Sang Hyun’s VisitTo Brazil

News source:
According to the latest media report, Sang Hyun’s visit to Brazil is scheduled from 23rd – 28th June while MGB Japan reported it as from 22nd -3oth June.  
This will be Sang Hyun’s 2nd visit to Latin America as he was in Cuba last November as ambassador at the Havana International Fair pavilion.  This time he will be visiting Brazil’s TV Globo Production Central (Projac), the world’s largest drama production centre.  Rede Globo is Brazil’s largest broadcaster with about 120 million viewers daily and is the 3rd largest station after CBS and NBC.  Located in the Jacarepagua neighbourhood on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro, it is a  mini city with multiple outdoor sets spread over an area of 165 hectares of unused farmland and staffed by around 7000 people.  Its size is truly mind boggling.
Sang Hyun will get to experience the local drama production scene with their actors during his visit to Projac on 24th.  He will also get a taste of their traditional culture and explore the local Bossa Nova music scene on his visit to Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo.  And of course, get to join in the World Cup fever with the games held in Brazil.
On a side note, I had read with concern the news on the potential transport chaos due to the strikes as well as security threats.  Let’s hope everything will go well and Sang Hyun will have a wonderful and memorable trip.  After having worked so hard on the filming of Gapdongi, this trip would surely be a well deserved break before his next project starts.  
Related info on Projac:
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3 Responses to Sang Hyun’s VisitTo Brazil

  1. coollcat2 says:

    Julee: Now you mentioned about transport chaos. I am getting a little worried for his trip. Wish him good luck and have a great time there. I hope everything will work out.

  2. Zsuzsanna says:

    Well, there’s a big difference between Latin and South America. Cuba has a well-organized police, while Brasil has no! I’m not afraid of the transport chaos, as everywhere everyone has to wait, perhaps a lot for transfer, I am frightening because of the bad public safety. Mainly in the biggest cities like, Rio and Sao Paolo there’s a very big crime wave as the people greatest majority is very poor! In the favelas, the poorest shantytown of the brazilian big cities are full or very lovely people, but the “maffia’ holds everything in his hand, not the police. The rich people’s house is like a prison as everything is closed and secured by very serious safety equipment and they leave their house only by own car which is bulletproof and with many bodyguard together! They are always scared from robbery, murder and kidnapping. So, SH won’t be able to walk so freely as in Cuba. Although, I think it would be a very well-organized tour, so, they will be guarded by experts! 😀

    On the otherside, these cities are beautiful ones with many wonders of the nature and buildings. The peoples are lovely, happy and cheerful and very helpful. Because of the mixture of the different nationalities, there are many beautiful people, women and men! And all of them are pervaded by the fantastic south-american music! They are borning into the music and every part of their body radiates the rhythm! I am a Brasil fan in every way! I would like to visit this beautiful country once! I am jealous a little bit that Sang-Hyeon could do it now! I think his experiences would be fantastic and he would enjoy his staying in Brasil. It’s pity that SC cannot go with him as they could get very interesting inspiration together from the south-american music and sense of life at the spot to their next common CD! 😀
    And if the brasilian national football team brings the good results everybody would be very happy! And why not??? I hope SH could visit at least one match as the atmosphere cannot be compaired to any other nation’s stadion! Although, I think the english people would be doubt in this, but the Wembley is the Wembley! 😀
    At home we knows the Globo very well, as many telenovella (dramas) were broadcasted in the hungarian channels. They are very long, very exciting and full of evil peoples, but at the end always the good and poor ones, who becomes very rich would win! 😀 Summarized this is the brasil drama! 😀 I have seen many-many of them! 😀 So, if he would be a cameo in a brasil telenovella, then I hope to watch it once… 😀
    So, I wish him a very nice trip and enjoy the trip and try to live together with that fantastic atmosphere! 😀 He should take me with him in his pocket! 😀 Have a wonderful and safety trip!

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