Message @ Filming Site

msg 270314
Sang Hyun at the filming site, taken from clip posted up today at his Korean fansite.  The filming is probably completed as the staff seems to be packing up.  He mentions the autograph signing event held tomorrow at Lotte Mart which everyone must be looking forward to.  Wonder why his palm seems so red. 
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2 Responses to Message @ Filming Site

  1. sheeprondo says:

    What snow adorable smile 🙂
    Perhaps Sang Hyun should trim his hair.

  2. zsuzsanna says:

    SH is a little bit strange with this longer short hair, but lovely. He seems to be happy and I think he really enjoys this shooting! 😀 Regarding his palm, perhaps he was leaning on his palm on the cold ground or sand searching for corpus delicti?! 😀

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