Gapdongi Episode 9

Watch episode 9 (with English subs)
Having made his vow to get Ryu Tae Oh, an angry Mu Yeom sets off to look for him.
9-1Ryu Tae Oh seems to know that Oh Maria is the survivor of Gapdong’s victims and demanded to know why she is still hanging around instead of running away.  


Arresting Ryu Tae Oh but not before giving him a taste of the pain his victims had to endure. 


9-6Subjecting Ryu Tae Oh to a lie detector test which didn’t seem to work until Mu Yeom managed to provoke
him by asking if he wanted to stop the murders.


9-9Though he claims that he has no intention to stop, the lie detector readings indicated otherwise. 
Mu Yeom drops by to check on Ma Ji-ul.  Looking up and flashing her that wonderful smile.
Mu Yeom finds out about Yang Cheol Gon’s demotion as police chief and picks him up to check on the inmate who had attempted suicide, but they arrived too late.  Oh Maria too is devastated as she did not managed to find out from him who Gapdong is.


He hears from Yang Cheol Gon that the inmate who died was spying for him.
9-16 Yang Cheol Gon’s invalid daughter Seon Ju succumbed to her illness and at her wake, he finally revealed to Mu Yeom how his dad had indirectly caused her injury.



A cute scene here when Mu Yeom’s ‘wife’ partner Hyeon Nyeon felt miffed that he had to get into the back seat as
Mu Yeom offered Oh Maria a lift. Just look at that adorable pout.


Mu Yeom returns the repaired whistle to Oh Maria and tells her to let him know if she ever needs to fix anything as he’s a pro.  Could that be a hint about fixing her bad experience with Gapdong?


9-23Another intimate moment as Mu Yeom moves closer to put the chain around her neck.  They seemed to have forgotten Hyeon Nyeon sitting at the back so he decided to remind them of his presence.


9-25Giving Oh Maria a call from the public phone to check if it was the same telephone number which the inmate had passed to her before he took it back.  Seeing the number jolts her memory and she confirms that it’s the same.


He decided to wait for Gapdong’s call and was just about to give up when the phone started ringing.


Ryu Tae Oh playing his deadly game of giving Oh Maria the choice whether to save him or not after he takes the poison pill.  Just as she was about to call for help, she decided to walk out and leave him to die.



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2 Responses to Gapdongi Episode 9

  1. Zsuzsanna says:

    In this episode Sang-Hyeon could show his many sides! I could see his real anger when he was driving his car. It’s strange for me as I have never seen him so angry that he could explode at that moment! He was sad, desperate, happy, cheerful, funny, but this anger made me surprised. He was really authentic and I could belive that he could kill at that moment! It was really a cool moment!
    And it was really surprising that lovely smile for OM when he gave her back her whistle. I laughed when he noted to OM that she just has to call him if something is broken as he can repair or fix everything as he is professional in it! I would have a question to Sang-Hyeon: What’s about the broken hearts??? 😀

  2. Mimi says:

    I have the same question in mind , Suzy .. U r a good mind reader 😀 The broken hearts must be repaired at once , just a mixture of pure smiles and a look from his irresistible eyes can do it 😀

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