Gapdongi Episode 14

Watch episode 14 (with English subs)
Now that it’s confirmed that police chief Cha is the real Gapdong, I guess the remaining episodes will be on the search for  a way to nap him in spite of the statute of limitation having expired.  Just like Ryu Tae Oh, we too would like to know what made Gapdong Creepy Cha stop killing after the 9th victim or will there be more hidden crimes which have yet to be revealed?
14-1The photo-fit of Gapdong is finally completed and sent for processing to reflect his current age in his 40s.  


With the lead from Monk Jinjo on the missing woman he had recognized as the one who used to hold an annual memorial at his temple for her parents, Mu Yeom gets more information from one of the ladies who remembers her.  He also discovers that the missing woman Jung Sook and the dead undercover cop Kim Eun Ji (Crybaby) were high school friends.
Unfortunately for Ma Ji-ul, Mu Yeom does not reciprocate her feelings Feeling mighty upset when he joked about her and Ryu Tae Oh, she started quoting from the love note pinned on the board and declared openly in front of everyone how she feels about him.
I could not agree more with Mu Yeom’s ‘wife’ partner Hyeong Nyeon when he made a remark to detective Gi Ri that Mu Yeom is addictive Whether it’s Mu Yeom or Sang Hyun, we can vouch for that ….. *wink wink*
Mu Yeom apologizes, explaining his concern on her expectation about Ryu Tae Oh and then wonders who could have sent the love note.
Ma Ji-ul shows Mu Yeom the book which must have belonged to Chief Cha as his name is inside the cover.  She had figured out that the love note which had dropped out from this book must have been for him. 
Mu Yeom remembers the nickname Crybaby which one of the detectives had mentioned when they were talking about the previous 8th victim, the undercover cop Kim Eun Ji.  She must have liked Chief Cha.
Mu Yeom and Oh Maria
takes a look at the completed image of the older Gapdong.  Though the face seems familiar to her, she still cannot pinpoint who it resembles.
The young Gapdong from her memory and the aged version of him.
Oh Maria meets Chief Cha in front of the police station after giving her statement.  As they talked about Gapdong, his sudden remark ‘Did it feel good to win?’ caught her by surprise as this were the exact words which Gapdong had said to mock her when she had won the rock-paper-scissors game 20 years ago.  Growing uneasy, she scans his face as he moves closer to help her with her bracelet which had dropped off. 
14-12As Chief Cha knew that Mu Yeom had missed the dinner date with Oh Maria, he knew Mu Yeom was not telling the truth when he said they had dinner together.  Mu Yeom had gone to see Kim Eun Ji’s mum and had told her about her daughter’s love note.   I suppose Mu Yeom did not want to tell Chief Cha since he did not know about the love note.
14-13Flashback by Chief Cha which explains how he had killed the undercover cop Kim Eun Ji (in green floral dress).  He had found the girls talking about him in hushed tones and had probably thought that she knew something about him.


As Kim Eun Ji’s mum had made a request for her love note to be passed to the man for whom she had written it, Mu Yeom gives the note to Chief Cha.
It was probably not what he had expected as his unguarded expression hardened while he muttered to himself “So this was it?
”  His strange response did not escape Mu Yeom’s notice but just as quickly, his expression then changed to one of sadness.
The bizarre behavior of Chief Cha towards the love note fills Mu Yeom with shock and dismay. 


Mu Yeom cries in anguish with the shocking realization that the man whom he had respected all his life is none other than Gapdong.
14-20Chief Cha’s transformation into evil Gapdong in Mu Yeom’s nightmare.
14-21Monk Jinjo’s advice to Mu Yeom to be mindful that he does not end up hurting anyone in his quest to capture Gapdong.


14-23Wondering what they would do if they were to capture Gapdong but not being able to come up with any answers.  For some reason, Mu Yeom does not tell Oh Maria about his shocking discovery on Chief Cha.
14-24Making a check on Chief Cha’s testimony on the previous murder and getting Hyeong Nyeon to keep an eye on him.
Oh Maria is shocked and terrified to recognize Gapdong from the photo of the young Chief Cha which Mu Yeom sent to her.
Feeling frustrated that they are unable to do much since the statute of limitation has expired but Mu Yeom is convinced that they need to find proof of his hidden crimes.  He sends a recording to the prosecutor via detective Gi Ri regarding the amendment on the statute of limitation which some countries had made for exceptional cases.  Probably this is what he hopes they will be able to achieve for their case on Gapdong.  They must succeed and I hope they will.
14-30Flashback of what Mu Yeom had seen which had so distressed and horrified him, when Chief Cha had disposed of the love note.  Wonderfully impressive eyes in this shot.


14-27Chief Cha’s bizarre behavior which made him almost unrecognizable as he vented his rage on the love note.  As if in a trance, he had twisted the note into the typical Gapdong knot before throwing it into the thrash bin and stabs at it maniacally before spitting at it.
I wonder if Chief Cha is upset that he had killed Kim Eun Ji by mistake or whether he’s in a rage that this piece of evidence had surfaced and link him to the dead woman.


Mu Yeom in shock as he watches in horror from a distance.


Mu Yeom looks up Ryu Tae Oh in the detention facility and shows him the note which he had retrieved from the trash bin. 
He makes an unexpected proposal to Ryu Tae Oh for his help to capture Gapdong.
14-33Getting a psychopath to catch another psychopath as they think alike.  I’m not sure though about Mu Yeom’s use of the ‘chicken game’ to determine who would be the one to go after Gapdong.  Perhaps it’s the thrill that goes with this dangerous game that Ryu Tae Oh needs to get him into action.




What I read about the ‘chicken game’ is that both drivers will head at full speed towards each other to see who will swerve at the last minute to avoid a collision.  Their challenge in this case is to see who will drive closest to the cliff and the loser will be Gapdong hunter. 
My guess is it will be Ryu Tae Oh.  At least he will have something exciting to do rather than waste away in boredom in detention.  His mission as copycat Gapdong hunting down Gapdong senior, and working with Mu Yeom to outwit him.  It’s going to be exciting and I’m looking forward to the next episodes.
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