Gapdongi Episode 10

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So Ryu Tae Oh not only survived his deadly game but he seems to have some sort of hold over the supposedly real Gapdong whose release he had helped to arrange.  And yet inmate Park Ho Seok doesn’t seem to fit that fearsome image of Gapdong senior and is much too nervous to be the merciless killer that he’s supposed to be.  Could it be that Ryu Tae Oh had known all along and was just using him as a diversion and to help him continue from where he had left off?
Mu Yeom answers the ringing phone only to find it’s his police colleague Young-ae who informs him that
Oh Maria is at Ryu Tae Oh’s house.  
Just as he’s rushing over, she calls him ……. sounding terrified and torn whether to let Ryu Tae Oh die.
Mu Yeom reassures her that he understands her dilemma but have no answers yet on how they can stop Ryu Tae Oh.



Mu Yeom visits Ryu Tae Oh in hospital but did not manage to get the information on Gapdong. 


As he has yet to get the expected call from Gapdong from the public phone, he waits it out.
Just as he was about to walk off, the phone started ringing. 


10-10Yes, it’s that unmistakable Gapdong whistling tune over the phone ……..
with the message that it would be his last call.
Gapdong revealed at last?  But his behavior didn’t fit even though he appears a little creepy at times.
Oh Maria’s flashback to her ordeal and we can see a clearer image of Gapdong’s face and smile though his eyes are hidden (see image at end of post).
Mu Yeom feels exasperated that the suspect Park Ho Seok has been released and something clicks when he finds out that his cell mate was Choi Tae Shik, the inmate who had committed suicide.
Aghast to find that Oh Maria is in Park Ho Seok’s cab, he rushed to her place after warning her that the man is Gapdong.


Oh Maria doesn’t feel that Park Ho Seok is Gapdong.  Though he had given her a scare by turning up at her place, he was there to return her phone which was left in his cab.
Worried and seemingly uncertain after his conversation with Ryu Tae Oh, Park Ho Seok seems to be plagued by some inner turmoil.  Looking down at the river below as if contemplating whether to jump in or not and trying to flag down a passing police car …… could it be what he was about to tell Oh Maria earlier?
Why do I get the feeling this has something to do with the 6th murder and is something he doesn’t really want to carry out?  He certainly doesn’t fit Gapdong’s profile.  The 2nd Gapdong junior perhaps?
Profiler Han informs Mu Yeom that the predicted murder is most likely today, following the lunar calender.
10-20Passing on that information to the investigation team.
He checks out Park Ho Seok’s recorded taxi location on the map
to trace his route, noting that it’s near the temple.


Ma Ji-ul tells Mu Yeom about her chicken delivery to Ryu Tae Oh and was hopeful that perhaps he might feel jealous that Ryu Tae Oh could be interested in her. 


As Mu Yeom drives past an abandoned cab, he recalls Park Ho Seok’s earlier location.
He checks out the cab and finds a phone with Ma Ji-ul’s message to her mum and her bag nearby.
10-26Certain now that Ma Ji-ul’s mum is with Park Ho Seok, Mu Yeom had to quickly find her before she becomes the 6th victim.




Mu Yeom to the rescue.  We certainly hope that Ma Ji-ul’s mum is safe. 
Now we’re confused …… who else could be Gapdong?  I think we can expect a twist sometime soon.
Who knows, perhaps it could be the least likely person around them.
A clearer image of Gapdong from Oh Maria’s memory.  Does that smile match any of those below?
GapdongInmate Park Ho Seok, Monk Jinjo, Police chief Cha Do Hyeok & Criminal Profiler Han Sang Hun
Could Gapdong be one of them?
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  1. coollcat2 says:

    I always thought he might be the step dad/profiler.

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