‘Can’t Lose’ Fan Meet (3)

More pics of Sang Hyun and Ji Woo at the Can’t Lose fan meet.
From Starjiwoo  http://www.starjiwoo.com/renewal/1055623

Could that be Hyung Woo’s brain structure with that large area occupied by Eun Jae?

Too shy to look at Sang Hyun singing to her? 
An interesting part of the activities during the recent fan meet was the selection by Sang Hyun and
Ji Woo for their ideal female and male artistes they had acted with.  What I felt rather telling was the final choice they each picked. 
Thanks to Cece for her account of the selection game.
Starting with Ji Woo …..  elimination of 1 actor from each pair until her final choice after a number of rounds.

Sang Hyun paired with Lee Byung Hun in the first round.
Sang Hyun must have sensed Ji Woo’s discomfort with having to choose between him and the other veteran actor.  He simply told her not to mind him but just picked as she wished.  Though it was merely a game, it breaks my heart that he had already concluded that he would not be her choice and was eliminated.  In the end, her final choice was Lee Byung Hun.
Next it was Sang Hyun’s turn to select his ideal actress and it was no surprise to me who she would be.  All of us knew, didn’t we?

Ji Woo vs Park Ha Seon (current leading lady in Tone Deaf Clinic)

Final round, Ji Woo vs Park Sun Young (from Winterbird)

Sang Hyun’s no 1 choice …… and a very happy Ji Woo

The cute expression says it all …… dear Ji Woo, you’re definitely a woman of Sang Hyun’s heart. 
If only he too is a man of your heart.

Many thanks to the updates and photos from CJWFC, Starjiwoo, Jiwoolove, 愛友一生, Cece and KK.
Cece’s blog @  http://theonlychoijiwoo.blogspot.ca/
CJWFC @  http://www.cjwfc.com/
Jiwoolove @  http://jiwoolove.com/
Starjiwoo @  http://starjiwoo.com/
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12 Responses to ‘Can’t Lose’ Fan Meet (3)

  1. gilda says:

    thanks, Julee for the nice pics. hope the drama be a big hit in japan!

  2. Nancy says:

    Hacen bonita pareja. Son muy dulces. A el le gusta ella y a ella también le gusta Sang Hyun, pero no lo quiere decir.

    • Glo says:

      Me alegro mucho mucho mucho de ver su opinion 😀 Ellos son mi pareja favorito! Espero que ella pueda respondar a el muy pronto! jejeje…

      • Lyn says:

        If she hadn’t fell for him before, I hope she will after the recent fan meet. I hope through a public declaration of his ideal actress (indirectly his feelings) and serenading her, JW will get to feel his sincere heart and give them a chance. **dreaming** we all know how that SH is the most charming when he’s singing. But I understand that you can’t always force love.

      • juleecwk says:

        Keeping fingers XXX 🙂

  3. Lyn says:

    Do you know who the other ladies were besides the three you listed here? The singing is romantic , his smile while singing is charming.
    They didnt coordinate their wardrobe, he wore flats and she got 2 inch heels. JW’s expression upon seeing her being paired with PHS was adorable. This thought might havecrossed her mind: I cant believe I am put against a youngster. How can i compete?
    I love the last pic they are like two shy teenagers

    • juleecwk says:

      According to Cece, there were 8 ladies and had mentioned Kim Sa Rang and Yoon Eun Hye. That leaves another 3 ladies so my guess is Kim Nam Joo (Queen of Housewives), Kim Hyun Joo (Marrying a Millionaire) and Park Eun Hye (Fireworks).

  4. Zsuzsanna says:

    I’m sure that they became good friends during the shooting, but nothing else. And I think they like each other very much! Perhaps, Sang-Hyun likes JW’s self-conscious personality, but I am unable to imagine her as his girlfriend. Of course, tastes are different and I don’t know SH personally, so, maybe I’m mistaken. I think SH enjoyes if JW (or anybody else) is embarrased and mainly if he caused it. Bad boy! 🙂

    From JW’s mimics and gestures we can see that SH is not unconcerned for her! When I love someone so much and I want to hide my real feelings, I am unable to look into his eyes as I’m also embarrassed. Stupid thing, but it’s true!

    When SH played with the doll that was so lovely. He seemed to be a big child. I like animals and children so much. So, I would gladly adopt this little big boy! 😀

    The singing for JW was really lovely and I think she loved it so much and she was touched.

    Regarding the choice of JW, I could understand as LBH is very masculine man and I saw some pictures of him, well, he might have trained very hardly, I think! I really don’t know his acting activity, as I’ve seen him only in Iris, which partly was shooted here in Budapest. So, I have to admit he is a very good guy, but if I should have to choose, Sang-Hyeon would be the first!

    By the way, I wonder what’s about his relationship with PHS. I saw there were some intimate moments in the film, so, I think they know each other much better now. She is really beautiful, so in SH’s place I would have chosen her or YEH, but Sang-Hyeon is a gentleman, he choosed CJW.

    • juleecwk says:

      If you’re referring to that kiss scene, it’s just part of the acting. Since SH and PHS has only recently started working together, they would still need time to know each other better. But from some of their pics together, they seem to get along very well.

  5. L says:

    I may be in a different position than many of you here. I am a fan of both JW & SH even before Can’t Lose. I was one of those who squeeled with glee when I learned they paired together for a drama. What’s the odd of my fave actor & actress will be in a drama together? I actually determined not to matchmake them initially but changed along the way.:-)

    I’ve been a fan of JW for 9 years and SH since QoH although lately more SH than JW. Throughout the years I got to learn a little bit about them , what they are like in front of camera, off camera, their personalities, likes & dislikes. SH is what you see that’s what you get, he’s transparent. JW, her glamorous and fashionable image is just a job as an actress, outside of that, she’s a modest person who prefers t-shirt, Jeans, and sneakers. I do sometimes wish she would ditch her spikey heels when with SH. Both have straightforward personality, say things as is and do not easily “pretend”. As someone who knows a little bit of both JW & SH, I think they are compatible enough and they’ll be good for each other. I can give you examples how their personalities compatible. The scary thing is that I can picture them being married to each other and even picture in detail how they would interact with each other in marriage based on what I know about each of them. I totally see reality with them. Isn’t it crazy?

    SH too mentioned several times that he thought they were very compatible. I’ve never seen SH behaves like this with any other actresses. What rather telling is his explanation for choosing JW. “She’s different than the other actresses I acted with”. it’s such a strong statement that sets JW apart from the other girls. In his mind, she’s “different” and I interpret that as she’s special to him. If for whatever reasons, they choose not to pursue a romantic relationship, I see them as best friends, and 5-10 years from now, She will pick him in the ideal artiste game quoting their long friendship as the reason. No matter how I see their situation, I CAN’T LOSE!. cheers..

    • juleecwk says:

      Me too thinks that SH really likes JW, from the many occasions where he had openly said what he did and from his body language. But whether anything special could develop, we can only wish them well.

      From the few occasions where SH had expressed his wish to settle down and his wish to have kids, I have hopes too that he will find his special lady. I truly wish for him to ‘find his heart’.

    • Glo says:

      I can’t agree with you more! (applause!)
      SH gives me a feeling that indeed JW is different from other actresses he’d worked with.
      I’ve watched QoH, My fair lady, SG. KNJ is like his noona. YEH is like his little sister. KSR I even feel she’s just simply his coworker. However, JW and SH makes me feel like they are more like friends, very easy to get along with.

      JW is certainly cautious for her next relationships, maybe that’s why she has not have any move yet.

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