Hallyu Night 韓流!“語楽”ナイト (25th March 2010)

This Hallyu Night event might have been from 2010 and was in one of my previous post but at that time, the clips were not available.  But I can still remember this cute little lady who read out a touching love dedication to Sang Hyun which both amused and moved him. 
There are a total of 4 parts but I shall post only 2 of my favourites …….. the love dedication from the 3 selected fans (part 3) and Sang Hyun singing Bogoshipda (보고싶다) in part 4.  He had sung this song at an earlier event in Japan but I love this version much more.

                                                                                 Fan’s love dedication
It’s a miraculous chance that we are born of the same age and live in the same era, and thus we are able to meet.  I am so glad.
Every time I see a video of Mr Yoon Sang Hyun, my heart quickens.  The message of love emerges. 
I wanted to meet you and have just one hug please.  I will support you always.  There is much in my heart that I would like to express.


My favourite fan confession:
Mr Yoon Sang Hyun, if I were 25 years old I would like to confess that I love you.  Even if I close my eyes, I can see your face.  Even if my ears are blocked, I can hear your voice.  You are always in my heart.  But I am a 55 year old lady.  No matter how much love, I could not tell you that.  So I will watch you from a distance.  Thank you. 
When the sweet lady shyly mentioned her age, it made Sang Hyun and the rest of the audience laugh out loud.  But her heart-felt words moved him and touched my heart too because we feel the same …… love is ageless. 
My favourite version of Bogoshipda by Sang Hyun.  It means “I want to see”.

To watch the rest of the clips:
Part 1   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oKVBUKXJOBM&feature=relmfu
Part 2  
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12 Responses to Hallyu Night 韓流!“語楽”ナイト (25th March 2010)

  1. apple`_^ says:

    hi julee i love all your post,actually now i think i’m so much in to YSH i don’t know why.i begun to like him in lady castle,now in can’t lose.i love the chemistry of YSH & YEH / YSH & CJW.
    all video in my mobile phone is all about YSH…hahaha..funny because my cousins and my friends they thinking that im crazy…i reply with i don’t care for me i love this man and this is my first time to liked a korean actor…..by the way i also like he’s wife in QOH.
    Im hoping that someday i can meet him personally:-)

    • juleecwk says:

      Hi Apple,

      Like you, all of us too do not really know what it is about SH that makes him so dear to us. We just love him. And like this sweet lady’s dedication, he is always in our hearts and we will watch him from a distance.

      I do hope you too will get to meet him face to face. That used to be my dream too, and it came true. So it too can come true for you 🙂

      • apple`_^ says:

        hi julee thanks for your reponse but my name is apple not april,
        really you already meet SH?for me meeting him i don’t think it will happen because im too far im from philippines,but im still hoping….like SH always say “fighting”:-)

      • juleecwk says:

        Sorry haha, mixed your name up with another. Yes, I’ve met SH a number of times …. think it’s about 8 times 🙂 My dream at that time was to meet him at least once.

        The very first time was in June 2010 during his Oath single release in Japan. Then in Sept 2010 for his birthday and Hallyu Stars event in Korea, Feb 2011 for fan meets and Precious Days concert, Sept 2011 at the CL drama filming site and recently in March 2012 for the Black Mountain concert. These events have been posted in my blog 🙂

        Never say never as ones heart can travel any distance. I’m even further away from where you are 🙂

  2. Zsuzsanna says:

    Hi Julee, this love dedication was fantastic! I loved it so much. All the ladies were lovely, and the lady in kimono was really beautiful, although she wasn’t too young I think. But the small japanese lady with the Kleopatra styled hair, she was so lovely and she seemed to have really full of deep emotions for Sang-Hyeon. She had to fall in love with Sang-Hyeon as he was always looking at him during her confession, while SH just turned to her and looked at her when she has dedicated her love to him and admit her age. I saw SH was really impressed by this lady’s words.

    Yes, I think, it doesn’t matter how old we are, if we are in early twenties or in late sixties, if the love catches our heart there’s no chance to escape! And of course, we don’t want to miss this feeling, so, we are waiting for this beautiful emotion during all our lives. And if we have it, we are the happiest persons all over the world. It’s very good to be loved by a lovely person, but it’s much better to love someone with all of our heart forgetting about his faults, seeing him the most wonderful person in the whole world. And if these feelings are mutual, that is the nicest thing all over the world!!!

    Otherwise, that lady was very brave to confess his love for SH, although this was only a Platon-love, but saying such personal feelings in front of so many people, not so easy. That’s why SH loved her so much, as she seemed to be very sincere.
    The song is beautiful and the performance of SH is perfect, it touches my heart! These videos are really lovely!
    Just one message to Apple: I live in Budapest, Hungary, Europe. My native city is very faraway from Seoul, Asia, but I’m sure that I will meet with him in the future as if we eagerly want something, our dreams would come true. So, Apple, trust in yourself!
    And Sang-Hyeon! It doesn’t matter where, but… Bogoshipda! 보고싶다! 😀

    • juleecwk says:

      Hi Zsuz,

      Yes those ladies were so brave to read out their dedication in front of SH and the audience. That takes courage but it was a rare opportunity for them, and if we ever have that chance I think we have to summon up that courage too. Because it might never happen again.

      Even though that sweet lady told SH that it wasn’t proper for her to tell him those words of love because of her age …..she was actually showing him her heart, and that’s a lovely message. I hope that for SH, someone special too had already shown him her heart.

      “저 상현씨는 보고싶어요” 🙂

  3. Lyn says:

    Thanks Julee for the video clips. He sang Bogoshipda beautifully. I remember this song from one of the saddest most touching korean dramas also starred by Choi Ji Woo. I cried a little listening to SH singing the song remembering some scenes from the drama. He also sang another JW’s drama ost in this event. SH is the most charming when he’s on stage. When am I going to meet a guy like you? *dreaming*

    • juleecwk says:

      I’ve watched that drama Stairway to Heaven and have loved the OST too, by Kim Bom Su. In fact, I love most of the OST from those Korean dramas I’ve watched. I find them very heart touching. This drama was a real weepy, cried buckets. Now very much prefer light hearted ones.

      You can come join Zsuz and me in our dreams of having SH sing to us haha.

  4. Zsuzsanna says:

    YES, Julee, SOON! I’m optimistic type! 😀

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