Gapdongi Episode 9 Highlights

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Average viewers ratings (Nielsen)
Episode 1 @ 1.51%

Episode 2 @ 1.98%
Episode 3 @ 1.37%
Episode 4 @ 1.64%
Episode 5 @ 1.77%
Episode 6 @ 1.76%
Episode 7 @ 1.81%
Episode 8 @ 2.32%
Episode 9 @ 1.72%
ep 9 (5)
The inmate Choi Tae Sik who attempted suicide dies before Oh Maria can find out who Gapdong is.
ep 9 (1)
Yang Cheol Gon’s anguish over the death of his daughter.  Flashback to the past accident in which he had blamed Mu Yeom’s dad and threatened him with ‘either you or your son will have to die’
which must have been the reason Ha Il Sik committed suicide by jumping in front of the oncoming train.

ep 9 (6)

ep 9 (3)

ep 9 (4)

ep 9 (2)
Another intimate moment ….. Mu Yeom repairs Oh Maria’s whistle and puts it on her.
ep 9 (7)a
Wonderful smile.
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7 Responses to Gapdongi Episode 9 Highlights

  1. sheeprondo says:

    So grateful that Maria could bring that lovely smile back to our hero 🙂

    • juleecwk says:

      I didn’t think we’ll see his wonderful smile in this drama 🙂
      Wonderful eyes + smile, couldn’t ask for more except that he won’t get badly hurt again.

  2. Rto says:

    Ryu tae oh, is he going to die? I didn’t understand much but I could understand what Maria said at the end. What do u think

  3. Mimi says:

    It’s really touching when YSC was talking to the photo of his dead daughter .. I’m affected by his performance … Dear HMY , please I have something to fix .. U r a professor in fixing things .. Being away from u broke my heart , so please fix it 😉

  4. Zsuzsanna says:

    It was heart touching when ST has learnt that his daughter had died! It’s terrible if parents have to loose their children! It was interesting for me that he had burried his daughter’s ashes under a tree and on the tree there’s a board with the name of the name of the deceased. I like the idea very much! When my first dog had died, I burried him under a tree on the top of the hill at Fót and if I’m standing at his grave I can see my home at Budapest from the hill! So, I know that he can see us when he wants! 😀
    Repairing the whistle was a nice idea from HMY and that smile was so fantastic! I am jealous for OM because of that smile… 😀

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