Finger Cutting Scene BTS

BTS of the finger cutting scene from episode 5 and the smiles behind the animosity ……

bts 4b

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4 Responses to Finger Cutting Scene BTS

  1. Mimi says:

    I like this scene very much .. It is the first time I close my eyes not to see HMY doing that .. SH is perfect .. YCG is lovely too .. I like that atmosphere with love and cooperation .. Thanks SH for the great challenge 😉

  2. Zsuzsanna says:

    It’s interesting, but I didn’t close my eyes as the others, as I was sure that HMY is waiting with the cutting off the finger, until he would catch Gapdong and would prove without doubt that his father was innocent. Until this moment there was only one moment when I wanted to close my eyes or turn my hear away when Scary Tiger hit and kicked HMY in the interrogation room! I can hardly tolerate to see such a violaence against a person whom I love, even if it’s only a film. It’s interesting, but in My fair Lady (Take care of the young lady) there was a scene when DC was hit by some bad boys, but then I didn’t feel it! Perhaps, he could get closer to me in soul since that drama! 😀 And that was a cheerful drama, not a crime. By the way, I like SDI very much as an actor, but at that moment…
    Otherwise, it is really funny how many times they have to rehearse such a scene and they could laugh a lot at the end, even if it was a very serious scene! 😀

    • juleecwk says:

      I hated that violent scene in the interrogation room where MY was hit so badly. It was really sickening.

      I noticed that SH had first used his left hand to grab YCG’s hand and hold the axe with his right hand during the rehearsal but perhaps because of the camera angle, he had to switch to his other hand. If one is right handed, they would usually use the right hand to grab the axe instead of the left which was what SH did in the scene.

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