Zoo Coffee Re-endorsement

Another pleasant surprise to know that Sang Hyun is back with Zoo Coffee.  I’m not sure who were the other CF models but Sang Hyun can certainly inject fun and different moods into coffee drinking. 
zoo coffee (1)aLove this photo …… dreamy and inviting to share a cuppa.  I want that cup.
zoo coffee (2)aJust taking a break but come join me ……
zoo coffee (3)
Yay, let’s go to the zoo …..
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3 Responses to Zoo Coffee Re-endorsement

  1. Zsuzsanna says:

    I love the advertisements of Zoo Coffee, mainly Sang-Hyeon’s as those are full of life. He is so lively, funny and cheerful and many times sexy on the photos. So, I am happy that he signed a new contract! 😀
    On the first photo he is very sexy and on the second photo he is very elegant. Yes, I would like to have a latte macchiato with SH at that table with pleasure! 😀 On the thirds photo he is that cheerful guy whom I love so much! 😀 I think in a man the humor is the most important and he is perfect in it! 😀
    I’m sure he would have extremly cool photos in the future! The camera loves him very much, just like we do! 😀

  2. shandy says:

    It’s an exhilarating news, Sang Hyun oppa, our hero as
    Ha Mu Yeom, will be back on stage as coffee Prince Charming!
    Hmmmm, how wonderful to get that aroma billowing in the air by
    this charming and beautiful man !

    • juleecwk says:

      SH looks great and is blessed with his attractive and photogenic aura that emanates from his photos.
      One does not need to be physically there with him to feel that magnetism.
      And that’s why we are all besotted 😀

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