Interview Pics (15)

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2 Responses to Interview Pics (15)

  1. shandy says:

    Yoon always carries smile. The atmosphere is permeated
    with the vibes he brings along, he could be considered a
    disseminator of laughter wherever he goes.

    He wanna deliver cheerfulness, happiness & energy to all, let
    this world be a place full of laughter & luv, that’s the reason for
    him to choose TDC as his first movie —— a builder of
    confidence which falls in the zone of his grasp.

    Instead of transforming image with 180°, he’d prefer something
    more comfortable to be displayed in the eyes of viewers, rather
    than a total stranger of him that will need digestion for some

    On the face of it, being an actor, popularity is not the crux of
    factor. Courage, decisiveness & perseverance play their
    crucial roles in panning the camera to the rite position of a cast
    on the rite track without muffing.
    It needs gut to face various kinda of challenges, I know it’s tough,
    But no matter how, I expect Yoon to exert to his utmost effort,
    making a primary alteration on set for covering a wider range of
    character types, it’ll stand him in good stead.

    I’ve great anticipation of him that he’ll undergo a gradation of
    changes in his bright future, making brighter & ever more brilliant
    a star till it blinds our eyes. Sang Hyun oppa, keep fighting ! : )

  2. Zsuzsanna says:

    I also hope that SH will be more popular as an actor and a singer and he could show his other talents, too. Hopefully, he would receive not just comic roles, but dramatic, too. And he could be successful in those roles, too!
    My favorite picture is the second. I don’t know why but its atmosphere is a little bit japanese for me! Perhaps, the flowers reminds me to an ikebana. But the atmosphere of the picture is so good, I feel some warmness in my heart when I look at this photo! And I cannot explaine why???

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