Personal Support Messages To Sang Hyun

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Sometime back in early April, YSH Support Japan had kindly invited fans to submit their personal support messages to Sang Hyun for the current drama Gapdongi and we are glad that many have responded.  These messages were to be compiled into a booklet together with their group messages, to be presented to Sang Hyun when they make their food support visit to the filming site on 19th April.  It was good that we had decided to include the original messages with the translated ones as it made the booklet more unique.
For photos of the delicious food spread, please refer to links:


Browsing through the message book on receiving it.


msg book 1
According to Susu from YSH Support Japan, Sang Hyun liked the message book very much and had expressed his thanks.
Thanks to all who had participated in the support message submission, and to Susu and YSH Support Japan for giving us a chance to convey our thoughts to Sang Hyun.  I shall not include all the messages here except for those who had sent theirs directly to me and a few others. 
For the full messages in the booklet, you can check out :


Zsuz 2
Wye Leng Julee

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5 Responses to Personal Support Messages To Sang Hyun

  1. sheeprondo says:

    Thank you for helping me to send my message to Sang Hyun, my dearest Julee 🙂

  2. sheeprondo says:

    Thank you for helping me send my message to Sang Hyun, my dearest Julee 🙂

  3. Zsuzsanna says:

    Thank you very much to you Julee, Shan, Susu and everybody who helped us to send the hungarian fan’s messages to Sang-Hyeon! I hope that Sang-Hyeon really enjoyed our messages and we are really sorry that we caused so many problems to you with the translation from english to korean! It was really a hard work! Thank you!
    Hopefully, nowadays, he knows the english much better and could read the english texts, too! And perhaps, next time it will be enough only the english words and you won’t have so much works! 😀 My hungarian friends were very excited when they heard that SH loved the messages! We were talking about for a long time and loved the photos! We are very harmful!

    • juleecwk says:

      Most welcome Zsus. The translation isn’t perfect but SH should be able to understand. I was also thinking that perhaps SH could practice his English when he sees the original messages 🙂 Hope someday he will be able to read our messages without a need for translation.

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