Gapdongi Episode 20 (Finale) Highlights

Watch episode 20 with English subs:
Dramabeans episode recaps:
Average viewers ratings (Nielsen)
Episode 1 @ 1.51%                     Episode 11 @ 1.89%
Episode 2 @ 1.98%                    Episode 12 @ 2.08%
Episode 3 @ 1.37%                    Episode 13 @ 1.68%
Episode 4 @ 1.64%                    Episode 14 @ 1.91%
Episode 5 @ 1.77%                    Episode 15 @ 2.32%
Episode 6 @ 1.76%                    Episode 16 @ 2.23%
Episode 7 @ 1.81%                    Episode 17 @ 1.85%
Episode 8 @ 2.32%                   Episode 18 @ 2.17%
Episode 9 @ 1.72%                    Episode 19 @ 2.07%
Episode 10 @ 2.00%                 Episode 20 @ 2.13%

ep 20 (1)

ep 20 (3)a

ep 20

ep 20 (2)

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2 Responses to Gapdongi Episode 20 (Finale) Highlights

  1. sheeprondo says:

    Though the drama has come to an end, Mu Yeom is going to stay in my mind forever!
    I am most impressed by the line Mu Yeom says in the final scene…
    Yes, we do can have our choice…
    and our choice is always Sang Hyun!
    Look forward to seeing our idol on the screen soon!

  2. shandy says:

    Whatever peccancy has done its way which is left undone by
    mankind , does find a settlement with God……..

    Deport means exporting Gapdong and transferring crimes to
    another hand. They chose their own fate, no one can save them.

    Thanks to the writer for creating the character of Ha Mu Yeom,
    the name of a hero blended with justice. He’s an emblem of
    righteousness, the human and the most compassionate.

    Ha Mu Yeom’s dictum is: Pity is more powerful than love!
    He means pity offered in the rite way, will save the need,
    it mustn’t be indulged in spoiling the evil done….

    Another interesting and most innocent character, Ji-ul, the
    crybaby has her puppy luv for Mu Yeom meant to be grown
    up with mature thinking, still harboring her concern and
    thought of her hero by doing something good to RTO as
    a good bless for Mu Yeom’s imminent surgery.

    She has the angelic heart. When she’s ambling down the
    road with Mu Yeom and KJH, she asked : What’s my choice?
    Is it possible for Mu Yeom to give her the answer ?

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