Gapdongi Episode 11

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As we had expected, there was a twist in this episode.  So the suspect Park Ho Seok was not the real Gapdong after all.  He was just one of those whose life had been ruined by being a suspect, just like Mu Yeom’s dad.
As Ryu Tae Oh was not legally charged due to insufficient evidence, they were unable to stop him from leaving for Switzerland.  But since this is only halfway through the drama, I did not expect that he would be out of it for long.  And the twist …… is Yang Cheol Gon now a suspect?
Mu Yeom stops Park Ho Seok just in time as he was about to kill Ma Ji-ul’s mum.
He hardly resembles a vicious killer with his meekness so Mu Yeom roughs him up which finally caused an explosive response.


Mu Yeom angrily slams the hammer onto the table which sent Park Ho Seok scrambling to a corner in fear.  This kind of reminds me of the finger chopping incident in the earlier episode when Mu Yeom had used an axe on Yang Cheol Gon.



11-7Park Ho Seok finally snaps and pushing Mu Yeom against the wall, ties his hands with the scarf which Mu Yeom had used on him.   He was clearly using Gapdong’s signature knot.
Mu Yeom looks over at the observation window with an expresssion that seems to say they’ve finally got him.  On a side note, he looks really good in this scene.
Park Ho Seok grabs the hammer and almost gave everyone a heart attack as he swung it towards Mu Yeom.  An awfully dangerous moment which could have gone horribly wrong for Mu  Yeom but fortunately he stopped and turned his attention towards the observation window instead.
He cries as he berates Yang Cheol Gon for having ruined his life as well as that of the many other suspects.
That certainly reminded Mu Yeom of what his dad had gone through.
Profiler Han finally lets on that Park Ho Seok had used to work for him which explains his knowledge of Gapdong’s signature knot.  His remark that anyone could be Gapdong, like Yang Cheol Gon himself did not escape Mu Yeom’s notice. 


Though Oh Maria cannot recall clearly how Gapdong looks like, she does not think Park Ho Seok could be him.
Another flashback of Gapdong’s smile from Oh Maria’s memory, with thin upper lip without a prominent bow shape.  Which of the men’s lips resemble his?
Much to Oh Maria’s surprise, Monk Jinjo and his brood moved into her house beside her cabin. 
Though Mu Yeom had arranged it, he had yet to tell her.




He apologizes for having arranged the move, explaining that he was worried and did not want her to be alone.  Staying here would mean that he could always be close by.


And how convenient it would be for him to get her counseling too.  There are all these women who would not leave him alone which Oh Maria assumed was Ma Ji-ul but he was referring to the women whom he had visualized reaching out to him.



Since she mentions Ma ji-ul, he teasingly asked whether she’s jealous.
Ryu Tae Oh leaves for Switzerland but ends up committing another murder while on the plane.  He had felt upset with the flight stewardess when he overhead her call describing him as the suspected killer.  Getting more agitated as his mind became swarmed by other upsetting remarks, he finally snapped. 
11-27The mysterious pair of legs which was seen passing by under the curtain during the murder.  Most likely it was the man with spectacles who was earlier seen observing Ryu Tae Oh.
11-28Mu Yeom finds a blood stained police batch while conducting a search at Profiler Han’s office and quietly slips it into his shirt.  He makes a call to Young-ae to check who it belongs to.
And finds out that the batch belongs to Yang Cheol Gon.  Why is his blood stained batch hidden in Profiler Han’s office?
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