Black Mountain Concert 2012

The Black Mountain concert DVD will only be released on 13th June but we get to watch Sang Hyun singing these 2 songs, thanks to 樹林果 who has so generously shared them.  These should be from
the e-book. 

この広い世界に (In This Wide World) @ Osaka
Updated clip with both romanized Hangul & English translation
English translated source:
English translated lyrics by: waishanho
Edited by: Julee
Romanized lyrics by: Jeezvive
Special thanks to Dan for proofreading the lyrics
Subbing & Compressed by: Benzene

悲しみにさよなら (Farewell To Sorrow) @ Nagoya

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3 Responses to Black Mountain Concert 2012

  1. gilda says:

    I watched this concert last March in Nagoya and it was really great! I heard that you will be in Tokyo next week to promote your drama `Can’t Lose`. I wish I could see you. Best of luck and take care. Gambatte!!!

  2. Zsuzsanna says:

    If I compare these concerts to the last year’s ones I can see a very big change and developement. Of course, his voice is the same, very good. But now he was moving on the stage, furthermore he was dancing. He seemed to be more lively and liberated. And despite the fact that he was very ill, he sang very well. And he was communicating with the audience, he tried to make them sing and clap their hands. I love these positive changings. He starts to become a real singer, a star who can enchant his fans not just with his lovely face and elegant and sexy presence, but with his wonderful voice, the excellent performance and the radiation of his personality.
    As you know Julee, my most favorite song of Sang-Hyeon can be heard in the first video, Into this wild world… It has a fantastic lyrics and the music is also very beautiful. When I listen to or sing this song I feel always being touched and tears come into my eyes and I cannot explaine why. But I’ve seen that Sang-Hyeon was also touched by this song on the stage. So, this song has a power on people!
    The Farewell to Sorrow is a very lovely song, I’ve listened many times in the past weeks as it made me feel better and helped me to forget my problems and I could say good-bye to the sorrow more or less. His hairstyle here was very good and I like his suit so much. This blue with that pearls fits him very well.
    Perhaps, his first goal is being an excellent actor, but he must not reject the idea to become an excellent and popular singer, too. I wish him to reach both of his aims.

    • juleecwk says:

      A major difference between both concerts is that he was singing with a live band this year. And for the Tokyo concert, the venue was really big with around 3000 fans, his largest venue to date. I like the part where he was prancing around on stage and also did that Oska belly dance. Hope it’ll be included in the Black Mountain DVD.

      He’s good in both acting and singing, so hope he will continue doing both. That’s what he said he would do in Smiles.

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