Curse of ‘Yoja’ (NG)

Sang Hyun making multiple NGs as he mispronounced the word ‘woman’  and leaving Kim Min Jung in stitches with another NG.


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2 Responses to Curse of ‘Yoja’ (NG)

  1. sheeprondo says:

    Lovely Sang Hyun!
    Even the NGs could bring so much fun to everyone 🙂
    Korean is certainly a difficult language, with so many consonant clusters and spoken so fast!
    How is your progress in learning Korean, Julee?
    I believe our idol must be very grateful if he knows that he has a super fan who would make an effort to learn Korean because of him!
    Many thanks for helping us to translate our messages to our idol and for keeping us in touch with him, dearest Julee 🙂

    • juleecwk says:

      Yes, it’s difficult to understand when they speak so fast. I think in this particular sentence it was because of the ‘l’ sound in the word just before ‘yeoja'(woman) so the tongue tripped over this word to become ‘yoja’. The difference is very slight and hardly noticeable to us but not so for them. Reading and writing is ok for me but I still have difficulty with listening and speaking 🙂

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