Gapdong Tee

It’s interesting that Chasecult had designed a tee based on the drama Gapdongi.  It would be nice if Mu Yeom’s face is on it instead but then I suppose they would have to rename it Mu Yeomi (무염이).
Would love to get this tee if I ever come across it. 
I wonder if this poster will be used for the autograph signing event next weekend on 21st June.  
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One Response to Gapdong Tee

  1. Zsuzsanna says:

    I think this idea is very good and they copied from someone 😀 , but this is a fantastic T-shirt, I like it very much! And the black suits SH very much!.Although, which color not???? 😀 He looks very well on the poster and according to me it could be HMY that sketch as his hair is much similar to SH’s than to the one of Gapdongi! I wonder what he would wear during the autograph signing event! 😀 In a baseball cap or without??? 😀

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