‘Hear Your Voice’ Episode 7

This episode fills me with delight as well as total horror.  It’s akin to a roller coaster ride that goes up one moment and come crashing down the next.  So happy to see Kwan Woo and Hye Seong finally making a commitment to their relationship but horrified by the attack on Hye Seong’s mum.  That scene made my skin crawl and I had to mute the sound.  But I knew the darkness was about to begin and the heart felt a little heavy.
I can’t bring myself to post pictures of the parts that hurt, only the happier Kwan Woo & Hye Seong moments.
An intimate moment as Kwan Woo wipes away the trace of chocolate at the corner of Hye Seong’s mouth, much to Su Ha’s dismay as he watched from a distance. 
ep7-2 ep7-3
ep7-4Kwan Woo in a bad mood as he had been assigned to take over the case of the old man who had attacked Hye Seong and which had upset him.  
Feeling much better after venting his anger at a thrash bin and all set to work on the case, much to Hye Seong’s annoyance.  That old man had insulted her as well as their profession, so how could Kwan Woo still be so dedicated to defending this man?
Finally understanding Kwan Woo’s determination to win the case so as to prove the old man wrong about their professionalism and to obtain his apology to her.
A war of words between Hye Seong and Do Young at the dining table
Just made it in time to pass the settlement documents to Kwan Woo and getting an unexpected hug of gratitude in return.
ep7-10 ep7-11
Shaken and still rooted to the spot even as the case was dismissed. 
An awkward moment for Hye Seong who has yet to recover from that hug
Trying to make light of the moment and agreeing to a high 5 with Kwan Woo, and totally unprepared for what comes next.
ep7-14 ep7-15 ep7-16Kwan Woo : Let us date.  I might be smiling but I’m shaking inside.  Please tell me quickly, do you dislike me?
A flustered Hye Seong : Um … er ….. no, I like you.
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3 Responses to ‘Hear Your Voice’ Episode 7

  1. Mimi fahim says:

    Nothing equals this hug or that kiss .. Of course , chocolate has a different taste in this lovely scene .. He is so sincere that I feel his affectionate kiss … What sweet romance it is !!

  2. Zsuzsanna says:

    Yes, you’re right Julee, it’s hard to recall the bad moments, but we cannot pretend like those never happened. I loved her mom’s lovely smile and his dance on the street! She was a lovely REAL mom and she is a very good actress! Otherwise, every actor and actress provide fantastic performance, even the actor who plays the role of the murderer. I think the castings were very successful!
    I like SH’s enthusiasm in the court room, he really seems to be a dedicated lawyer, his acting is very authentic. And I like his adoration towards LBY. I wonder if he behaves similarly when he really falls in love with someone! 😀
    The scene of chocolate was really lovely, although, I can remember that the protagonists solved the hiding of the trace of whipped cream on a little bit different way in the Secret Garden! 😀 But of course KW’s temperament is a little bit different. And SH’s one? 😀 Watching this scene the CF of Royce came into my mind, when SH offered one piece of chocolate to us (the camera) and after then he took the chocolate quickly! So, LBY is much more kind-hearted as she shared the chocolate with SH! 😀
    Here in Hungary the hugs are not so usual as in other countries, but there’s an american? proverb as “every hug could extend your life with one day”. Won’t be amazing to get many-many hugs which are the signs of love? It’s a very good feeling and furthermore it could extend your life?! The handkiss was also lovely, mainly if someone is waiting for a high 5! If once I could meet SH at a concert, I surely want to participate in a high 5 meeting, who knows… 😀 But the question: Do you dislike me? was a little bit strange! I would ask: I love you! And you? Do you love me? And in her place I would say looking slowly into his eyes: Don’t you feel it? And I’m sure he would know… 😀 But it’s not me who is the director! 😀

    • juleecwk says:

      Before watching ep 8, I was so afraid for the mum and was really hoping she’ll be ok.
      She had become one of my favorite characters in this drama.
      But unfortunately she had to be killed off for the plot’s development T_T

      About that question KW asked HS, I suppose at this stage it’s too early to say ‘I love you’
      and probably KW just needed to find out whether HS likes him too and is willing to be with
      him. As this was so unexpected, I suppose she was in no state to gaze dreamily into his
      eyes 😀 But wouldn’t it be heavenly to have SH gaze so tenderly into a lady’s eyes?
      I think one couldn’t think properly in this situation 😀

      The high 5 with SH is much too brief unfortunately. Hope you will have that moment with
      SH someday soon 🙂

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