tvN Photo Gallery (12)
BTS of the finger cutting scene from episode 5.

tvN 030614-6

tvN 030614-7

tvN 030614-8

tvN 030614-9

Bts from episode 6 during the filming of the dating scene at the carousel between Ryu Tae Oh and Oh Maria.
Big boy having fun with the little ones.

tvN 030614-4

tvN 030614-5

Looking great while monitoring his performance on screen.

tvN 030614-1

tvN 030614-2

tvN 030614-3

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One Response to tvN Photo Gallery (12)

  1. Mimi says:

    So sweet , lovely , cheering , charming and every beautiful adjective in the world 😀 .. This is SH the big kid , the perfect guy and the great actor .. The photos are amazing mainly with that cute girl 😀 fighting HMY (y) (v)

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