From CJ E&M Face Book & tvN Photo Gallery

tvN photo gallery



Mu Yeom in official uniform for the first time (episode 17)
CJ E&M Facebook

cjem ep17

cjem ep17-4

cjem ep17-2

cjem ep17-32

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3 Responses to From CJ E&M Face Book & tvN Photo Gallery

  1. Zsuzsanna says:

    The first photo made me laugh! He is so funny on it that I was laughing a lot seeing it! By the way, that scene was really good, I like his facial expression there! He could be a very good phychopath… 😀
    I think the uniform suits many people very well. I think it was the second episode or I don’t know when everybody needed to wear uniforms. Only HMY has worn another clothes. I was disappointed then, as I was sure that he would be very sexy in the uniform. And now I wasn’t disappointed as he was just like I have imagined before! You know my father had also a uniform, perhaps that’s why I like men in uniform very well as it suited him also very well. Although, his uniform was a grey one. I think this dark blue is very nice!!! And his tie is really beautiful, although, I thought to a uniform the policemen could use only monochrome tie!!! But I don’t know the korean police clothing regulations. 😀 Otherwise, in that uniform he was really the knight of my dreams! 😀 Richard Gere in that white uniform in the film “An officer and a gentleman” was nothing to Sang-Hyeon! 😀

    • juleecwk says:

      I had a re-look at this scene by the parapet where he was talking to himself (to CDH) and laughing. Yes he could have a psycho himself 🙂 I’ve always loved to see SH in smart suits, he looks very handsome in them ….. Taebong, Dongchan, Kwan Woo & Hyung Woo.

      In an earlier scene (ep 1?), he was supposed to turn up in uniform to greet their new chief YCG but as they were not on the best of terms then, he didn’t do so.

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