Precious Days Concert 2011

From the Precious Days album, some of the songs sung at the concert held in February 2011 with both romanized Hangul and English translation.  A related post of the concert broadcast on LaLa TV @

English translated source:
English translated lyrics by: waishanho
Edited by: Julee
Hangul romanized lyrics by: Jeezvive
Subbing & Compressed by: Benzene
I Love You (사랑합니다 / Saranghamnida)

Gift (贈り物 / 선물)


LOVE SONG, Singing to Reach You (君に届くまで歌うLOVE SONG)

Without Showing You My Heart (このまま気持ちさえ告げずに / Kono Mama Kimochi Sae Tsugezu Ni)
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4 Responses to Precious Days Concert 2011

  1. Zsuzsanna says:

    I like these songs so much, but my favorites are the first and last one. And in last clip when he sings: I swear I will be by your side forever! – he is looking into the camera, that moment is very heart-warming, and it seems he sends a message to someone through the clip. That person is very lucky! The song is very tuneful.
    The first one has a beautiful lyrics. I think singing that kind of song with such a lyrics to someone is fantastic feeling, but receiving that song from someone who you love is more wonderful. I maybe a too romantic type, but I think one thread of rose and this song from your lover is enough to feel yourself in heaven. 🙂
    Otherwise, watching Sang-Hyeon’s lovely face is very good and in the white suit he looks very well.

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