Epilogue On Mu Yeom

mu yeom
On Sang Hyun’s thoughts on his role …….

He has had constant worries whether he had been able to convey well the various aspects and emotions, inner values, mind and heart of his character Ha Mu Yeom.  Working together a second time with PD Jo Su Won and the happy times working with all the good actors has made it memorable for him.  He is thankful for this role, for all the support received  and will continue to act with sincerity to communicate with everyone.

His most memorable scene was in episode 14 when he discovered Chief Cha’s real identity as Gapdong.
At that moment Ha Mu Yeom had felt betrayed, angry and sad and it had been truly painful for him psychologically.  Up until that moment, he had not known who was the real Gapdong so there were really a lot of mixed feelings.
There will be a special broadcast on this coming Friday 27th June with highlights on the wide range of Sang Hyun’s acting as Ha Mu Yeom, behind the scenes filming with Kim Min Jung, Kim Ji Won and Lee Joon as well as NGs.  So for those who are having Gapdongi withdrawal symptoms, don’t miss it.
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3 Responses to Epilogue On Mu Yeom

  1. Zsuzsanna says:

    Hopefully, I could watch this plus “episode” as I have withdrawal symptoms… 😀 I have to admit I love NG’s as those are so funny! 😀 And I am really curious about the opinions of actors, actresses and directors… about the drama and their roles in it.
    It’s interesting that he didn’t know who was the real Gapdongi, as I have discovered before… But we are different. Generally, the most silent, and rectractible peoples are the worst, and if a serial killer is not discovered by anyone, that could be very close to the police…
    Yes, I agree with SH that everybody who was working in this drama made a very big effort to do such a good drama!
    And I have to reassure SH that his workout of this character was really great and his acting was fantastic, so, Sang-Hyeon-a, you were excellent! Congratulation! Hopefully, your performance will be awarded, but from us, fans, you will get the Best Actor’s award!!!^^

    • juleecwk says:

      Chief Cha was the least likely person to be Gapdong so it’s really unexpected. All the actors were great, even the young ones. SH was really wonderful as Mu Yeom so he need not have worried.

      I hope we will not have to wait too long for his next drama, and hopefully he will surprise us yet again with a different character. As of now, I see him as Mu Yeom most and I’ve really enjoyed him playing this tough character who has to fight his own demons. I was really worried about his head injury and glad that he survived that risky operation.

      SH definitely deserves the Best Actor’s award 😀

  2. Mimi says:

    I’m really proud of SH ‘ performance in Gapdong .. He managed to touch my heart with his perfect expressions .. We lived with him his life and shared his anger , sorrow and intensity .. How wonderful he’s !! The most memorable moments for me are : 1. The cuttin finger scene ( confrontation between MY and YCG ), 2. When YSC gave him the DNA of his father .. SH was great great great , mature , excellent , perfect and unique .. (Y). Yes , my lovely ladies , he deserves the best award for Korean drama 2014 .. I’ll miss u HMY but be sure u’ll be the king of our hearts forever and ever ..

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