Gapdongi Episode 16

Watch episode 16 with English subs:
Giving Chief Cha a last chance to own up to his crimes but to no avail …..
He is arrested as a suspect in the previous murder cases but they can only detain him for 48 hours. 
The race is on to find direct evidence which they could use to prosecute Chief Cha.  What they did discover was his false ID and passport as a residence of Malta.  They would have to trace his overseas trips under his false ID which they hope could be used to suspend the 3rd statute of limitation (fleeing overseas).
Members of the team volunteer to search the old immigration records and get down to the monumental task of going through all the old data which was not computerized.


16-6aWhen questioned on his passport under a false ID, he had a ready excuse that he had wanted to leave the country then because of his disillusionment over his job.  
Mu Yeom had a hunch that Chief Cha had used the signature knot to deflect the investigation of the first murder away from himself as he had known the victim,
the daughter of the man who had killed his mother in that flashback scene. 


Mu Yeom believes that Chief Cha had continued with the other murders in the guise of Gapdong as the media frenzy and recognition for handling the cases had gone to his head.


Oh Maria cross examines Chief Cha but he persists in his claim of innocence.  As she gets increasingly agitated with his pretense, he offers his hand for her to identify from what she could recall of Gapdong’s soft hands.  But then, would they still remain the same after all these years?
I couldn’t help but wonder from her question why he/Gapdong had spared her life back then ….. could there be another hidden detail about their relationship which has yet to be revealed.  In that scene when he was about to kill her, he had paused when he noticed that birthmark on her shoulder.  Somehow I have a feeling it has some significance.
As Oh Maria feels his hands and looked into his eyes, he finally revealed his true self by whispering the question how she had won the rock, scissors and paper game.  That certainly made her snapped and she grabbed him by his neck.



I suppose she would have strangled him to death if Mu Yeom had not stopped her.
16-17aUpset and frustrated that they had only limited time to detain him, Mu Yeom reminds her that they should not let it stop them from going after Chief Cha.  They will pursue him as long as he’s alive.
16-18Profiler Han makes an unexpected revelation that he was in some way connected to the 4th murder case as a milk carton with his saliva was one of the evidence found at the crime scene.  Mu Yeom knows that Profiler Han is just trying to get the investigation re-opened and is making a sacrifice for that purpose.  I do not believe either that he could have been an accomplice.
Oh Maria proposes an idea which would most likely appeal to Ryu Tae Oh’s psyche ….. why settle for being copycat Gapdong when he could instead become a hero by getting Gapdong?  In return, she could help him make a fresh start as Gapdong hunter and he could avoid the death penalty.
16-20The 48 hours is up and though it’s frustrating for the team that no hard evidence had been found against Chief Cha, they would have to release him.




All is not lost as the district attorney turns up with good news that the prosecution charges against Chief Cha had been registered and the statute of limitations suspended. 


So did you hear that?!


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2 Responses to Gapdongi Episode 16

  1. sheeprondo says:

    Perhaps Maria is Chief Chaˊs younger sister!

    • juleecwk says:

      Does Chief Cha has a sister? I thought that girl with him in that flashback scene is the daughter of the man who killed his mum. And she was his first victim.

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