Gapdongi Episode 13

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Now that it’s almost certain that police chief Cha is Gapdong, he suddenly seems to have this sinister air about him.  Who would have thought he could be the evil one but as the saying goes, appearances can be deceiving.
13-1Having spent all night at the detention centre listening to Ryu Tae Oh’s confession to the murders, Oh Maria is overcome with exhaustion and collapses into Mu Yeom’s arms.  



She cries, upset with the possibility that Gapdong might have died and for all the hurt within her.


Ma Ji-ul too is upset with herself, for her mistaken belief about Ryu Tae Oh.  Even though it isn’t because she likes him, she had genuinely hoped that he would not choose the wrong path.


As they go through all of Ryu Tae Oh’s murder cases, they are confident they have enough evidence to prosecute him. 
Mu Yeom feels that they should continue to look for Gapdong though the murders by Ryu Tae Oh had been solved.  As Police chief Cha points out that the statute of limitations had already expired and that they should just let the matter rest, we see a hint of his weird smile.  
13-8The remains of a body is suddenly discovered behind Monk Jinjo’s Gwaneum Temple.
Mu Yeom notices a whistle beside the body and though there is no obvious link to Gapdong, he had a hunch as he recalls Ryu Tae Oh’s remark about not being able to stop killing.
13-13Profiler Han shows Mu Yeom and Cheol Gon a new software received from his profiler buddy which predicts the killer’s probable location with the input of the various crime location.  It seems that from the previous Gapdong murder cases, his probable location was near the Gwaneum Temple.  But since they do not think Monk Jinjo could be the suspect, a possibility would be the detectives who were staying there at that time while investigating the murders.
13-14aFlashback to Mu Yeom’s recollection of himself as a young monk taking notes on the 8th murder case back in 1995 where the victim was the undercover cop Kim Eun Ji aka Crybaby.  She must have been the one who had written the love note in the previous episode.
Could this young man with the nunchucks be Gapdong?
Mu Yeom arranges to meet Oh Maria for their dinner date but she did not turn up. 


He makes a call to Profiler Han who thought it possible that she might have gone back to that deserted field.
13-20Indeed she had decided to return to that awful place where she and her best friend Hye Jin was attacked by Gapdong 20 years ago, to face her fear and try to recall how he looks like.  
Gapdong had forced both girls to play the rock-paper-scissors game but he had no intention to let her go even if she wins.  It was just his sick way of deciding who should die first.  But just as he was about to kill her next, the sound of the young monk Mu Yeom hitting his nunchucks against the tree trunks nearby made him change his mind and he leaves.
So Mu Yeom had unwittingly saved Oh Maria at that time and thus they actually had this connection from the past.  Is their fate intertwined?
Mu Yeom turns up just as Oh Maria forces her recollection of Gapdong’s face.  I wonder why he didn’t call out to her instead of taping her on her shoulder
A startled Oh Maria throws him onto the ground which surprised him too as he did not expect her self defense. 



As Mu Yeom scolds her for coming to this place on her own, she starts to cry and tells him that she now remembers Gapdong’s face.


13-27Mu Yeom brings Oh Maria back to the police station to give her statement and for a photofit of Gapdong.  Though she might remember Gapdong’s face and feels that he seems very familiar, she could not give an exact description off-hand.
13-28Monk Jinjo recognizes one of the woman among the missing persons notices displayed at the police station. It’s the same woman whose picture Chief Cha had been staring at earlier and had seemed to be affected by it.  Could he have something to do with her disappearance and that she’s another one of Gapdong’s hidden victims?




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