Support From Fans (Coffee Truck) 3

Another heart-warming gift of hot coffee from supportive fans to cheer Sang Hyun and the filming crew during the current drama Gapdongi shooting.  On this occasion on 10th May, it’s from Yoon Family and 2 ‘Nuna’ Japanese fans ….. a common Korean term for older sister.
It’s admirable that the many visits from these supportive fans always involve much effort in the planning and preparation, with beautiful banners and stickers as well as additional snacks and gifts.  I like these stickers with Sang Hyun’s handsome profile.

churro 100514-4

churro 100514-9

churro 100514-6

churro 100514-5Snacks packs which had their own Mu Yeom sticker on them.  A digital photo frame with slides of Mu Yeom can be seen on the left.
churro 100514
At the filming site somewhere in Incheon.
The filming of each scene took  a few hours so it was understandable that it was difficult for Sang Hyun to come over.  But being able to watch the filming for a long time made the wait worthwhile.  
It reminds me of a similar experience during our visit at a filming site during the filming of Can’t Lose a couple of years ago.  As filming was in progress somewhere in the building, we had to wait at the ground level for a few hours until they had their quick lunch break.  But it was wonderful being able to see Sang Hyun and Choi Ji Woo going back and forth to the dressing room near to where we were waiting.  We would not have minded waiting there all day. 
churro 100514-8
They did managed to meet Sang Hyun after all and this Japanese fan got his autograph.
churro 100514-7
How lovely of them to have prepared a gift for Kim Min Jung too.  Since she was busy, they had passed it to her personal assistant but later during a break, she had thanked them.  
A bit disappointing though that there are no photos of Sang Hyun in this post, unlike a previous one.
It would certainly have brightened our day too to see his smile again.  But thanks to these fans and all those before them, for their continuous warm support and cheers for Sang Hyun.  Your love is always heart-warming and I’m sure Sang Hyun can feel it too.


Is that Sang Hyun in the center?
These pics above are from another recent fan support with a topokki food truck which seems familiar.
I remember well that spiderman mask and hand decoration on the truck.  It should be the same topokki truck seen at the previous support event during Sang Hyun’s filming of the movie Deoksuri 5 Siblings last December.  Also sent by the same fan group ‘With SangHyun’. 
food truck 4Topokki food truck during the filming of Deoksuri 5 Siblings at Mageompo Beach.
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