Gapdongi Episode 14 Highlights

Watch episode 14 (with English subs)
Dramabeans review :
Average viewers ratings (Nielsen)
Episode 1 @ 1.51%                     Episode 11 @ 1.89%
Episode 2 @ 1.98%                    Episode 12 @ 2.08%
Episode 3 @ 1.37%                    Episode 13 @ 1.68%
Episode 4 @ 1.64%                    Episode 14 @ 1.91%
Episode 5 @ 1.77%
Episode 6 @ 1.76%
Episode 7 @ 1.81%
Episode 8 @ 2.32%
Episode 9 @ 1.72%
Episode 10 @ 2.00%


ep 14 (4)

ep 14 (1)

ep 14 (2)

ep 14 (3)

ep 14 (5)

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3 Responses to Gapdongi Episode 14 Highlights

  1. Mimi says:

    I think it’s too early to reveal who Gapdong is !! 6 episodes are left .. I feel big surprises are waiting for us , perhaps another Gapdong would appear ( my own expectation ) .. Chief Cha is the one who killed Maria’s friend just like RTO and that one called the loser (killers but not the real Gapdong ).. I think they are all controlled by the real Gapdong who has not yet appeared .. Perhaps I’m wrong but I greet the scriptwriter who always pushes me to think , analyze and expect events with full excitement :). I’m in bad need to meet SH at present to tell me about the truth :D. I’m so excited and can’t wait for the next episodes .. It’s an excellent drama ,excellent cast , excellent director and perfect SH :p ❤ .. Hope the viewer rating will go higher and higher (y)

  2. Mimi says:

    I think RTO would stop killing and be a good guy .. Love makes miracles 😉 .. When I saw Cha eyes throwing the letter into the rubbish ban , I felt he’s a psychopath .. Just guessing 🙂

    • juleecwk says:

      Hi Mimi,
      I think the remaining ep will be about MY and the others trying to find a way to get chief Cha aka Gapdong senior in spite of the statute of limitations expiry. And MY is going to get RTO to help in their quest ….. using a psycho to catch another psycho because they should think alike. But what I feel is, RTO still cannot be pardoned for the murders he had committed so he needs to go back to jail in the end.

      Chief Cha should be the original Gapdong and they still have to explain what made him stop killing …. or did he continue with some other hidden crime. Like the missing lady in that photo he was staring at. When he was crushing that love letter in a rage before throwing it into the trash bin, he was twisting it in that typical Gapdong knot. And that was why MY knew he is Gapdong. I hope MY will be able to get him in the end and also have a happy ending with OM 🙂

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