Black Mountain Concert E-Books

For those who might be interested in getting an e-book photo collection of Sang Hyun at the Black Mountain concerts which includes a video interview, check out related info @


               E-book with a collection of 70 photos which one could select for purchase.
                                 A sample of some of the photos

Note:  This post is not an endorsement for Tsutaya but merely as info.
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5 Responses to Black Mountain Concert E-Books

  1. gilda says:

    are these e-books sold at tower record shops?

  2. gilda says:

    thanks julee for the info.maybe it’s quite expensive but i’ll try to get one. thanks always!!!!!

    • juleecwk says:

      If you’re planning to get the Black Mountain DVD, I think you can also view the concert footages from them though that wouldn’t be a photo collection. Oh I just remembered, yes there is a 100 page photo book which comes with the BM DVD ^ ^

  3. gilda says:

    thanks again! i’ll find that.

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