Sang Hyun @ Incheon Airport

Sang Hyun at Incheon Airport on 22nd June 2014, on the way to Brazil.
wsh fb 1a
incheon 1a
incheon 5a
Since I was in Seoul for the Chasecult autograph signing event the day before, I had wanted to go to the airport to see Sang Hyun off.  But unfortunately I missed him by just a few minutes as he was already halfway into the departure gate restricted area and I did not even managed to wave or wish him a safe journey.  
So near and yet so far …… perhaps I should have called out to him but he was already moving forward.

incheon 3

A last zoom in before he reached the entrance.
Out of sight but never out of mind.  With a heavy heart, I made my way back.
Sigh ……. please take care and have a wonderful time in Brazil.
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2 Responses to Sang Hyun @ Incheon Airport

  1. Zsuzsanna says:

    Well, he seemed to be a little bit tired or sad(?) at the airport. I tried to discover the traces of the last night’s party, but the usual big sunglasses could hide everything… 😀 Although, I think it could have been a “hard” party… 😀 He looked very well and where he was smiling he was really cute, if I can say this about him. His outfit was very youthful and the jeans, it was a little bit familiar, or just this is the fashion in Seoul, as I have seen it someone else to wear similar (SC) ?? 😀 Sometimes, he seemed to be alone, but as I see he couldn’t have been as he was flying with an enough big staff, at least 4 people??? But SH is always well-prepared. As we know he has arrived at Rio safety. 😀 And hopefully, he enjoys his staying in Rio!

    • juleecwk says:

      His outfit is similar to that time he was going to Thailand after they had completed the filming of I Hear Your Voice. Also in black jeans and tee. Probably black is his other favorite color after green. I’m sure he’s going there with a few people. I see his manager in the photo.

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