Gapdongi Episode 12

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Episode 11 gave us the impression that Yang Cheol Gon might be suspect with the discovery of his blood stained batch but he’s certainly not Gapdong.  Meanwhile Mu Yeom and Oh Maria’s relationship moves on to a more intimate level.  I really hope that it will work out for them because they both deserve so much more.
Mu Yeom finds out from Profiler Han that Yang Cheol Gon had accidentally caused a woman’s death during his stake out for Gapdong.  The woman had mistaken him for Gapdong and had fallen down an embankment as she was running from him. 
But strangely when her body was found later, she was tied up with Gapdong’s signature knot and with Yang Cheol Gon’s badge planted beside her.  He had accidentally dropped it during the accident.  As Profiler Han felt that this evidence had been deliberately planted there to target Yang Cheol Gon, he had hidden it.
Now that Yang Cheol Gon has finally revealed his secret, Mu Yeom too is ready to share his own.  The blood stain on his dad’s jacket was from the chicken he had stolen but because Mu Yeom had burnt the jacket, he had destroyed the only thing which could have proven his dad’s innocence.  This was the guilt and regret he had carried with him all these years.
12-5Ryu Tae Oh is arrested for the murder of the flight stewardess and though it might have seemed that this was the predicted 7th murder, we know that it wasn’t premeditated.  


Mu Yeom finds it strange that Ryu Tae Oh had committed this murder as he would certainly be caught and is determined to find out his motive.


12-9The flight passenger who had filmed Ryu Tae Oh in the plane’s pantry during the murder passes the evidence to Mu Yeom.
He had also observed that Ryu Tae Oh had seemed agitated and angry after the murder.
12-12Ryu Tae Oh is brought back to the detention centre.
12-13Yang Cheol Gon was dismissed for his past deed and though he’s no longer in the investigation team, Mu Yeom meets up with him to share his hunch that the present murder is unintentional, just like the 7th murder in the past.
Doesn’t the 2 men seem to be so in sync with the same pose in the above photo?  What a remarkable change their relationship had undergone since the first episode when there was so much animosity between them.
I wonder how Yang Cheol Gon would be involved in the remaining episodes.


A love note which had dropped out from one of the books Mu Yeom had borrowed but did not collect.  Who could have written it besides Ma Ji-ul?  As the content is read out in the following scene between Mu Yeom and Oh Maria, I feel that it carries a dual message which is filled with hope and longing.
Mu Yeom is concerned that Oh Maria seems troubled and as he tries to cheer her up, he finally reveals his feelings for her. 




12-20Unfortunately Ryu Tae Oh had to choose this moment to go berserk in the detention facility and spoils their moment of passion.  He screams for Oh Maria.


Mu Yeom waits for Oh Maria outside the detention facility
and makes a call to police chief Cha.
A mysterious figure resembling Gapdong and whistling his signature tune is shown walking among the tall grass.  His phone rings and as he answers Mu Yeom’s call, we see his face.
It’s police chief Cha but I have a feeling he’s not Gapdong.  Just look at his mouth with those thick lips ….. very different from the earlier photo of Gapdong’s smile (photo below).  So why is he behaving like Gapdong and wandering around in that deserted field of grass?


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