Gapdongi Drama Fan Meeting

gapdongi fanmeeting 2
drama fanmeet 150614

Though the Gapdongi Drama Fan Meeting was originally scheduled to be held on 18th May 2014, it was postponed to today 15th June due to the Sewol ferry tragedy.
  The above photo was posted on twitter by the event emcee Gong Daeyu.  I remember him with Sang Hyun at the Korean Language & Culture Night event held at Gotanda Hall, Tokyo back in 2010.
hallyu night 2010
Hallyu Night @ Tokyo Gotanda Hall on 25th March 2010
With the Chasecult autograph signing event scheduled just a week after this drama fan meeting, I wonder whether it might affect the turnout as both events are so close to each other.
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One Response to Gapdongi Drama Fan Meeting

  1. shandy says:

    I am sucker for Ha Mu Yeom’s manly style.
    Glad that Chasecult autograph signing event geared
    to gain the more popularity of Yoon at this time of
    Gap Dong on air.

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