2012 K-Pop World Festival (Beijing)

Re-living the K-pop China Finals held in Beijing on 18th August:

Our favourite judge Sang Hyun, with the other judge Suby on his left.
I had hoped that he would be invited to sing after Suby had finished with her songs, but he did not sing.
There was also a slip-up by the female emcee who had requested for a group photo of Sang Hyun with the 3 silver award winners.  Since she was speaking in Mandarin, Sang Hyun couldn’t have understood and was already walking off the stage when she realized that. 
Another slip-up was not writing the names of the winners in Hangul for Sang Hyun to be able to make the announcement.
Here’s the clip.

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4 Responses to 2012 K-Pop World Festival (Beijing)

  1. shandy says:

    Fr the dialogs between the 2 MCs, notice that she’s a Korean.
    What keeps cudgelling my brain till now still couldnt be meted out
    with solution is the punctuation mark of why she couldnt
    communicate with Yoon in their own language of Korean.
    Is she too excited in meeting up with the same countryman ?
    Or she’s a MC tyro ?

    Feel sorry for Yoon having stuck at the tight spot as such T T*****

    • juleecwk says:

      I was wondering too why she didn’t speak more Korean since the other emcee was speaking in Mandarin. From the clip, she thanked SH with ‘감사합니다’ after he finished with the award presentation so of course he would have taken it to mean that it’s done and started to walk off.

      I think she’s too immersed in her conversation with the other emcee and I felt a bit sorry that SH couldn’t have understood most of what was being said on stage. At least the male emcee had suggested that the names of the winners be written in Hangul for SH to announce, but she answered that it’s written in Chinese so it can’t be helped. And with a shrug, she just proceeded to make the announcements which made me feel a bit mad actually.

  2. Zsuzsanna says:

    When SH went up to the stage, I think, he didn’t meet with the male mc earlier as he had to introduce himself and shake their hands. It’s interesting why the MC-s don’t meet with the judges before the program. Before giving the prizes to the constestants SH whispered something to the female MC. So, perhaps he was not informed earlier about all the details.
    And I noticed that my favorite competitor told something to SH when he went to the place, but he didn’t noticed it. And his helper asked him to go to his seat.
    And it was interesting that the judges didn’t talked to each other. Perhaps, they didn’t know each other at all. So, I think the organization was not too well. I think SH was boring and if he hadn’t got any translater by earphones, he could understand anything! Poor Sang-Hyeon! Hopely, the other part of his staying in Beijing was much better!

    • juleecwk says:

      During the live broadcast, there wasn’t much focus on the judges and the lighting too was dark so we can’t see whether they talk to each other or not. They all look rather serious though. Besides SH and Suby, there were another 2 judges I think. For SH too the language would be a problem.

      It would have been good if the female emcee could have explained to him some of the things they were talking about while on stage. He kept looking at the results slip in her hand and was probably wondering what they were saying.

      There was a photo of him yawning at his seat …. so your guess about him being bored could be correct 🙂

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