‘Hear Your Voice’ Episode 8

This episode was so emotionally charged that it left me with a heavy heart.  Even as I re-watched it again, it hurts just as much and more so, as I finally understood the dialogue.  Perhaps I don’t watch as many dramas as I used to, but this is one drama which has a special place in my heart.
An upset Kwan Woo demanding to know why he had been assigned to defend the man who was accused of killing Hye Seong’s mum.  I think Judge Kim is a sadist.
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7Kwan Woo reading the suicide note written by the killer Min Jun Guk.  Though he wasn’t convinced that his reason to work for Hye Seong’s mum was to redeem himself, he was not entirely certain either that he was lying.

A dilemma for Kwan Woo …. having to defend the accused even though it will hurt Hye Seong.
Without enough evidence to convict him, he would have to be presumed innocent.
Hye Seong’s disbelief and dismay to Kwan Woo’s plea of ‘not guilty’
Hye Seong: Are you crazy?! How can this man be innocent!!
I’m wondering too at this point how the forensic investigation could not have proven that the cause of the skull fracture was not from a simple hit on the head but from repeated blows using a blunt object.  And surely they could have find out more about the cause of the mum’s death.  How my heart aches for Hye Seong here and the rift that’s beginning to tear them apart. 
Hye Seong’s utter disappointment in Kwan Woo as reflected in her thoughts
“You can’t do this to me, you have to be on my side”
13 14 15These eyes just kills me with their deep emotion, and the reason I love them.
16Sigh ….. my heart is breaking into pieces
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4 Responses to ‘Hear Your Voice’ Episode 8

  1. Mimi Fahim says:

    Yes dear Julee , this drama has a special place in our hearts .. <3<3 .. I felt deep sadness after watching ep.8 .. CKW is in trouble , I wonder what he could do more not to accept this case … He doesn't believe that this criminal is innocent .. I feel sorry for her but I don't want her to regret if she breaks up with KW who keeps great love for in his heart.. Such sincerity is rare to find .. I want a happy end for them … Lets follow to know what will happen ..

    • juleecwk says:

      The saddest part in this ep for me is what happened to HS’s mum. It’s just horrible.
      I hope justice will be done and soon.
      Let’s hope KW and HS will be back together again soon, in spite of this painful incident.

  2. Zsuzsanna says:

    I think in the end everything will be cleared by the police or ex-detective KW. You know I red many crime stories and saw many thrillers and my father worked at the police and in my childhood I red secretly the police news many times. But there’s something strange for me in this murder, which is not authentic for me. If someone falls down, she could hit her head only once or two times. But if someone, who is mad, as I’m sure MJG is that, we just have to look at his smiling face (he is really good actor) in the courtroom, would hit his victim with anger. He is unable to control his actions that’s why he hits the victim many times with great power and from the form of the fracture of skull, a forensic expert could say that what has caused the injuries, a table or a tool as the shapes are different. Sorry for this little detour from my side! But this is only a drama, not the reality fortunately.
    On the other side I could understand KW’s doubt in the guiltiness of MJG, as this killer is very clever and he could manipulate everybody. KW hasn’t got any evidence relating to the murder, although he was a detective, so, they always have intuitions after so many years’ experiences. But the problem that he is involved in the case and that’s why Judge Kim made a big mistake to give the case to him. Otherwise, I’m sure that everyone has the chance to refuse a case in case of the personnal involvement and if there’s no other person who could continue the case, they have to adjourne it! As if you are involved in any case, you are unable to investigate it impartially. KW’s subliminal doesn’t want to cause more problem to his girlfriend, he wants to save her from more sadness and that’s why he wants to certify the fact as an accident. Perhaps, if HS would share more things about their “relationship” with MJG, KW would understand HS’s and SH’s feelings. I’m sure that KW would never give up to resolve the matter and would investigate like a real detective. I hope it won’t be too dangerous for him as MJG is a serial killer now, and I want a happy end instead of a sad one!

    • juleecwk says:

      I was so sad about the mum’s death, hope the killer will get his just punishment soon.
      Agee with you that this part about the lack of forensic evidence doesn’t seem very realistic,
      as the kind of blow to the head should be obvious from what was shown to us when MJG hit the mum
      with that wrench.

      I’m wondering too why KW was still assigned to this case given his association with HS and
      they shouldn’t force him to take on this case. Judge Kim was contradicting himself when
      he said the other lawyers resigned from this case, but he told KW he does not have a choice
      in this assignment. But of course, this is a drama and this conflict is necessary for the plot.

      I’m almost afraid to watch the coming ep because I don’t want KW and HS’s relationship to worsen
      if that killer should get acquitted. I hope that the killer will be convicted but if he’s needed
      for the coming ep to heighten the conflicts and suspense, he might be around for some time yet.

      Apart from KW’s dilemma, my concern is also for HS as I would not want her to make a mistake because
      of her emotional state. I hope too that Su Ha is not going to get into trouble as I get the feeling
      that he’s now determined to fight MJG to protect her.

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