Gapdongi Ep 9 Highlights & Episode 10 Preview

Using the lie detector test on Ryu Tae Oh and finally getting a response that he’s lying.
Episode 10 preview.
It’s a bit uncertain here about Oh Maria’s reaction to Ryu Tae Oh’s condition as she had left him to die at the end of episode 9. Is she regretting her decision, did he die or was it just a bluff?  We’ll find out in tonight’s episode 10.
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One Response to Gapdongi Ep 9 Highlights & Episode 10 Preview

  1. Zsuzsanna says:

    According to some psychologists some criminal can control so much their feelings and mind that they can hide their thoughts and can lie without any signal to the lie detector! Although, if the emotions overcome than there’s no chance for lying! 😀
    It was interesting that bloodless smile on OM’s face when RTO was dying… She was malovent at that moment! Then I thought that OM has deep mental problems and perhaps she needs a medical help. I think it’s not good if she has to take always pills! Perhaps, the love for HMY would change her! 😀

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