From His Heart …


In remembrance of Sekiya as posted in Sang Hyun’s blog.
To Sekiya in the skies
2013-10-31   13:41:25
May 2009 ….
This was the first time I met Sekiya ….
Sekiya was the person who connected me with my fans …
From then til now, whenever there were difficult or happy moments it was Sekiya who was always by my side supporting me.  But now that person has left us ….
When I saw her last year, she had appeared chubby and healthy and we had exchanged jokes ….
Still ….. I did not realize this ….
I feel so sad that I did not see her and send her off because the news was received late ….
A while ago, I was looking at a picture we took together
which I had found in an album
In the photo Sekiya looks so healthy and energetic ….
I think no one will just appear before me ….
If you were in front of me now, I would feel angry …… why did you not take care of your health …..
You were at such a young age …. how could you just go like this ….
The fact that I will never be able to see you again is such a sad and awful feeling ….
It is with regret that I did not take better care of you when you were here …

Working so hard for me despite receiving my complaints, I’m so grateful to Sekiya.  Thank you. 

I believe you will be happy in the kingdom of heaven, healthy without pain and eating well.
I will have to let you go Sekiya.
Once again, thank you so much …… I’m going to miss you …. I’ll be praying for you ….
Goodbye ….. Sekiya ….
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3 Responses to From His Heart …

  1. Mimi says:

    It’s really very touching .. It’s a message or let me say a lesson from SH to us .. We have to take care of our friends or the people we love not to regret after losing them forever .. SH is sentimental and loyal to Margot .. I like his personality and his honesty .. Goodbye sweetheart ❤

  2. Zsuzsanna says:

    Sang-Hyeon’s letter to Sekiya was really touching.
    Yes, sometimes we realize too late that we didn’t take care for the person whom we love! And we didn’t show our love to the persons who are very close to us! We have to do it today as perhaps tomorrow it will be too late and we would regret it so much!^^

    • juleecwk says:

      I think most of us tend to take many things for granted and only realize too late when we lose them ….. whether it’s about intangible things or people. And then we would wonder why we never tell them how much they mean to us. Sometimes we would think we’ll do it tomorrow and the opportunity slips away.

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