Spring Concert @ Maihama (2)

Reading through the media reports and posting by those fans who had been at the Spring Concert, it was as if we too had been able to share a part of it.  I would just like to say thank you. 
For some of the detailed accounts in Japanese :
If I had read the content correctly, Sang Hyun had mentioned that if he had wanted a singing career in Japan, he would have liked to stay in Japan for 2-3 years but then he also had his drama filming in Korea.  I remember he had mentioned before that though this had been his earlier dream, he had finally decided to focus on his acting.


A lucky fan received this silvery top together with a bouquet and hug from Sang Hyun. 
The white feathery outfit on the right was given out at the event in Osaka. 

Another report on the Spring Concert (in Japanese) and pics below from :
A lovely background projection of spring flowers with ever changing colors.
spring concert (6)spring concert (5) spring concert (1) spring concert (4)
I like this blue shirt with white pants combination.
spring concert (2)
Delighting the fans with gifts of towels, probably with autographs on them.

spring concert (3)

Another lovely surprise for fans as he walked down among them while singing Farewell to Sorrow.

A second report with more lovely photos of the concert at this link:

As this site had indicated that its photos not be used, I shall not post most of them here but I could not help borrowing these 2 (with apologies) because they really touched me ….. Sang Hyun’s eyes so filled with deep emotion and placing a hand on his heart as he sang Romance.  This song from My Fair Lady still remains one of my favorites.  It’s been a while since I’ve last listened to it and looking at these photos, I knew I had to listen to it once again.
These eyes tug at my heart like no other …….  
maihama-2 maihama-1
Touching my heart as deeply with this gesture  …. 사랑합니다
Wished I could have been there at this moment.
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18 Responses to Spring Concert @ Maihama (2)

  1. gildatoya@yahoo.com says:

    Thanks,julee for the post of the song romance from My fair lady. This was the first drama of SH that i saw and from then on i came to really like SH.

  2. gildatoya@yahoo.com says:

    I think i like his clothes at maihama concert rather than at the osaka concert.more fashionable and fits him well.

  3. Joy D says:

    If we are at awe just by looking at his concert pictures how much more those who have really been there….lucky japanese fans, if it had been me i might still have been in cloud nine up until now hahahaha….

  4. gildatoya@yahoo.com says:

    Sorry, julee. I didn’t remember.even if he sang romance.what i really remember and won’t forget is Saigo no ame and 365 days.

  5. shandy says:

    A Warm Blanket

    Never care about what lies ahead
    or ever bother about
    the distance divide you from us
    The nite is sinking
    if the sky should fall
    be my blanket
    The early cool spring takes over the mild winter
    Let me have a warm blanket, please !

    Choose our choice

    His heart
    clings to his singing
    dancing upon dust
    leading us to flying high
    Who shall say it’s an err
    the option shall be made let’s make it
    the thing shall happen let it be
    The universe never justifies it
    we choose our choice

  6. Mimi fahim says:

    Romance is one of my favorite songs .. Believe me , each time I hear it is the first time to me .. His photo is attractive , lovely & passionate

  7. Zsuzsanna says:

    I wonder why he sang it as this is a duett, he should have sung it with someone, although there was no any lady in the musical team! If he really sang Romance on the last photo, then I know why he was so sad! He missed his little singing helper (it’s me! 😀 ) as we had sung it together many times before… in my dreams! And we were very good! And then he had to sing it along as I was too faraway! 😀 I’m just joking!
    This song’s lyrics could express our deepest inner feeling and I think everyone wants to hear from her lover those words: “I could give up everything as long as I have you” Ain’t it beautiful?

    • juleecwk says:

      I’m not sure about the first photo as he was singing a few songs in that shirt ….. Saranghamnida, OST from CL, Romance, Constellation of Tears and Farewell to Sorrow …. but that sadness in his eyes never fails to touch me. I’m more certain about the 2nd photo that he is singing Romance as from the fan’s account, she was moved to tears at the sight of him with his hands to his chest. That simple gesture of hand to heart is very touching for me too.

      Well Zsus, you can close your eyes and imagine while listening to Romance that you’re singing YEH’s part of it 😀
      Some of SH’s songs are best listened to with eyes closed, in the quietness of night, and one can be totally immersed in his voice.

      • Zsuzsanna says:

        Well Julee, I don’t know, but how someone could show so deep empathy singing this song??? He should have thought about someone! He doesn’t seem to me so happy singing this song, perhaps he had bad experiences! Hopefully, soon, he would have better experiences! 😀

  8. Mimi fahim says:

    Yes , it is very beautiful Suzy .. But some husbands are not able to say that .. I don’t know why ? Woman should live romance with her husband as her heart chooses him .. He must give her nice words and feelings like a queen & vice Vera but he has to start first .. Romance fills life with life but without it , there is no life .. Thank u sang hyun for this touching song

    • juleecwk says:

      Mimi I think many men are not very expressive, maybe it’s easier for them to express through action rather than words. I suppose after a couple gets married, there’s a tendency to take each other for granted or perhaps each feels that there’s no need to say those lovey dovey things to each other haha.

  9. Mimi fahim says:

    Ok dear Julee ❤ , but from time to time woman should be watered like a flower not to die .. Even she 's strong and patient , her ears like to hear just one word or two from this special person .. ( top secret ) my husband is practical .. Likes actions more than romantic words ..I'm trying to make him speak … Hahaha .. Do have any ideas or advice ? Thank u .. U're so lovely

    • juleecwk says:

      Mimi, I think it would probably be better to ask the men as they would know better how they think.
      Any of our ladies have any ideas? 😀

  10. Zsuzsanna says:

    I think every man is different, like women, there are some who love to express their feelings by “actions”, the others by beautiful words! We must not force them to do this or that, we just have to accept how they express their inner feelings, I think the most important if they love us!^^ And that’s all!
    I am the woman who likes the romantic things, like poems, roses… I think if we want a romantic evening, we have to do it romantic with candlelights, petals, reading poems out, listening or singing heart-touching songs or any other things… 😀 If you are creative enough, you can make every moment memorable!^^ And once your lover will see how wonderful was that moment and he would do everything for this romance! 😀 But as women we are very romantic types, but I think it’s enough only one glance from our lover which expresses every feeling we want to see or hear! 😀

  11. Mimi fahim says:

    Thanks a lot Suzy .. I think anyone should learn the art to express love .. The way to express it is very important … A man should do what his woman likes sacrificing himself for her & vice versa….. If he doesn’t have the ability to do that( no words , no flowers , no romance at all ) ,that’ll be an accident for hard life EVEN SHE IS CREATIVE ENOUGH …..<3. We live life once and must enjoy each minute.. I always enjoy YSH songs but some affect me and express my life , ( helpless love, romance, last rain & farewell to sorrow) <3. Anyway, thanks for ur advice.. I'll continue discussing this matter on air when I see u one day face to face ………… This is the first time I talk about my special thoughts and it 'll be the last .. Many thanks to u Suzy and Julee for listening to me.. I love & trust u

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