. one just have to look into those eyes.

  7. shandy says:

    Agree with you, dear Zsuz.

  8. waishanho says:

    Looks like this topic has created much heated discussions. Should we work on more of this kind of clips dear Julee? ^^

  9. black says:

    i think that woman is Yoon Eun Hye,,oppa once said that he chose YEH among all his co-star,during an interview on the sidelines filming ads Pizza

    • Glo says:

      I wonder when was the interview you mean, in 2010?

    • Jeezvive says:

      Hi black, you have a unique name 🙂 i think i remember that interview you’re referring to. It was the imsil cf shoot where SH was asked. But that was filmed before SG and before CL but im too sure about the time frame after MFL. Dont misunderstand me, but it was with YEH whom he attribute the cure for his nervousness in front of female co-stars. So it would not be very surprising if he chise YEH at that time.

      I agree with Shan, this has generated a wonderfully ling discussion among fans! Its like a soompi YSH forum thread already! Thumbs up to Julee’s SH blog

      Need to re charge my gadget for now heehee lowbatt!

      • juleecwk says:

        This site does seem to have suddenly become very lively indeed haha. Glad everyone is having an enjoyable discussion here ^ ^

      • Jeezvive says:

        Heehee. Your blog’s a-buzz 😀

        Glo said, ‘Julee is already famous among SH’s fans.’
        JV replied – Oh yeah! Thanks to Julee I got my English introduction to Sang Hyun, and to YSHIFC ladies for keeping me hooked to SH!

        Muacks and hugs to Julee, Shan and to all the ladies who keep exchanging and sharing SH goodies online. *heaven* ^_*

  10. alexandra jaimes velandia says:

    la verdad me gusta mucho la pareja que hacen con Yoon Eun Hyen, la vibra es muy especial. Me gustaria verlos en otro proyecto.

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