Gapdongi Episode 17

Watch ep 17 with English subs:
We had expected that with the arrest of Gapdong Cha, everything will fall into place.  He would be sentenced and put behind bars for good.  But now it seems he’s not responsible for his crimes because of a disorder?  It makes me wonder just how accurate such diagnosis can be and if someone can get away with it if they can act convincingly enough to fool everybody.  If they could use brain scans on Mu Yeom to see if he was telling the truth, couldn’t they have used that on Gapdong Cha?
It’s certainly nice to see Mu Yeom in uniform which he wore at the official briefing on Cha Do Hyeok’s caseTo ensure Ji-ul’s safety, he passes her a tracking device so that he could trace her whereabouts.
Mu Yeom wants to know why Do Hyeok did not kill him when it would have been so easy for him to do so at anytime.  He had reasoned that Mu Yeom wouldn’t have known his hidden identity, just like how one would be unable to see the Eiffel Tower well from below. 
Mu Yeom gets a call from the hospital to go for a brain scan, for his earlier injury of the bullet lodged in his frontal lobe.  The results do not look good and he needs an operation as soon as possible to remove a hematoma (blood clot).  I was wondering why the medical staff called Do Hyeok instead of telling Mu Yeom himself. 
Mu Yeom thinks that Do Hyeok’s mention of the Eiffel Tower might contain a hidden killer’s code, just like some of the previous murder cases. 
17-5Unable to figure it out, he gets Tae Oh to check it out since it’s likely that his psycho mind would be able to recognize what another psycho can visualise.
17-6While Ji-ul continues to believe that she could make Tae Oh more human, Mu Yeom is skeptical that she can succeed and tells her to give it up. She still believes in giving Tae Oh another chance to see if he can change.


Mu Yeom comes upon Profiler Han’s case for involvement in the 4th murder in which district attorney Park Jung Gu offers to act as prosecutor.  I’m just wondering how Profiler Han is involved in that case of murder and abandonment of corpse.


At Oh Maria’s cabin where Do Hyeok had gone to see her, she had purposely provoked him to see his reaction.  At the mention of a hated word ‘forgiveness’, he suddenly morphed into Gapdong with his face contorted with rage and attacked her.  But just as suddenly, he becomes himself again with that horrified look as if he could not believe what he had done.
His Gapdong face reminds me of the baddie in the movie The Mask (Jim Carrey), who had a similar evil face when he had donned the mask.
As they listen to the psycho analysis on the artist who had drawn that picture of the Eiffel Tower which points to him having a multiple personality disorder, Mu Yeom is struck by the thought that Do Hyeok is using this ploy to fool them.



He watches a clip in which the doctor of the infamous psychopath Billy Milligan had diagnosed him with this disorder. According to wiki’s info on Billy Milligan, he was confined to a mental hospital instead.
Mu Yeom wants to know why Oh Maria has recommended a psychoanalysis for Do Hyeok and is furious with her for being swayed by his act.  
He does not get why she now needs to understand Do Hyeok or is it because she does not have enough faith in his ability to get that man that she’s willing to make a compromise.
17-15Exasperated by her sudden change of heart towards Do Hyeok and with extreme disappointment that they no longer share the same aims regarding Gapdong, he feels they can no longer do it together.
Oh Maria wants to know what Mu Yeom is trying to say so he tells her bluntly that their relationship is over.  Sigh ……


Though she finds it difficult to understand their break-up, she accepts that they have to do what they both need to.


Chul Gon has the same thought as Mu Yeom regarding Do Hyeok’s ploy of using the disorder diagnosis to get around his conviction and they will have to stop him.


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2 Responses to Gapdongi Episode 17

  1. shandy says:

    To Mu Yeom, Eiffel Tower is a maneuver played by CDH To load a
    cause of pele-mele tumble in order to put the investigators all their
    stroke. The more assertion CDH tries to put on it , the more resolution
    Mu Yeom will get the rite shot at it. The A+ student of Pro. Han is not
    somebody when he’s no longer in upper hand to dominate the
    whole scenario. Instead it runs counter to CDH’s expectation, Mu
    Yeom’s good sense and effort are paid, no surprise to see how he
    decodes it and pulls the diverged game to his side. The initial fifty-
    ffifty game is now slanting slightly towards the favor of Mu Yeom!

    Eiffel Tower to Ru Tae Oh is a monument of Gapdong or more to
    Nike resembling to victory has a connotation of freedom. Freedom
    of killing as well as freedom of stopping ! Either way he wanna do
    coz blood is flowing with an urge of killing meets bags of
    impossibilities of ending needs another urge of stopping when a
    rush of killing is sunken is articulated well enou his thought of why
    the world felt that Gapdong had stopped but Gapdong never did….

  2. shandy says:

    After watching the ep 17. I feel like being shrouded with tons
    of worry and it keeps me on tenterhooks, the bullet lodged in
    Mu Yeom’s frontal lobe could be giving rise to fatality any time,
    I shall believe the writer do know how to savior Mu Yeom’s life
    in the end. I may not expect so much of a happy ending but the
    least the hero must survive till the last, am I greedy ?

    Mind me saying the moment Oh Maria tries to free herself from
    the wringer of pain, she is at the disposal of neglecting how
    Mu Yeom will feel at the same time…. Her twist of displaying
    her pro ethics of empathy towards the inhuman killer is wrenching
    justice laid in the hand of God. If she’d ever thought of this by
    freeing the killer with assumed mentally disorder equates the
    freedom of her soul, she is pushing Mu Yeom to the doom beyond

    I feel no sorry for Mu Yeom to dart out the words of ‘ splitting up ‘
    as it’s too heavy for Mu Yeom to sustain his pain and suffering,
    though I might feel very sad of their break up….
    The lady he loves is betraying his soul and inspiration to wrench
    the evil under justice. The interrogation carried out in the
    interrogation room is something which is the most unforgettable
    grilling for both Mu Yeom and Oh Maria, and it’s ironic enou
    as if God is playing a joke with them.

    Sad to say Mu Yeom’s upset and despair have come to another
    loose end when another gal by his side Ji-ul thinking she might
    twist the monster back to the human path, is playing a joke with
    the God, not knowing devils are much more bloodthirsty than
    what is in sight of every normal human act ! If a devil tries to
    wring something out of her for his own goods, she wouldn’t see
    any mercy in his eyes at all. When she experiences the God’s
    grace , she shall never forget HMY is her life savior. Thus she
    learned this from Mu Yeom, with a hope that every human being
    needs a saving grace as she does.

    It comes to the same thing, Ji-ul, still in her salad days, throws
    Mu Yeom into another scale of fidget again !

    One is mature enou to handle herself go beyond imaginable,
    while another one is ignorant enou to push herself to the edge
    of the ridge. Hey, it’s no fun at all, I’m juz wondering what in
    their minds the stuff is all about ! ! !

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