Summer Eyes (The Road)

One of my favourite songs Summer Eyes with footage from the Road DVD. 
Love that look at 1:00.
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10 Responses to Summer Eyes (The Road)

  1. Zsuzsanna says:

    Well, Julee, I like this MV so much! And my favorite is the same scene when he looks into the camera with that captivating eyes and calls us with that lovely move of his head and with the wink of his two eyes. I think there’s nobody who can resist and everybody would go with him immediately, mainly to Switzerland. If he would call, we, fans would go, no doubt.!
    It was very funny when he tasted the very cold spring water! 🙂
    Sometimes I feel, although he is almost 40 years old, but he remained a child. Just watch this clip and you would understand what I mean. And that is very good as I like these people, because it’s much better being close to them. The radiation of their personalities makes also our days happy. I think these people could live a happier and a real life and they could perceive the smallest thing as a wonder. They can laugh a lot and they are much funnier than the others. And therefore unfortunately they are more vulnerable.
    I like his thousand of mimicry, and when he fools around. And yes, the Summer Eyes is a beautiful and tuneful song.

  2. Lily says:

    YSH might be nearly 39 old, not 40, but even so, I say it again, he is like a good wine, he improve
    with age in all aspects, he “taste better and better” ^_^.
    What a wonderful video. Thank you Julee for this gift, I saved it to favourites in my YT channel.

    • juleecwk says:

      Agree with you Lily, SH gets better with age. For me he looks younger with the years and has that childlike quality about him that we love. He can be both serious and playful.

      The Road is one DVD in which we get to see a lot more of SH as he is, not just as an actor or singer. I love that and with that beautiful picture book, it’s a wonderful edition.

      This clip is one of my favourites too, esp with Summer Eyes 🙂
      A beautiful man and a beautiful song.

      • Lily says:

        After the Oska’s tummy wow moment and then the overwhelming impression that YSH made on me, I searched some information about him on internet and when I knew his age my heart surrendered. For the first time in my life I felt an imperious wish to write a sincere and soulful words for an artist without any hope that he’ll read some day , but somehow with faith thinking that just as some Tibetan prayer flags waving in the wind, their good vibration will touch him. I wrote all this: “Yoon Sang Hyun you are such a charming, funny, gorgeous, talented man. You’ve grown-up like a good wine. I like you a lot and your performance too. I wish you a good health, peaceful heart and great projects. I’ll keep watching you.- dec. 6. 2011”. Looking at this video I had the revelation of the achievement of my wishes: the first – SH as he, is just as I’ve described him and seems to enjoy health and light heart, the second – the great projects have come to him such as the Japanese Tour, his new movie Tone Deaf Clinic and so on and the third – I keep watching him thanks to you Julee. Isn’t it awesome? Thank you Julee!

      • juleecwk says:

        Hi Lily,

        Many of us write our dedications to SH without the certainty that he will read them, but we just wanted to say what we feel.

        You could try to leave a msg in his sites such as his me2day account and his official korean website where he sometimes leave personal messages to which fans will post their comments. It’s not difficult to register, if you need help please let me know.

  3. Lily says:

    Thanks for solicitude Julee!
    I visited both sites. The truth is that all those bilingual (korean-english or japanese) staff
    give me headaches. I don’t have enough patience.
    I truly think that your blog is internetically YSH’s best support in english.

    • juleecwk says:

      I felt those sites would be a good avenue for those who would like to leave their messages to SH as he would occasionally login there. I know what you mean about the headache of trying to make sense of those languages as I’ve had my fair share of brain twisters. But we just leave messages in our own language anyway.

      Thanks for the compliments ^ ^
      If my blog could in some small way help to provide a connection between SH and those who love him, that would be great. I would love to be his ‘unofficial PR’ person haha. But seriously, I started this blog to ‘talk to him’ even though I know he probably couldn’t hear me. Perhaps some day he might hear us and know we are here …. all of us who love him but can’t speak his language well.

      • Lily says:

        Briefly (^_^) !!!
        For me you are the best PR that YSH could have, in english.
        Fortunately I saw SG on tvcable channel sub in my language, unfortunately only so.
        You encouraged me to see YSH in MFL for yours B.Seo – tear filled eyes wow moment, QofHW – Tae Bong for being so important in his career and later CL, although I don’t like pretty much watching tv series on the internet, I’m quite nervous ‘cause of the fugitive english sub.
        Viewed from a distance your blog is a chronicle of YSH’s achievements and public postures in the best years of his career so you are his chronicler too.
        We both know that it’s more than his natural gorgeousness, beautiful human qualities and talent.
        It’s the admiration and respect for a self-made man such YSG is.
        And your blog is also well documented, up to date, stylish, a little bit girlish, spiced with love, fresh air, warm feelings and good energy, a wonderful “at home” for YSH.
        Any “labour of love” is rewarded. It’s a law of Universe so Julee you’ll just keep on

      • juleecwk says:

        ‘At home’ for SH …… that’s nice, thank you Lily.
        I suppose in a way it’s ‘home’ where our hearts reside for SH,
        and perhaps some day, a place where he can feel our love too 🙂

  4. Lily says:

    Hi Julee!
    Hasty me! Sorry for YSG – YSH (G and H are neighbours) : (( .
    Precisely is : … a wonderful “at home” feeling for YSH (hasty me again), ’cause it’s about emotions.

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