Love Note (Episode 12)

Love note which had dropped out from one of the books Mu Yeom borrowed.
When I first watch this part in episode 12, I had thought that perhaps this love note was written by Ma-Ji-ul.  But on reading through it, I believe this should be from Oh Maria.
When detective Nam Gi Ri  asked Ma-Ji-ul if the letter was hers, she did not show any recognition as she walked over to check it out.  She seemed a little sad as she read it and then taped it back onto the board.  Even though it’s signed off with a nickname, she would know who had written it.

You might not know, but I like you.

I’m telling you in every way possible except through words …..
But you’re absorbed in the Gapdong investigation, so how could you notice that?
Love at this time could be a luxury
But still …… love helps me get through this difficult time
Only love.
I’ll see you later ….. crybaby ….
He knows …….
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4 Responses to Love Note (Episode 12)

  1. Zsuzsanna says:

    Well, when I saw first time this letter falling down from the books, I was sure that it is a very important evidence or something like this. But when I saw the design of the paper, which was a little bit strange for me as it seemed to be a wedding design??? 😀 It thought it is MJU! And after then I saw the reaction of MJU and then I was also sure that she haven’t seen it before! But I cannot imagine that OM could have sent this to HMY! ???
    After that you have translated these sentences, I had to realized that this letter could have been written by each fan to Sang-Hyeon, for example: me!!! 😀 Unfortunately, the type of writing is not mine! 😀 Or if it won’t be written on this paper, I could have thought that this had been written by HMY or Sang-Hyeon to a woman whom he loves very much!??? I’m really curious, sweet crybaby, perhaps too much Tears?! 😀 I think SH is concerned to this drama very much, like the scriptwriter!^^

    • juleecwk says:

      I’m puzzled by the nickname ‘crybaby’ because it doesn’t seem to fit OM or MY. It’s possible that MY could have written it but I cant’ figure out a few things. Would MY use that nickname on himself(?) and I also thought the type of letter paper used is more feminine. Those books were requested by MY from the police station book club but he was too busy to collect it. How could his note end up in it? Perhaps it will be revealed later in the following eps 🙂

      The translation was taken from the English sub clips 🙂

  2. Mimi says:

    Dear Suzy , I think fans can write love notes to SH more affectionate than of Oh Maria ‘s 😀 The first question jumps into mind, how was the note put into the book ? It’s an accurate confess of love 😉 .. Crybaby reveals the state of sorrow being a way from a lover ( not from place but from heart ).. I wonder how HMY would react seeing the note 😉 ( he has already taken some kisses ) 😀 Dear ladies , my heart melts to see how MY looks at Maria ‘s face intensely before kissing .. I feel he was thinking before doing that and as soon as he felt her love , he couldn’t control himself .. Hesitation is not a good choice then 😉 SH is really decent and gentle even in kissing .. How amazing !! Love is wonderful and MY needs romance to forget suffering a lot for 11 episodes .

    • juleecwk says:

      I think he needed to be sure of how she feels before he could bare his own feelings. Loved the way he had looked at her with such intensity. I certainly hope their relationship will work out.

      I noticed this clip is very popular and no of views had jumped way above the other highlight clips for Gapdongi. Not surprising 😀

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