Gapdongi Episode 18 Highlights

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Dramabeans episode recap:
Average viewers ratings (Nielsen)
Episode 1 @ 1.51%                     Episode 11 @ 1.89%
Episode 2 @ 1.98%                    Episode 12 @ 2.08%
Episode 3 @ 1.37%                    Episode 13 @ 1.68%
Episode 4 @ 1.64%                    Episode 14 @ 1.91%
Episode 5 @ 1.77%                     Episode 15 @ 2.32%
Episode 6 @ 1.76%                    Episode 16 @ 2.23%
Episode 7 @ 1.81%                    Episode 17 @ 1.85%
Episode 8 @ 2.32%                   Episode 18 @ 2.17%
Episode 9 @ 1.72%
Episode 10 @ 2.00%
Cha Do Hyeok displays his split personality in court but is it an act?
Is Ma Ji-ul Ryu Tae Oh’s next target? Confrontation between Mu Yeom and Cha Do Hyeok which seems to give the impression that it’s Mu Yeom who’s shot. Hope not.

ep 18

ep 18a

ep 18b2

ep 18c

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5 Responses to Gapdongi Episode 18 Highlights

  1. Zsuzsanna says:

    JIG is a real surprise for me as his facial expressions are fantastic. He could change from a normal person to a real psychopath. Wow! His face is really fearful. Those are the best actors or actresses who could show their emotions only with one movement of their face.
    Otherwise, the action intensifies and becomes more and more interesting and exciting and the drama is a real psychodrama now!
    Sang-Hyeon’s acting is really fantastic, I always knew that he is a good actor, but in this film he could show his real acting abilities! He does his best and is working with total effort on this drama. Congratulation! 😀
    The other actors and actresses are really good. They give their best. Kim Ji Won is very good. She plays a little bit naive girl as she thinks that she could modify a psychopath. For hungarians who see this red-white dotted jacket, every of them would say Túró Rudi girl. Which is very funny for us, but it doesn’t say anything for the foreigner at all! 😀
    I think this new hairstyle suits to LJ very well! Otherwise, I don’t understand his intention why he binds JW??? Perhaps, with english subs I would understand it much better. 😀
    I’m waiting for the end of the drama, but I will miss SH’s acting very much in the next weeks! 😦 It is a real good role for him!!! Hopefully, the next role will be really so good as this was!

    • juleecwk says:

      I will miss this drama too when it ends next week and probably will experience HMY ‘withdrawal’ symptoms without our weekly fix 😀 Looking forward to an exciting finale and I really hope nothing bad will happen to MY. There’s his head injury to worry about.

      I wonder when the movie Deoksuri 5 Siblings will be shown in the theaters. Should be around the latter half of this year. I hope SH will be acting in another drama soon.

      Yes, the actors are good. Cha Do Hyeok (Jeong In-gi) is the least probable suspect as Gapdong and suddenly he turned evil which is such a contrast. But I wonder in real life, whether they have a way to test if someone really has a multiple personality disorder or is just pretending. Like in Cha Do Hyeok’s case, he knows he’s being observed and is using this ploy to get around his prosecution.

      If RTO is doing what CDH tells him, then he’s using Ma Ji-ul to lure Oh Maria to complete the 9th murder (Oh Maria). His blank expression at the end of ep 18 gives the impression that he’s in his psycho mode again but it’s hard to tell. I hope MY didn’t get shot by CDH. The photos of officer Young-ae in swim suit posted at CJ E&M gives me the feeling that she’s the one who shot at CDH. Since it’s MY and YCG’s plan to trap CDH, perhaps MY’s gun is empty. 😀

      I can’t help wondering why the script decided to add on such scenes of officer YA in a sexy swim suit in these 2 ep. She’s always been so buttoned up and suddenly she’s this sexy lady wearing a revealing swim suit. It just feels a bit strange to me.

      • Zsuzsanna says:

        And the strangest that SH doesn’t admire her fantastic shape! 😀 Although, it was a dangerous situation… 😀 I’m just kidding. I think this was a gift for male viewers as SH in uniform and LJ under the showder for women! 😀
        I am sure HMY would be injured again, but I do hope that the scriptwriter doesn’t want to kill him… His head injuring makes me really nervous. 😦 I want a happy ending!!!

  2. shandy says:

    I’ve been thinking about the so called complete killing comes
    to the end of music, which is actually a context brought down
    from the first 9th murder case with paper-scissors-rock kinda
    life and death game played to decide the sequence of killing!

    Oh, it’s too bad for me to come down with such a disastrous
    premonition, Kim Jae Hee the doctor Oh and Jiwon are already
    enlisted in the name of death game. I wouldn’t like it but
    somehow we might see how the game is running about and
    it stands a very good chance for chief Cha to eliminate KJH
    with the hand of the copycat Gapdong who’s so desperate to
    look for ways out yet being trapped and straddled between
    the borderline of life and death.

    Chief Cha’s reference to completion of killing is nothing but
    a wrapping up of the whole scenario in a serial killing, is in
    fact a pretext under which he could carry out his maneuver
    at his whim, he’s really truly insane. I couldn’t imagine how
    a man flips the coin to decide other people’s life with paper-
    scissors-rock ? He takes others’ lives too easy so does his
    copycat when they themselves hunger so much for survival.

    To psychopaths, I suppose killing is a kinda hobby…..and it
    is contagious. When a psycho is inherited with that ” wonderful
    KILLING INCLINATION”, he’s hooked to it and he begins his
    killing spree. When coming to the knowledge of paying back
    for the crimes committed as a kinda punishment , he tries to
    scour for freedom of stopping, will it be too late ? There’re no
    free crimes and crimes without punishment in this world !

    That’s why human beings on earth need a hero, Ha Mu Yeom
    who is tough and spunky with his vow to draw a line to end
    the game of the monsters. I could see now Mu Yeom is in
    full force of acting more as an agent of God, wanting to spank
    the killers by luring justice out of injustice. Retaliation for his
    father’s death has seemed to be more obscure now.

    • juleecwk says:

      Hi Shandy, I guess we’ll never know what goes on in the mind of a psycho and what makes them behave the way they do. Could they really have some form of mental disorder, split personality with a dominant self controlling his others and over which they have no control? After watching ep 17, it leaves me with a doubt whether such diagnosis is really accurate or not …. or perhaps in the case of this drama, it’s simplified.

      We hope MY will bring CDH to justice and reveal the fraud that he is. And hopefully MY will be ok, especially where his head wound is concerned.

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