Tone Deaf Clinic Teasers

Teasers for those of us who have to wait to finally watch Tone Deaf Clinic ……
‘음치클리닉’ ….. to over 5 million viewers

Poor Sang Hyun being hit so many times but glad to see the team having fun during the filming.

Ha Seon has a lovely voice
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3 Responses to Tone Deaf Clinic Teasers

  1. shandy says:

    Yoon’s big-heartedness, seldom he gives a hang about brassy
    jokes or treatment. His self-confidence emanates fr his inner strength.

  2. Zsuzsanna says:

    Yes, Sang-Hyeon was hit many times by the ladies. I’m really sorry for him, so, I always say that the life of a korean male actor is not so easy! 😀 I’m really sorry that fantastic T-shirt was spewed by PHS and of course SH’s face! 😦 Hopefully, SH hadn’t been injured seriously on “that area of his body” kicked by PHS. So, I hope that the future generation of SH wasn’t menaced by PHS! 🙂
    If she is singing on that trailer then she has really lovely voice! But one question: in another interview PSH tried to sing and the reporter, too. Both of them were terrible? How’s that she can sing once and another time not???

    • shandy says:

      Zsuz, your imagination has flown high up miles
      away fr space, haha !

      I did skim throu certain article about Yoon’s
      comment on PHS not a real victim of tone deafness.
      She may sing a song well but without skills.

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