With A Good Friend

Thanks to Sang Hyun’s buddy Na Seung Chul who provides us with regular updates in his Facebook, we now know Sang Hyun’s latest craze in toy planes and monster trucks.  It’s nice to know he has such a good friend and talented team member who plays beautiful music.
Photos from Na Seung Chul’s ameblo blog @ http://ameblo.jp/nsc2540/entry-11632891763.html
As the photos were reversed, I’ve flipped them the right way.
Probably due to the inverted view of the phone camera when taking selcas.
nsc 101013
How do you like my glowing complexion?
nsc 101013-2
Big little boys having fun
nsc 101013-3
nsc ameblo 180513
Making beautiful music together ……
This should be during the rehearsal for the 2012 Christmas Fan Meeting in Japan.
More updates at Na Seung Chul’s Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/seungchul.na
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10 Responses to With A Good Friend

  1. Mimi says:

    He looks younger in those photos .. Ow baby , u r so cute and attractive .. I like this toy car much and I intend to buy one .. Which one do u like most , the helicopter or the car ? Enjoy yourself my charming old boy 😀

  2. Mimi says:

    Both SH and SC are wonderful together .. Special thanks to SC for showing us such beautiful photos ( reversed or black and white ) 🙂 .. Thank u dear Julee for showing the right photos 🙂

  3. Zsuzsanna says:

    I agree with Sang-Hyeon, the music is my drug, too! 😀 When I saw this photo, I burst out of laughter as he is just like a little boy! You know my cousin was only 4 when the photographer made a similar photo from him at the studio! 😀 But I think this type of photo is very specific in Asia as I have seen many photos about other korean actors with the same pose! It’s interesting that they wants to seem to be more younger, while in Europe the men want to seem to be more mature and manly! 😀
    They are really good friends and I think SC makes anything for SH and helps him many way and I think this is mutual! SC is really a good man and friend! When adult get such toys in their hand, even the thoughest men become little child! But this is the situation in case of women, too! I also could become a very little child, although sometimes I could seem to be a very serious business woman! 😀 Although, it’s good that their profession is their hobby, but sometimes everyone wants to do different things, like drawing, painting, callighraphics or playing with something! Music is also a hobby for me and my other hobby is animals! 😀
    Otherwise, Sang-Hyeon is always kidding with us, he is a funny boy. I think he likes the reverse photos, and he uses them deliberately! 😀

    • juleecwk says:

      SH looks cute in the first photo but I thought this gesture is usually made by the ladies 😀
      Good to know he’s having fun during his free time. It would be nice though if SH could have
      his own FB.

      • zsuzsanna says:

        Yes, he should open an own FB page as the other famous korean artists, but I think he is not that type! I was surprised that he posted some photos about himself on SC’s FB page, but I’m happy about it! Now we can see, that he cares with all fans, it doesn’t matter if they are living in Asia or in Europe or anywhere in the world! And it’s good that we could know more about him and about his friend, too and I’m glad that I could come to know SC, who is really a friendly and interesting person. 😀 Close friends are the most important “things” in the life!^^
        I’m sure SH is drawing in his free time. I would like to see some work of arts from him! i wonder what is his theme! 😀

      • juleecwk says:

        It seems NSC is now SH’s PR person on his FB and blog.
        He does have a nice smile like SH and I like his dimples 🙂

  4. Mimi says:

    Yeah .. There is no life without true friends … U r right ^_^

  5. Lichi lisy says:

    The dynamic duo! 😀

  6. shandy says:

    I agree that no man is an island.
    A friend in need is a friend indeed.
    A true friend epitomizes the notion of not only
    starring the nite with you but sharing your grief
    by walking the talk, a sincere friend is hence
    blossoming in the very nick of need…..

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